Tuesday, September 6, 2016

In a month or so

... we will no longer be breathing in our neighbors' secondhand smoke
... we will no longer have to listen to a screaming tweenager
... we will no longer have our driveway blocked by parents dropping off/picking up their kids at the high school
... we will no longer have to buy rolls of quarters for laundry
... we will no longer have to climb any stairs to get "home" (unless we feel like walking the stairs)
... we will no longer have access to a pool that should be warm but is always cold
... we will no longer have inaccessible management

... we will have good airflow through the apartment, without having to run fans in every window or a wall-unit a/c
... we will be able to play Rock Band 4 without disturbing any downstairs neighbors
... we will have to drive for the Costco Walking/Sampling Lunch
... we will have to drive to IKEA or any mall
... we will be able to do laundry whenever we damn well feel like it
... we will have secure underground parking for my car, and first-floor parking for a bicycle or two
... we will have a bicycle for Stephen, if not also one for me
... we will be back in our old 'hood, which is great for walking, or biking, or I can join the Y if I really miss swimming so much
... we will have an on-site manager who can help us with any issues we may encounter (and so far, she reminds me so much of my Dear Friend Ms. F)

Here's what we have to do in that month or so:

  • put in notice with current management (like, NOW, or as soon as Marge calls to say we're in)
  • put a security deposit on the new place
  • buy a refrigerator to be delivered on Move-In Day One
  • pack up the crap
  • move the crap
  • love on the furbabies
  • carefully/gently/lovingly get the furbabies moved
  • Continue Our Employment Streaks

Here's what we don't have to do in the next month:
  • Apartment Hunt

#Hallelujah #Blessed #ForeverHome?

Call us, Marge. We're sittin' on pins-n-needles here. Somehow, it's not that uncomfortable. :)