Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Year in Review

I better hurry up and get this posted, before it's 2016!

Without reviewing my entire sidebar, because, yeah, I can get distracted by it, I'll tell you what I remember I did this year.

Blogged. Not nearly enough. Read other blogs, and commented where appropriate. Wrote some short fiction. Not nearly enough.

Worked as an admin at a dance studio, and danced a little. Not nearly enough.

Swam in a heated pool for the bulk of the summer, and then the management ceased to heat the pool, so Swimming = Not. Nearly. Enough.

Worked as a background actor, here and there. Not nearly enough.

Encouraged Stephen to expand his kitchen repertoire and then harassed him about the cleanliness of the kitchen. Ate a lot of really good food, lovingly prepared and beautifully arranged. Complimented the chef Not Nearly Enough.

Script Supervised an amazing short film in 2014, and this year, got to attend some premieres. Script Supervised a single day of shooting for a youtube series, in which we shot 26 5/8 pages in that single day. Both of these Scripty gigs were amazing accomplishments, for very different reasons, but I Scripty'd Not. Nearly. Enough. this year.

Hung out with friends. Not nearly enough.

Got hired on at Warner Bros. as a tour guide and had good days and bad days, and This Week seems to have turned things around from, say, that last post where I thought I was losing it. Don't think I can make a "not nearly enough" statement about the Bros. There's definitely a good balance between the Bros. and the rest of the things I do.

Consumed my ever-expanding weight in wine and chocolate. Worked out to keep that weight under control not nearly enough.

Missed Mommy. Missed Daddy and my siblings. Missed the nieces and nephews (and great-nieces). Skyped and emailed and phoned. Said "I love you". Cried a lot; laughed a lot. Coughed a lot.

Not that I ever make "resolutions", but I think if our return from North Carolina was supposed to make 2015 the year of "saying yes", then I have just decided, for myself, at least, that 2016 shall be the year of "enough". Obviously, in the best way possible. I managed to strike a good balance between the Bros. and all the other fun since May, so that's the only one that reached "enough", and in a good way. For 2016, I shall attempt to strike good balances between each of the other fun stuff AND all the other fun, so that everything can be "enough".

Has "enough" ever been a goal worthy of setting for you? How did you manage to get "enough"? And oh, Happy New Year. See you in 2016!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Me: -1 or 2. The Universe: + eleventy-billion? a.k.a. FORE!!!!!!!!

"I'm an excellent driver. My dad lets me drive in the driveway sometimes." Raymond 'Rain Man' Babbitt

I really AM an excellent driver. You can ask anyone who's ever ridden with me in a vehicle I was driving. But lately, something is conspiring against me.

Today is Mommy's birthday. She'd have been 72 years old today, had she not been killed in that car accident in October of 2006. I love my Mommy. She was an excellent driver (she was absolutely, in no way possible, at fault for the car accident that killed her).

We're having a pretty cold winter, for California. Our highs are in the low 60's, which, I know, is not what's considered "cold" by most of the rest of the world. But when you drive a long golf cart full of tourists guests through the Warner Bros. lot, even going no faster than the 8 mph speed limit, it sure feels cold. I wear double layers of long sleeves, plus a jacket, plus a beanie, scarf, and gloves, and I keep Hot Hands (TM) in my pockets, and for the first and last tour of the day, I feel cold.

I think I've mentioned a possible lapse into depression lately. It would appear that all of the above factors are contributing to some shtuff that's going on at work.

One week ago, I had a guest on one of my tours who didn't make it to the restroom in time, and had a medically-diagnosed bowel disruption in the middle of a tour. That was a weird-ass shitstorm, and news travels fast, so my entire day was filled with "shit hitting the fan" types of jokes amongst my co-workers. The rest of the tour, while delayed, was actually a pretty good tour. The other guests on the cart were incredibly gracious, and management allowed us to make up for lost time together, so really, everything worked out. But you do have to report that shit at the end of the day. So -1/+1. that day was a wash.

Yesterday, I was offered a little overtime, if I was willing to stay for a fourth tour. Sure, why not? Most of my tours throughout the day had been good-to-uneventful, and I'm fairly certain that one of my guests offered me a small gratuity at the end of the tour. So that's a +1, right? Maybe. As I was returning the cart to its overnight parking space, I broke off a guard gate arm as it descended into the path of my oncoming cart. No one was hurt or anything, but Broken Guard Gate Arm = -1. So yesterday: +1/-1, another wash.

Today, I was again offered a little overtime with another fourth tour. You all remember that I LOVE giving tours, right? So of course, I said "yeah. Gimme some o' dat!" My second tour ended on foot, essentially, when I walked the group up to the final attraction, having left the cart behind near the soundstage. This is a new thing we've started doing (some of us), when the best soundstage to walk a group through happens to be located very close to that final attraction. So I'd dropped the group off and was bringing my cart back to the attraction so I could pick up whatever random guests needed a lift back to parking, when I snagged a portable staircase attached to the platform on the back of a production trailer, pulling it off the platform. This is incredibly easy to do, if you happen to take too tight of a turn (check) and are not even in the traffic lane (check) and are in a tiny bit of a hurry (check) to get back to where you belong so you can eat free cold pizza that management has brought in to say "Thank You for being such great tour guides!" (gulp). Another +1/-1.

Then I had my last tour of the day, leaving at 4:30. Ten people on the cart, which is not a bad group (+1). Lots of enthusiasm for lots of cool shows. Great (+1). Strap-on wheelchair, which means slight delays in getting on and off the cart (-1), and limited stages to visit (making sure to miss all of the ones with stairs, -1). SUNSET at 5:00, which means any backlot visits have to happen in that first half-hour, simply because they aren't generally lit (-1). Certain attractions closing by 6 p.m., and having to REALLY watch the time in the last half-hour, to make it to the final attraction by 6:30 (-1 or 2). Did as many backlots as we could see and then headed to the Batcave (Picture Car Vault). Planned to go into the Prop House and the nearest soundstage, because they were both wheelchair accessible and close, meaning the next get-back-on-then-get-back-off would be the Archive, and the remaining time would be spent doing whatever. From within the Prop House, I heard the notification that the Archive was closing in ten minutes, and to "call Field" if I hadn't made it there yet. So I inform my people that we've got to move a little quicker, and gather ourselves to get over there, and in the meantime, I call Field to inform them of my situation. We arrive at the Archive at 5:59 and are informed that they're supposed to be closed "right now", so now I have to call a manager to get permission to keep the Archive staff there (-1). Get permission to stay about ten minutes, so I keep an eye on my people, letting them know when we need to wrap it up, and they're all pretty gracious about it (+1). By the time we get back on the cart to get back off the cart, the guests who are helping the wheelchair-bound woman are really hitting their stride in making that a quick transaction (+1). So we head over to the soundstage that is immediately adjacent to the final attraction, and we all go in, Can't seem to get the houselights triggered enough by our movements, so we see a lot of the perimeter of the set (not even remotely interesting to look at, -1). Finally get inside, and the guests have plenty of great questions that I'm able to answer. Make it out the door and across the way to the final attraction only three or fewer minutes "late" (+1). {End result, -1 or 2. Poop.}

End the day following up with the manager who'd followed up with the production guys re: the trailer steps I'd hit. Will probably have a follow-up conversation with the big boss (0). Could easily be the end of my Warner Bros. career (-1). It's been a good run, and I'll certainly miss it. The only "positive" override I can see here is that I'm likely going to immediately recover from Whatever. The. Hell. Is. Conspiring. Against. Me. Lately. Blergh.

I'd really like to spin this with a positive outlook. I'd really like to walk into work tomorrow with the Universe working with me rather than against me. I'd really like to not wallow in a season of Sadiversaries, or let any of this shitstorm throw me up against any fans. I'd love for my allergies to clear up, and the weather to warm up (even a little bit would be fantastic). I'd love for this all to turn out Just. Fine. I'd love to book a bunch more industry work in the coming week, as well as receive my paycheck for that commercial I shot a few weeks ago. I'd love to not put any negative energy into any of this, so that no matter what happens, I can leave each day feeling good about myself and my life. Did typing out all that stuff just shift things in my favor? I really hope so. I do so enjoy feeling good about myself and my life, and living in the NOW, and considering myself (and being considered by others) to be an "excellent driver".

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I'm sitting here crying, y'all.

My brother just posted a "Family Only" video to Facebook, a selfie-type video, which he has been fond of shooting for, oh, well, longer than the term "selfie" has existed. This particular video has him and his daughter, my niece (mostly the niece), singing "Jingle Bells". She didn't make it all the way through the song without his help; actually, he may have only taught her the first part of it (up to "HEY!"). Doesn't matter. I love it, and I'm bawling my eyes out.

I may or may not have ever clued you in to my occasional bouts of depression, or the fact that I am absolutely affected by "Seasonal Affect(ive?/ed? {whatever}) Disorder", a.k.a. "SAD". I hate winter. I hate the cold. I hate the darkness. I hate that, no matter what, I'm getting up early, and probably staying up fairly late, and it's DARK for too long in the winter months.

It has nothing to do with me being a night owl or a lark. It has nothing to do with the hours I am productive. It has everything to do with SUNSHINE, and my opportunities to be out in it.

I am incredibly grateful to have been called in for tours every day this week (so far). I am incredibly grateful that I will deserve the two days off I'm about to get. Do I care that those two days off are Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Not really. Frankly, I wish they were not holidays, because then maybe I'd book additional work on set. Yes, I love all of the different jobs that I get to do. Also, I love the opportunities to be out in the SUNSHINE.

If I have no place to be, I can easily spend all day inside. I hate that about myself. But it is what it is, and I am who I am. If I can have a reason to get out in the SUNSHINE every. single. day. then maybe I wouldn't be affected by SAD.

I don't think it's the SAD that makes me cry about the video, though. I think it's because I know, in my heart, that I am a Great Auntie. But I live too far away from any of my nieces or nephews to get to demonstrate it. And I am Missing. Out.

But what's to be done? I guess I'll watch the video some more, and cry some more. And drink wine, and eat chocolate, and binge-watch some television, and go to bed when I damn well feel like it.

Are you close (emotionally) to the younger generations in your family but distant (geographically)? What do you do about it?

Monday, December 21, 2015

Welcome, Chile!

I wasn't scheduled for any work today, but the Bros. called me in to do two tours, so that was a pleasant addition to an otherwise likely-to-be-boring/unproductive day (I had ZERO plans for the day, which would have equated to just web-surfing and playing games). And my two tours were both interesting ones. On the first one, I was able to take my guests through FIVE soundstages (a personal record)!

In other news, Chile has joined us here. Welcome! Please, come take my tour at Warner Bros., or at least peruse my archives and come visit again! Bring friends! Thank you!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Stuff we find on Facebook, without even "looking"

I watched THIS video and was going to share it on my Facebook "wall", but I thought I'd link it HERE instead, so we can maybe have a little "chat" about it.

I do not have "hundreds of pounds" to lose, but when am I going to take that first step to lose a fraction of that, knowing that I'll feel better about myself if I succeed? When am I going to take that first step to lose a fraction of that, knowing that I'll STILL feel better about myself, even if I "fail"?

I have always hated "exercise for the sake of exercise". But I do want to be fit. I do want to be healthy. I love ballroom dance. I love swimming, in a heated pool. I hated yoga the first time I tried it, but years later, I didn't hate it.

I want to feel young again. I want to feel alive again. I don't want to head into a depression just because it's winter. I don't want to feel "old" just because my joints ache when the weather changes. Is yoga the thing for me? Can I do it in the comfort of my own home, so that no one will laugh at my non-yoga attire or body? (I know, no one in a studio will laugh at my attire or body, but you get it. Right?)

Have you felt the way I feel? What works or has worked for you? Do you have any insights for me? Let me know in the comments below.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Growin' Stuff

So, yeah, it's officially winter. Yeah, we've had some bitter, biting cold winds, and really dark mornings. Well, I have, at least. I was up at 4:45 this morning, after a not-great six hour sleep, so that I could be on set at 6:30. Dawn's Tramp Stamp. Yeah.

Ennyhoo, I love celery, but I hate having to buy it so often (because I love it). So I decided to plant some, to grow indoors, to see how it would do. Lemme tell ya, "Croot" grows like crazy! But am I supposed to tie it so it'll grow straight up? Saw a video on youtube or Facebook or somewhere that showed a buncha plants getting started in water, but no one said what to do next. Planting in dirt seemed the next logical step, but now it seems like tying it is what we're gonna have to do, and since this is our first experience planting and growing something you can eat, we just need a little "how to".

We started in October. The first photo is after only a day or maybe two in water in the windowsill.

This second batch of photos are Croot (the First) transplanted into dirt, to start Croot (the Second)

So, gang. What do we need to do at this point to further the growth of Croot the First? Any help is appreciated.

Oh, and speaking of "help" - if you are someone who is struggling to provide Christmas joy for your family (particularly in the form of toys for your young'uns), then please read Jenny the Bloggess' latest post about her Annual Saint James Garfield Christmas Miracle. If you are someone looking for a way to lend a helping hand to someone who's struggling, then please also read Jenny's latest post, and be sure to peruse the comments section. This is an annual event, and if you're not careful, you'll find that you've let in a pack of wild onion-cutting ninjas, or better, your cold Grinch heart will grow ten sizes too large!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

WHAT did I eat, and WHEN?

So, Sunday, I went to the book signing.
That's me, on the right, on my knees on the floor, in the purple sweater and the Santa hat.
I had been SITTING for the duration of the reading, so when Gabi started singing, I got up on my knees.
Even though Jenny had indicated that there were "so many" of us,
this looks like one of the smaller gatherings from her tour.
Felt fine, maybe a bit anxious, although anxiety is not one of my "issues". Sat next to Anne Wheaton, as you know. My "fangirl"-ism of both her and Jenny are probably why I was "maybe a bit anxious". Finished that evening with another lovely, significantly-lower anxiety-inciting "event" in the home of a friend, where the wine was plentiful. Got home safely and went to bed.

Monday morning had an early call time, but I was a bit peckish, so I had a bowl of cereal, and took my vitamins with me to set. Got there and consumed grits with bacon, and Earl Grey hot tea (but without benefit of a mint tea blend, which is how I normally drink my tea). Throughout the morning, I noshed at Craft Services as one is wont to do, although I don't spend my life there or graze as much as others might. At some point in the day, my stomach felt a bit "sour", but I chalked that up to not having mint in my Earl Grey. When we wrapped at lunchtime, they allowed us to stay for the catered meal, as long as we waited for the crew who were still going back to work. Of course, we'll wait.

Got myself a to-go box of some lovely brisket, salmon, mashed potatoes, pintos, and green beans. Started with dessert, of course, as I am wont to do, when dessert is worth having (it's worth having first). Tasted everything in the to-go box and then took it home to the fridge. Remarked, at the time, that the green beans did not taste fully-cooked. That's okay; when I nuke 'em later, they will be.

Yesterday, I was NOT HUNGRY upon waking, so I waited to eat. When hunger finally did hit, I finished off some soup I'd made in the crockpot the other day. There were a lot of onions in the soup, and I hadn't planned to eat them when I added them ('cuz I just don't like 'em), but I was emptying the crockpot, so I went ahead and ate 'em. Later, I made another crockpot of soup to battle my latest round of weather-changing sinus allergic attacks, but consumed none of it. Ran some errands, and had a bite of the parmesan pastry pups they were sampling at Trader Joe's, along with a teensy cuppa joe. By the time Stephen made it home from work, I had cranked the heat and was wrapped in blankets on the futon. This was after I had had to race to the bathroom to vomit out the little bit of soup in my stomach.

Stephen tried to take care of me. He took my temperature (100ºF exactly, which for me, is not really a "fever"). He brought me electrolyte water. I ate a banana. I took antacids and aspirin. We watched some television. We went to bed. In the middle of the night, I threw up the electrolytes. Later, I threw up the banana. We took my temp again, and it was higher. Stephen brought me a bottle of sparkling water to keep at the bedside, and he cranked a space heater on my side of the bed, as well as adding more knitted afghans to my side. (I was so cold!)

Got up this morning weak but a bit better. Have had a bowl of cereal, a nap, and a banana, and a little bit of sparkling water. Have determined that no one else who wrapped at lunchtime but stayed for lunch on Monday got sick, so I can't call this "food poisoning", per se, unless it was just all those damn ONIONS I ate in my soup! When I get around to eating this next batch, I will not eat the onions!

And so now, we're going to take a walk to our closest (not that close, but walking distance) shopping center, to do a little window shopping and look for some Reid's Extra Ginger Brew and saltines (neither of which did we have on hand when I needed 'em). We might swing by Costco for the walking/sampling lunch, if I feel up to it.

Does it sound like food poisoning to you? Maybe something else? It came on so suddenly, I can only expect it to relate to something I ate. But WHAT? and WHEN?

Monday, December 7, 2015


Monday the 30th of November, I followed up with the docs regarding my heat rash. Tuesday the 1st of December, I was on set (booked as a "camerawoman" but changed over {just via different prop-itude} to "Script Supervisor") and got to network as a REAL Scripty. Wednesday, Stephen made chili. Friday, I attended Central Casting's 90th anniversary celebration. Saturday, I followed-up on some personal assisting I'd started earlier in the week.

Yesterday, I did something I've never done before. I attended the LA portion of Jenny Lawson's book tour. I had bought her book over the phone, and in that phone conversation, I also asked how early I should arrive for the reading/signing event. The person on the phone indicated half an hour would suffice; she knew that they'd probably "sell out" the event, but that would give me time to pick up my book and find a seat, etc. Um, no. I got there about 45 minutes before the start time and it was already SRO in the reading room, even before I spent entirely too long in the "Will Call" line. I found my way to the front of the room and sat on the floor next to the front row of seats, which was reserved for Jenny's sister and ... ANNE WHEATON. Okay, maybe you don't yet know who Jenny Lawson is (The Bloggess, DUH). Maybe you don't yet know who Anne Wheaton is (she's Wil Wheaton's wife). That's okay. I was excited to be there, and in the fangirl moment I had with Anne, she focused on what Wil was doing that day, and told me that HE had instructed her to be there in his stead. Made sense. I knew that Wil was across the country, and I had mentioned to Stephen before I even left for the reading that I might get to see Anne, since the Wheatons are her friends, and they live in Pasadena!

^J's nephew's knee   ^ Jenny ^      AW's knee^
So Jenny arrived, remarking about
How. Many. People.

were there, and thanking us all, and being very gracious, as she is. She gave us all a little backstory into her life (in case we had somehow missed learning it), and then she read the first two chapters of the book. Then there was a Q&A, during which I was reminded of Mommy's struggles, back in the day, which of course made me cry while sitting there on the floor of the front row.

The adorable niece singing the sweet love song
That was followed by a musical interlude by her niece, who will be famous soon enough. She sang us a great little love song she'd written, while accompanying herself on ukulele.
Then the lines for getting things signed were organized, and since I'd been sitting on the front row floor all along, I added myself into that front row line. I'm sure I pissed off a buncha people who'd actually gotten there early enough for seats, but whatevs. I didn't take up nearly as much time with Jenny as I know some of them would, considering I was alone in that crowd, and Jenny is very gracious, and she spent however much time it took with each guest (and their guests). Plus, I had another event to attend, and I'm sorry I'm human, but I just had to "cut". My butt was sore. Sue me. No, please don't sue me. How 'bout you forgive me? I promise, I'll never cut in the book-signing line ever again.

I had printed out one of Jenny's doodles, because it reminded me of Mommy, so when I spoke with her, it seemed right for her to sign the doodle, but "For Lois. You raised a good one." (her words, not mine - I only gave her the name). This, of course, made me cry some more, so that the photo of the two of us together looks like we're both drunk (she said that seemed about right, didn't it?). What a beautiful person she is. I know Mommy would have loved her, and I told her so.

printed in the bubbles at the waterline:


Drunk? or Punch-drunk? You decide.

A screenshot from last week's episode, not shot today!

Today, I'm back on the muppets. I am LOVING working on this show, and even though it would be nice to have as many days of work as the "crew" for Miss Piggy's show, I don't believe there is another person in the background who gets as much camera time as I do, just working one day per episode. Not that I'm in it for the camera time. Background actors, like myself, are to be seen in the background, meaning not really "seen" in the scene. We're there to lend a bit of realism; on the muppets, it's making a smoky bar look like a real, working, smoky bar. Speaking of smoke, at 7:30 in the morning on a Monday (when I began writing this post), we JUST got back from a fire drill (or whatever). Arrive ready to work after a great breakfast only to have to evacuate the building because it detected "smoke". Good times!

Got to work; shot a few scenes; I dropped my tray of drinks and ended up getting sent to the Principal's Office (i.e. the props table), so we could figure out how I can Not. Spill. Liquids. on set. Easy: Don't. Carry. Liquids. :P

Got back to work; finished shooting; wrapped at lunchtime! Swung by Centinela to get food for the furbabies, and to potentially make plans for Wednesday.

I love my job. I love my life. I am blessed! :D

So. Whassup witchoo? ;)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

When does Chili Season begin?

Oh, yeah, that's right. TODAY.

Stephen kicked it off with his very first chili EVER. He made it in the crock pot. We ate it for dinner. We each had two servings. It was good.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday Fictioneers - E48 South Main

My thanks, as always, to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting.
Friday Fictioneers - E48 South Main - 100 words

I loved these shoes. They looked cool, and they hadn't cost me a cent, handed down from a friend who always spent good money on good clothing. When she was finished with something, she'd give it away to a similarly-sized friend who loved hand-me-downs.

Lucky me!

But this pair developed a squeak, and I couldn't for my life find the source of the squeak. They were such fun to wear, except for that squeak. Clearly, I had to find a similarly-sized new friend out on the street! (I hadn't noticed that pegleg when we met at her cardboard box; hmm... )

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving with the Bros.

Happy Turkey Day, all you kids who celebrate this Tryptophan-filled, football-watching extravaganza!

I took a dose of Hydroxyzine early last night so I'd be able to get back to my "up at 6:30 whether I need to be or not" schedule, so I could spend a well-rested and alert day in the Warner Bros. Archive (newly renamed from the Warner Bros. Museum). Had a bowl of cereal and took my final dose of Prednisone this morning. Got to work in plenty of time to get hit with just enough raindrops that I could choose to park my car outside (in case of a free shower). Attended a "service meeting" in the regular building, and then headed over to the other building where I and the other gals working in the Archive would officially "check in".

Got over to the museum Archive; spent the day interacting with guests in the various spaces. Broke for lunch, which was a potluck-style Thanksgiving dinner. Knew I'd be having my "real" turkey dinner when I got home, since Stephen was so pleased with the
cornbread, crockpot turkey breast, butternut squash, and lentils. YUM!
crockpot turkey breast he'd done last year that he'd been making plans all week (month?) to do a repeat performance. Ate a little ham and some not-so-great mashed potatoes and some really great... FLAN. Yep, FLAN on Thanksgiving. Thank you, whoever made the FLAN! It was really great!

Finished up the shift and headed back to the "regular building" to see about getting some cold weather gear (and also to find out how to finish up my "medical work restriction"). Clocked out early because I'm a good employee who understands that when there's no reason to stay on the clock, one clocks out, and I went home.

Now I'm here, and Stephen was a teensy bit upset with my disruption of his "best laid plans of mice and men" to get dinner on the table by the time I was scheduled to be home, and I'm blogging with a glass of wine while he surfs the PS4. He's already put up the Christmas tree, kids. It must be Christmas.
Still love the tree-topper angel, Daddy. Thank you.
Creeping up on TWO YEARS of blogging, kids! TWO YEARS! You believin' that? Not nearly as many posts in the past year as the previous, but that could change again in 2016. WHO KNOWS? Thank You for stickin' with me, through thick times and thin.

So, what are you grateful for this fine day?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Adult Diaper Rash

Yes, kids, it is as bad as it sounds. And I know, I know. I haven't been posting lately as frequently as I would like. Things have been "stewin'", and I'm just trying to decide what is important for you to know about my life these days.

So I acquired what I am referring to as "Adult Diaper Rash" last week. I was on set on Thursday and Friday, ballroom dancing (or trying to, in a room full of lying background actors who had stated that, yes, they were "familiar" with ballroom dance but not one of them actually knew how to lead or follow a simple waltz). I'd just bought myself a beautiful black cocktail dress the day before, and I was wearing black hosiery. When the wardrobe department changed my outfit to something with "more color", I should have removed the hosiery. When I asked if I could, the response was "why would you?" and frankly, the answer should have been, "because I'm the only person not dressed in black, wearing black hosiery. I look stupid, and I feel uncomfortable". Really, I should never have asked. I should have removed the hose when I changed the dress.

Instead, I wore the dress; I wore the hose; I taught a bunch of background actors how to waltz; we all went to work, dancing for hours on end in a non-ballroom with hard marble floors and too much heat from our bodies and the equipment. At the end of my long workday Thursday, when I peeled the hose off, I started scratching my left ankle and right knee.

Went back to work on Friday with a full-blown rash up the backs of both legs. Delayed wearing the hosiery for as long as humanly possible. Indicated to a few folks, including the background "wrangler", why I was not wearing them. Knew I'd eventually have to put them on, as the shots we'd get on Friday would need to "match" what we'd shot on Thursday. Mentally kicked myself all day for not removing the hosiery on Thursday before I got on camera.

Friday was not as long of a workday, but we discovered that the music that would be played on camera was, in fact, a Viennese Waltz, and that four couples of "professional" dancers had been brought in to make the rest of us look better (or worse? Not sure). I went around "adjusting" the waltzes we'd all been doing from the previous day, as there was no way any of us would be able to match the pace of the music with the boxstep we'd been doing the day before. It was a workout.

Woke up a few times Friday night scratching. Uh oh. Got up Saturday morning, and the rash had spread up to my low back/upper buttocks (hence, Adult Diaper Rash). Went to work at Warner Bros. early so I could talk to a manager about possibly switching from a tour shift to a tour support shift (as my work uniform would chafe the rash if I were sitting or walking, which I do for two hours at a time while guiding tours). No dice; had to have a doc's note indicating a change of worktype; went to the First Aid station on the lot to get said note; no dice - they can only treat small "wounds" like bug bites, not "systemic" wounds like a heat rash. Got a referral to a couple of urgent care centers, and left work for the day to see about taking care of this.

Before heading to any of the urgent care centers, though, I had to figure out how to file a Workers' Compensation claim against my Thursday/Friday employers on a Saturday, as this was in no way related to my work at Warner Bros. but absolutely would impact my ability to work there going forward. Made a few phone calls; got something in the works; got seen. The doc did not touch or scrape or in any way make contact with my rash. He heard my explanation of its origin; prescribed a steroid shot and some Prednisone and Hydoxyzine, and sent me on my way with all of the above. He wrote a note for Warner Bros. indicating a work adjustment, but before he "submitted" it as part of my WC claim, I asked him to not make any adjustment on paper, as the employer who would be paying the claim would not need to know about my WB job. I then took the original document over to WB. Yay, me!

Here are some pics of the current "progress" of my Adult Diaper Rash:
Saturday. Very itchy, very bumpy, steroids not yet "drying" it out.
today. note right knee and left ankle
put yo leg up in the air!
(left ankle, still a bit "bumpy" textured)

also today. looks worse than it feels.
back of right knee
very splotchy but not so bumpy

I've been back to my Warner Bros. gig (not guiding tours), and I'm doing okay. Was hoping to book some background work yesterday, today, or tomorrow, before I finish out the week at Warner Bros. Have decided to only take the Hydroxyzine at bedtime, since it does seem to be helping me sleep through the night without waking to unconscious scratching. It's prescribed as PRN, so that is my definition of "as needed". The Prednisone will be gone with my first meal of Thursday. I'm hoping that all evidence of the rash will be gone by end of day Thursday. It sure ain't pretty!

Have you, as an adult, ever had a case of "Diaper Rash" (or something equivalent)? How did it affect your life, and what changes did you make, either in the short-term or long-term?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"Tuesdays at Traders!"

... is what Kato Kaelin suggested we call it, our new weekly meetup at Trader Joe's. At 5 in the evening, to be specific.

Here's how it happened:

I was in Trader Joe's this evening, after my tour shift, really only looking for pears, but having already perused the whole store and visited the friend at demo. While in the produce section, I noticed Kato standing at the cereals, and I remembered the last time* I ran into him at TJ's, so I approached him again.

"Kato!" (I said, as if we were best buds from way back - HA!)
He turned, smiled, and greeted me warmly (as if we were best buds from way back). I told him that the last time* I'd seen him at TJ's we'd had a lovely "don't I know you?" conversation at checkout, and that my husband and his (Kato's) girlfriend had both stood by mortified that an absolute stranger would walk up, knowing that she "knew" this guy, but honestly, in that moment, not knowing who "this guy" was.
He laughed, said he didn't remember that incident (because seriously, why would he?), but pressing me for a description of the girlfriend, because he was fairly certain it wouldn't be the lady he's seeing these days. The description I gave sorta matched a woman he'd been involved with years ago, but that would actually make sense, in that I've only been back in LA a short while now, in the grand scheme of things.
Then he went on to ask if my husband was around this evening. He said "I'll go down the aisle he's on, and ask if he's seen emelle anywhere." (I was wearing my nametag on the outside of my jacket, having come straight from work.) One of the crew members walked up and handed me back my reusable bag that I had brought recyclables in, and Kato said, "People walk up and hand you stuff at TJ's! Cool!"
I told him that Stephen was working tonight; we spoke briefly about my job at Warner Bros.; I attempted to gracefully depart and allow him to continue with his shopping. I said something to the effect of "anyway, when I saw you tonight I had to clear up the last time," to which he presented his fist and said "Tuesdays at Traders!" somehow knowing that I would "bump" it.
Which I did, of course.

*I thought I had already relayed this story, but I couldn't find the blog post where I mentioned him by name, and in re-reading old posts, I discovered I'm only approaching my second anniversary of blogging! Who has a weirder life than I do? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Have a weird life, kids. See you on Tuesdays. At Traders. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

This must be just like livin' in Paradise

I had three tours today. We knew the weather would be a little cooler than it's been, so we were all wearing our longs sleeves and jackets and caps, and some were wearing gloves, scarves, and knit beanies (I don't have any of THOSE yet from Warner Bros.). I didn't know to expect rain today, but the sky was overcast, so I didn't figure I'd need sunglasses.

First tour was a group of Germans who'd just arrived from their tour of Hawaii. Their group guide informed me right away that they wouldn't understand me at all if I didn't speak slowly; it's really difficult for me to guide a two-hour tour properly by speaking slowly, so I'm not sure how successful I was, at least at first. I got a lot to say, and only two hours to say it! We worked out when I'd need to pause so she could translate, and I think by the end, the Germans were pleased. The only thing they all wished they could have known ahead of time is that the weather wouldn't be as warm as what they'd just left in Hawaii. It was downright cold today.

Second tour was slightly more "whirlwind" in that they all spoke English and let me know well in advance what they hoped to see. Got back to the base camp in just enough time to take a short lunch break before the third tour.

Third tour was working out great; I'd just informed folks to be ready to take a picture (of something I was just about to specifically indicate), when Garry Marshall drove up. We were already stopped, so the tour cart got very excited, and they asked him very nicely if they could take his picture. He got out of his vehicle and stood in a spot that put our water tower behind him, and then his assistant started reaching for guests' cameras - so she could take pictures of Garry with the guests! I run into famous people all the time, it would seem, but I could not have planned a celebrity sighting better. He and his people were Just. So. Gracious. and my tour guests were Just. So. Thrilled.

... everything I had left to show them on my tour was now to be categorized as "this will be cool, but it's no Garry Marshall." After sufficient time had passed, I asked if they had all immediately tweeted and instagrammed and pinned and facebooked and whatever else the social media kids are calling it these days.  At least they still appreciated my humor! :)

Now, if I could just somehow monetize celebrity sightings so I could get my ass to Paradise! That's in Hawaii, right?

Welcome, Morocco!

You visited my blog this week! I didn't notice on the DAY you visited, but at least I saw it happened this WEEK! (I may be returning to a more regular blogging schedule this week; we'll see).

Thanks for your visit, and please come again!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

And now it's November,

and the weather has officially cooled, which means that my "change of weather" allergies are in high gear again. Sucks to try to eat anything, since I have to mouth-breathe while I'm eating, and that's not pretty.

BUT, the most recent episode of The Big Bang Theory has Wil Wheaton guesting again, and I realized while watching it that it was the episode that he was getting ready to shoot when I ran into him that last time at the credit union! So, that's kewl.

Still working lots of hours guiding tours, and still working in the background of a variety of shows on my days off, and have even done a little personal assisting again lately. BUSY! That's me.

Now if only I could get rid of this eyelid twitch.

And breathe. Yeah, that'd be good, too.

Hoping to check in again here, soon, kids. Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Am I stressed out? I dunno...

but for the past few weeks (maybe only ten days, but who can tell?), my right eyelid has been spasming. It's not significant enough to impair my vision, but at times, it feels like it'll spasm for a solid ten minutes before it finally subsides for awhile.

I googled it and got alcohol, caffeine, fatigue, and stress as possible culprits for this benign annoyance.

So I gave up wine for exactly one week. No change.

I already have given up coffee except when I'm at Trader Joe's (and that's a teeny tiny cup), instead consuming one to two cups of
"Earl Grey, Hot"
 per day (in my travel mug, to be consumed prior to and during my first tour, typically). I'll drink a little on my way in to work and then refill the hot water right before my tour heads out, so it's actually more like 1.5 cups of hot tea. I use one new teabag of Earl Grey and one new bag of mint (herbal and completely devoid of caffeine) per day. I don't think this is sufficient caffeine to be causing my eyelid to twitch.

I'm pretty sure I get plenty of sleep. Today, I stayed in bed for half a day. Sure, I was awake and playing on my phone, but had sleep overtaken me due to fatigue, I was already in position. I don't think I'm fatigued.

So that leaves stress. Yes, yesterday was the anniversary of Mommy's death. Yes, I love my job at Warner Bros. Yes, I think I do a good job (in fact, I received a glowing review here). No, I do not consider myself a "permanent" employee there (or anywhere - I think I've grown out of seeking "permanence" in employment). Yes, things seem to be picking up in the industry lately and I may fear I may be missing certain opportunities. Yes, this may be stressing me, as much as I allow myself to be "stressed" by life circumstances.

But what can be done about it? I dunno.

Monday, October 26, 2015

How Does One Dress for This Weather?

Got up super-early so I could get to the set of The Muppets by my 7 a.m. call time, and even though I knew what I'd be wearing today (I play a server in Rowlf's Tavern, when they use me), I happened to look at the weather on my phone just to see what the temp was in that hour.

Think about that statement, kids. Ten years ago, no one would ever have made that statement: "I looked at my phone to check the weather". Right? Technology = Weird.

Ennyhoo, I'm glad I knew how to dress today, because if I'd gotten up with no plans for the day, or with slightly later plans that involved an early drive, How The Heck Would I Have Dressed?

Just in case anyone's concerned that I've "disclosed" something I'm not supposed to, my first episode as a server in the bar has already aired, so you've probably already seen me (I know I did), and you probably already know that Rowlf has a bar and I serve there. No NDA breakage. Thanks for your concern. :)

Friday, October 23, 2015

Glasses vs. Contacts

I've been wearing corrective lenses for distance ever since I was licensed to drive, thirty-*cough* years ago. I wore glasses for a year or two in high school, and at some point in college, I discovered disposable contacts. Wore those for a very long time. And you can take that statement any way you like, and you'd probably have an accurate assessment of how I wore contacts.

Discovered the possibility of natural vision correction once I was living in and working in and loving Los Angeles (Hollyweird or La-La-Land). Took the contacts off and started wearing glasses again. Worked on correcting my vision. Made some headway; felt really good about my vision overall, and ordered new glasses online through Stephanie's referral. Ordered new glasses for Stephen, too, after we got his eyes examined and discovered for the first time in his life that he NEEDED glasses for distance.
FIFTH FOURTH PHOTO:These are one of the first two pair I got through Stephanie's referral.
Yes, I can see you, but only because I'm looking at you from UNDER the frames.

Detoured our lives to North Carolina and quit making progress in the vision correction arena. Continued to wear only glasses, not contacts. Made it back to Cali and got a job that offered vision insurance. Used the insurance to get a contact lens exam and a supply of contacts. Never picked up the contacts, because they messed up the Rx for awhile, and whenever I would wear the trial pair, my eyes would hurt or itch or get all dried out or something. Kept wearing glasses.

FOURTH THIRD PIC: the newest pair, with the stronger
distance Rx and transition to shade. A nice perk, and if only they fit 
better (and I could still look at close stuff from beneath the frames),
I might love 'em more. They certainly are "cute".
Got a new pair of glasses via Holly's referral. Didn't love 'em, but couldn't return them. Have found days to make do with them. Main reason for not loving the new glasses is that they don't sit properly on my nose, and I can't read or do other "close work" from beneath the frames, so I find myself constantly pulling them lower on my nose so I can do the close work ABOVE the frames, or propping them on top of my head for long periods of time rather than just removing them from my face.

PHOTO THE FIRST:I can't see you.
I'm wearing my contacts, and you're too close.
... cut to yesterday, when I was on the set of a show set in the future. Couldn't wear any of my glasses; couldn't see without 'em. Took the trial pair of contacts with me <just in case> and discovered that was a good call. Forgot to take a pair of drugstore "readers" with me, so even though the contacts went on easily and were never irritating, I couldn't see anything or anyone within two feet of my face. Couldn't focus, I should say. I could see things and people that close, but everything was out of focus.

SECOND SNAP: I could see you if I were looking
THROUGH these lenses, but then you'd just see the glare
of the camera flash. No bueno. Also no bueno is the fact that
I look like an Old. Lady. with these damn things on!
Got in VERY LATE (or would you call getting to bed at 1 a.m. early?) and decided to sleep in the lenses. Got up this morning, showered, got ready for work, and decided to keep the contacts on the eyeballs. Took a pair of drugstore readers with me. Also had a pair of dollar store sunglasses with me. Had to figure out which secondary lenses to have on the nose through most of the day while driving the tour carts. Discovered that I felt closer to the ground all day while wearing the contacts. Got hit on numerous times by strange men, with the compliments all relating to my "beautiful eyes".

Was wearing readers to post this, but now that I've taken these photos, I've removed the contacts again. It's just too much. I do not want a repeat of today, at least not on the tour carts. I may be able to transition to contacts for set work, as long as I remember a pair of readers. But for guiding tours? There just aren't enough pockets, and I can't keep the fingerprints off the secondary lenses!

YES, I had to update this page, because I realized that I can't count when I can't see. :/

In other news, I've been re-growing celery in a small dish in the kitchen. Stephen calls it "Groot". I told him he needs to call it "Croot" (since it's celery, and not a Guardian of the Galaxy).

Monday, October 12, 2015

Christopher Columbus made me stay home today.

Also, my bank is closed and I won't get any mail.

What an ass-hat he was!

* * * * *

Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day, everyone!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

So I got to be on set again yesterday

I was booked as two "different" characters, hotel guest and member of the golfing party, although I'm really not sure why they needed a golfing party for the scene. But then again, I didn't get to read the script, since I just had to look like a golfer. So whatevs.

I had to get up at 4:30 in the morning (yes, once again seeing Dawn's Tramp Stamp) so I could get to the studio in time for my 6 a.m. call time, so there was no way I was eating breakfast at home.
This was breakfast on set. Black beans and a chicken/potato mix in salsa verde. Tasty. Hearty.
NOT what I have ever had for breakfast before!
 Then we did a little work, shooting a scene or two, and then they allowed us to go back to Craft Services for a "snack". This was not meant to be LUNCH, people! We'll make you go buy your lunch somewhere else off the premises, when we break for lunch! This is to be a SNACK! (Yeah, right).
By the time I made it through the line, there was one chicken kabob left, so I took it, along with some delicious curry chicken salad, fantastic hummus, a great stuffed grape leaf, very green giant unpitted olive, and jasmine rice. YUM. I shared the kabob with another bg player, who I'd seen look over the selections available and declined to get anything.
 After our one-hour "walkaway" lunch, we came back and changed our clothes a few times so we could go show up on camera. I did not take a pic of me in my second outfit, because it's just basic stuff - camisole top and straight skirt. Although I would have liked to take home the great shoes I had to borrow from wardrobe. Strappy Calvin Klein stiletto sandal in a metallic tone; not quite silver, gold, or copper, but very cool looking, with wide straps for comfort (or at least it seemed that they were more comfortable because of the straps). No, I didn't even snap a pic of the shoes. :/
No, I am NOT a golfer, although I play one on t.v.
By the evening snack break, I was not at all hungry for anything. So when I ventured over to Crafty to see what I'd missed out on, all that was left was some not-very-creamy beef stroganoff (and I HATE mushrooms) and some veggies and tofu in some kind of tomato-based broth (and I'm AFRAID of tofu). The dish that had once held turkey lasagna looked as though it had been scraped clean with hungry fingers. That's what I would have had, had I been hungry for anything. 
Good thing I wasn't hungry.

In the end, it was a long, fairly fun day, with a little B.S. thrown in. I made it home in time to eat some of Stephen's good beef-n-veggie soup, and we watched a little telly while consuming wine-n-chocolate. Yesterday's work will bring a fat paycheck, and I have recovered from my lack of sleep by now, thankfully. Nothing booked for today, so I'm just chillin'; gonna run some errands in a bit and then prep for my early day back at Warner Bros. tomorrow!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Well, it IS October already.

... and I've had so little to say this past month.

Let's see, what have I been doing? Yeah, um...
  • guiding tours at Warner Bros. (and loving it)
  • doing a little bit of background acting (and, well, being happy to do it, at least, but certainly not loving it, but there is always room for "loving it" opportunities)
  • hanging out with the cats and Jenn and Dave (and their great rugrat Brendan)
  • trying to find time to hang out with Stephanie and Jen (succeeding by way of phone and text conversations)
  • having occasionally bizarre dreams
  • keeping clothing, dishes, and the apartment clean (enough)
  • getting the car washed (yay!)
  • attending the world premiere of the last film I worked on as a Script Supervisor (FUN!)
  • catching up on all those things in the television DVR and consuming wine-n-chocolate
  • teaching Stephen a little ballroom dance (yay!)
  • commemorating the 6-year anniversary of my wedding to Stephen (we went to Taco Bell, because we really know how to par-tay!)
Here's what I haven't been doing:
  • fighting my allergies (hallelujah)
  • blogging (duh)
  • selling anything on ebay (yay)
  • writing the "Great American Novel" (what? did you think I was?)
  • suffering from any depressive episodes (seriously, YAY)
  • celebrating the arrival of pumpkin everything at the grocery store (seriously? already? why-oh-why do they think we need everything flavored with pumpkin pie spice?)
  • preparing myself for the impending Sadiversary. I just don't do that in advance. Each one will arrive soon enough, and I'll cope as I'm able.
What have YOU been doing in the past month? Or NOT doing?

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hard-hitting (?) questions for Brian Wilson

"When some loud braggart tries to put me down and says his school is great,
"I tell him right away, 'Now what's the matter, buddy, ain't you heard of my school? It's number one in the state.' (Hey hey take it away, let's call it a fight)
"So be true to your school now (Rah rah rah rah sis boom bah), just like you're true to your girl or guy."

Isn't the "loud braggart" just doing exactly what you're instructing, Brian? Isn't he just being true to his school? How is he trying to put YOU down by saying that his school is great?

And by claiming that YOUR school is "number one in the state", doesn't that actually make YOU the braggart, Brian? Hmm? And what's with calling this conversation a fight, hmm?

I'm calling you out, Brian. I think you're an instigator. I think you're the reason we have violence in our schools. Shame on you.

*** Of course, if you read me or know me at all, you should hopefully understand that I am merely ruminating on the song that was playing in my head upon awaking this morning. I don't REALLY believe Brian Wilson, nor his lyrics, are the root of violence in our schools. Movies like West Side Story are the root of violence in our schools. Obviously. Sheesh.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

er, um... is this thing on?

Hey there. Uh, sorry, kids. I took what looks like an unannounced holiday or vacay or stay-cay or sabbatical or sumthin'. I apologize profusely.

What have I been up to in the last coupla weeks, you ask?

Let's see, there's my gig at Warner Bros. Studio Tours Hollywood. There were a coupla days on the set of "2 Broke Girls". There was grocery shopping and a bit of swimming or walking in the pool and laundry and paying bills and feeding the cats and watching the boob tube.

Honestly, I haven't had a whole heckuvalot to say because I haven't, um, done a heckuvalot.

I did get new glasses. I don't love 'em, but I ordered 'em online from China and I can't seem to return 'em. :/