Wednesday, January 31, 2018

I have GOT to get back to a "schedule"

I miss you guys when I'm not here. I wonder if you're here, wondering where the hell I am? Or don't you miss me back?

Wait. Now I haz a sad (as the kids say, or maybe as the kids said. I'm sure that one's so last year, which is kinda so five minutes ago, which is really to say that ... don't mind me.)

*I am not hip, nor a hipster. I just sometimes play one on tv.*

("My" show will premiere on Tuesday, March 6th. On NBC. Or some NBC affiliate. I dunno. I have no idea where it will premiere. I also have no idea how clearly or how often you'll actually see ME, either.)

So ennyhoo. I needed a check-in, so this post is like the entire series of Seinfeld. If you never watched Seinfeld, CONGRATULATIONS! I wish I hadn't. Not that I watched it on purpose, or anything.

Um, back to checking in!

In the last week, I've walked somewhere in the 'hood of 40,000 steps. I've been to my retail pet supply store for work. I've been to a W&W (wages and working {conditions}) Caucus at the SAG-AFTRA offices. I've finalized which microphone and headphones I'm ordering. I've completed my taxes but not yet filed. I've requested an address change and a re-printed w-2 from Sony, for the residuals I earned last year for that one episode of that one show I got upgraded on. I've shredded 3 years of old files. I've been grocery shopping. I've done a little cooking. I've run the dishwasher a few times. I've taken some trash out and checked the mail on more than one occasion. I've caught up on the blogs that I read. I've watched movies and shows that we watch. I've spent some time on Twitter. I've played plenty of Sudoku and Magic (Jigsaw) Puzzles on my phone, and Mahjohnng and Solitaire on my computer. I've paid bills. I've contemplated Life, the Universe, and Everything. I've continued to feed the cats something better. I've started building a new kitten from Smokey's fur (okay, no, I just used the FurminatorTM on him).
I've talked to Daddy on the daily. I've BLOGGED (well, today)!

Tomorrow and into next week, I'll (hopefully) complete some of the above-listed incompletes, I'll repeat some of the repeatables, and maybe I'll do some new stuff, too. Like, Get Back On Set. I've been away far too long. It is TIME.

How was your January? Did you make resolutions? Are you keeping them? Doing anything new, or SSDD? Tell me. I wanna know!

*Same Shit, Different Day

Friday, January 26, 2018

Did you know you could be PRODUCTIVE even on "just farting around" days?

I've only just fired the old service and signed up for the new one, so I had no expectations I'd be working today. I will have my weekend pet supply store days, and then, next Wednesday, I'll finish up my training there, so my weekday schedule is mostly open for industry gigs. And I'll probably order the mic and headphones soon, so that'll give me another industry kick-in-the-pants boost.

But what to do on days like today, when nothing's actually scheduled?

Go adventuring with your boss-lady, of course!

Normally, she'll come to me and park in our garage, and then the two of us will venture out to Costco or IKEA, and eventually, a slice of pie and a cuppa. Today, we didn't want to spend much money, because I'd paid for a new camera for her, and she wanted to focus her fundage on repaying me, so she could start using it.

So when she got here, we decided to take the camera out for a little walk. We found lots of interesting things to photograph, and she was really enjoying her compositions. We knew we'd need to swing by her bank, and my phone told me it was only a coupla miles away, so we decided to just walk and take more pictures.

By the time we reached the bank, the beverages we'd consumed at the start of our adventure were ready to flush, so we packed the camera up and started looking for facilities. Took care of that business, and then she took care of her banking business, and for the walk home, we detoured into the nearby electronics store, for shits and giggles.

By the time we were back to the apartment, we'd decided we were too hot and sweaty to detour via Republic of Pie. We got in, cooled off, took my car to my bank and a local grocer (she needed walnuts IN THE SHELL for her birds), and once parked, walked over to Pie. The sun was no longer burny and directly overhead, so at that point, I was actually getting cold. So we enjoyed our warm beverages, walked back to where I'd parked, and came back home.

Remember when I said I'm going to try to walk 5k steps a day again? Did you NOT read yesterday's post? Sheesh! Keep up!

Three Good Things:

  1. the camera is amazing, and just "shits and giggles" pics are really phenomenal. I'm so happy and grateful to have had the available credit to be able to cover the cost, as a loan. She loves it, and I love my contribution to her creative spark.
  2. we walked in excess of 17k steps today! >7.5 miles covered on foot! I am so happy and grateful to have had a good "breathing" day, giving me the strength to cover so much ground on foot. I tripled a goal!
  3. we spent very little money today, and we're both tired enough to sleep early. I am so happy and grateful for all the little things I was able to manifest in my life today. I was productive, just farting around!
Are you able to find productive ways of farting around? Or do you have so little downtime that you just relish in non-productive farting around days (I'm not judging you - I have too much downtime, as you know)? Tell me!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Weekly(-ish) check-in

Here's where I stand on the #CheckThatBox list:

  • email being crafted right now... in my head... I don't really want to call, because #reasons. But when Stephen gets home from work, I'm hoping he doesn't have to rush straight off to bed, so he can help me be CLEAR without being passive-aggressive (the email I'm currently crafting is sooooo passive-aggressive!)
  • #CheckThatBox! Done, today! Here's a couple of the photos we took:
  • #UnCheckThatBox. According to new/old calling service, there's only ONE additional casting company on the list that needs my registration. ALL of the rest of them book based on what the service offers, meaning, they peruse the service's database and load who/what they're looking for "into the cart". So I'll register with the ONE company, and keep putting #GoodVibes out there that the rest will want to add me to the cart! A Lot! (I could use your #GoodVibes for that, too)
  • #Done. They only seem to have time for a chat on weekends, and as you all know, I'm currently #BookedSolid for my weekends, until further notice
  • #SemiChecked. I was over at the SAG-AFTRA offices today, and I was able to get the director of the VO Lab to #JustTellMeWhatIWantAlready. He gave me his top 3 picks for "best bang for my buck" mics and only one choice for headphones. No, the noise-cancelling Sonys I found for 50 bux at Best Buy won't do. However, the headphones aren't much more expensive than that, and the mics are all quite reasonable. And it's all available on Amazon Prime. I'll be placing that order in the coming week, I expect, so definitely, "within a month", I will have #CheckedThatBox
  • #SemiChecked. I've looked at tablets at Costco and Best Buy, and Stephen has looked at appropriate software and sent me the link to do that. Probably "within a month". Yeah.
  • Well, I would've done, but there haven't been quite as many opportunities as there were before the SAG Awards. I forgot to vote, y'all. Not that any of the winners would've been unwon by my choices (I actually picked all of the winners, I think). There've been a few opportunities that I have said "yes" to, but the only one I scheduled got cancelled by me because it was supposed to have been yesterday, and I got called in to the pet supply store for more training, so there's that.
  • #CheckThatBox, I think. There were one or two pretty chilly days where I only went to the mailbox or the dumpster or both, but I still managed to get off the couch. I realized yesterday that I actually enjoy hitting 10k steps in a day, and since I'm still wearing the non-Fitbit thingy, I think I'll change this challenge to Take At Least 5000 steps. Somewhere. Anywhere. Doesn't Matter. Get off the couch and go for a little walk. Push yourself, ya lazy bum! (That's me, not you. I mean, you might be a lazy bum, but I wouldn't know it)
So there ya have it. I think I'll add
  • post more frequently than weekly. Find a reason to check in. Review some shit. Talk about work. Talk about my adventures. Do something here, for you, my readers
  • go back to the Y. I'm paying for this gym membership, y'all. I should probably use the damn facilities, dontchathink?

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I know you're wondering

... have I been doing the things I said I would? Have I checked off the boxes?


I've managed to find a reason to get out of the house every day. One week ago, I did my monthly bookkeeping thang. I went to my pet supply store job on Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, I went adventuring with my boss-lady. Yesterday, I narrated a feature-length student film script at a table read (everyone else read specific characters; I read slug lines and scene descriptions and directions). Today, I went to a day-long training session at the pet supply store (I've been there five months now, and this was my first "class").

The only day "missing" is last Thursday. That must have been the day I did some grocery shopping, and electronics pricing while I was out. Tomorrow, I'll ...


I dunno what I'll do! Revisit my list, and maybe shop for a microphone and headphones! I think my gas tank is ready to be filled, so maybe I'll do a non-shopping #WalkingSamplingLunch at Costco. Get some steps in. I got/replied to an email about a potential other student filmmaker's gig. Maybe I'll book that. Be grateful. For whatever.

Something, though. I'ma do something. One of these days, all these something's are gonna add up to a big thing. I can feel it. Can you?

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Grateful for Growth

Y'all remember how upset I was about missing a day of work in December? I was seriously hashtag PISSED. (I know, that's not the way hashtags work)

Flash forward to approximately a month of not working on set (yesterday), having looked into expanding my VO career; having looked into getting the appropriate hardware and software to expand my Scripty career; having been contacted by potential theatrical representation; having continued my weekend gig at the pet supply store and filed my new unemployment claim; having pushed myself (just a teensy bit) towards personal growth.

Are ya with me? In the last month, I did a lot of "personal growth" stuff, but continued to not work on set as a background actor. Yesterday was a fateful "growth" day. I received an email from Central Casting, informing me that I had Broken The Rules by missing that day. My "penalty" would be a one-month suspension, effective This Past Monday. Not effective "immediately", as of the missed day. No. The last month of not working wouldn't count in my favor. I've got a month ahead of me to not work for Central. There was an email address to which I could "appeal" my case, so I did that.

No matter the outcome of my appeal, I have some action steps to take in the upcoming month. I'm grateful for the timing of the email, and for where I am in life (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually). I may choose to check off all of these steps, or I may only check off one or two, which lead me onto a different path. Here are my options:

  • Fire my calling service. They weren't really "serving" me very well, when they placed the onus of knowing I was booked on me, without getting confirmation. - I'll decide on this one in a week or so, I think. Currently leaning towards #CheckThatBox
  • Find a new calling service. I had one that was slightly more costly, back in the day, but I never had problems with them, professionally. - If I fire the other one, I'll likely go back to my original
  • Sign up with additional background casting companies - Why not? #CheckThatBox, at least two companies per week
  • Follow up with the theatrical agent. - I lose nothing by doing this, so even though I haven't yet done it, I WILL #CheckThatBox, today (probably).
  • Shop for and buy hardware for my computer to increase my VO possibilities. This means a microphone and headphones to connect to the software I already have -  I can afford this. Within a month, I WILL #CheckThatBox
  • Shop for and buy the hardware and software I need to "go digital" as a Script Supervisor (a touchscreen tablet, since my laptop screen is non-functional, and probably something as simple as Adobe, so I can work inside of .pdf files) - Why not? Probably also within a month, I will #CheckThatBox
  • Continue volunteering over at the SAG-AFTRA offices. I now have plenty of time on my hands, so yeah. #CheckThatBox
  • Find a reason to get out of the house, daily. Even if it's just taking out trash or checking the mail, I still need to do it. It's not healthy for me to sit on the couch all day, every day. It's probably not healthy for you, either. So won't you do this as well? Let's get some steps in! #CheckThatBox

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I died on Sunday

Well, no, I didn't actually die. I wanted to, though. I was awakened by my stomach at five unGodly fifteen o'clock in the morning, and between trips to the bathroom, I slept. Ish.

I was scheduled to work at the pet supply store. I sent a text message to my boss to give her a heads-up. Via text, we agreed that I should attempt to come in an hour or two late for my scheduled shift, if I was up for it.

By the time that hour or two had passed and was rearing its ugly head for me to make a decision, I'd been in the bathroom two or three more times and slept some more. When I was awake enough to make a decision, it looked like she'd already made arrangements to cover my shift. #YaySickTime

In my opinion, there are two types of people in this world: those who call out of work when sick, and those who go in despite the distinct possibility that they'll infect everyone they encounter. I am pretty securely ensconced in the former camp. Granted, I will do everything in my power to be well enough to go in, but if that ain't happening, I'ma Stay My Ass At Home.

Yes, I had a lot of physical discomfort. Not that there was anything in my system, but whatever was there wanted out, via mouthhole or butthole. Once or twice, it wanted out via both simultaneously. *Plan ahead, kids. You don't want to vomit or shit on your bathroom rug. You want an appropriate receptacle to purge into, if this happens to you.* When that happened, I spewed into my hand a couple of times before I was able to unleash the fury of my upper GI tract into the toilet. I was miserable.

Once I'd been released from my work obligation, I was able to sleep in longer stretches, and get up in short bursts to attempt to be vertical. I was unsuccessful in my verticality on Sunday. I'd make it as far as the bathroom floor or the toilet, or maybe out to the kitchen to brew some hot mint tea (which didn't stay down) or mix up some electrolytes in water (which did, thankfully), or maybe as far as the couch (on which I balled up, because it was all I could do). My non-Fitbit thingy recorded a lot of naps and very few steps.

I did not go online at all. I played Sudoku and did jigsaw puzzles on my phone, while my phone had any charge. I plugged the phone in and slept when it didn't. I called Daddy. He tried to instruct me on what to eat to feel better, and he also indicated that there's a major flu epidemic raging through SoCal. I don't think I had the flu. I dunno what I had, besides extreme GI distress and a low-grade fever. And chills. And dizziness. And boredom.

My Sunday sucked, y'all. But I felt significantly better after sleeping through the night, after Stephen brought me chicken soup and saltines from Denny's, after I finally took some ibuprofen for my headache/fever. Yeah, I had a headache, too. Probably because I didn't take anything to bring down my fever and also starvation, mayhaps.

Monday I was back to my standard difficulty breathing, because the weather changed on us but good. Rained all day yesterday. Rained most of today. I sure hope it's not raining when Stephen has to come home from work. For the most part, I seem to be back to myself. I'm not dead yet.

I think I'll go for a walk. I feel happy! I feel ... happy!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year, New Stats?

In the past "now", day, week, and month, my readership in Poland is goin' nuts. I dunno if Google or Blogger/Blogspot or someone is having a contest or something? But in the past two hours, day, week, and month, my US and Ukraine readers Have Not Equaled my Poland readers.

This isn't so much a "welcome" post as a "congrats?" post. Thank you for reading me, Poland. Might you comment below to tell me what's bringing you here? Or causing you to return? I don't feel like I'm that "interesting" to read. Obviously, I'm wrong, and I'm okay with that. But I'm also dying of curiosity. What have I done to attract such a large readership in Poland? Or Ukraine, for that matter?

Here's what I'm talkin' about:
"now" (last two hours)



 There's still A Lot of reading to be done, to catch up for "all time", but at the rate you've been reading me in the last month, I'd say it's possible to knock my own country out of this top spot in 2018. Challenge, perhaps? It's certainly a challenge for me, if I discover what's bringing you here!
all time