Monday, December 11, 2017

Last week, today

I've been seeing a lot of movies and television shows lately. I'm a paid-up member of my actors' union, SAG-AFTRA, as well as being a member and volunteer for the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. Every year I pay my dues in a timely manner, I begin receiving screener DVD's in the mail around January. These are films that the SAG Awards Nominating Committee believes deserve acting awards. The SAG Awards happen about a month or so (?) before the Oscars.

Prior to the arrival of screeners, I get invitations to see stuff on a big screen. If I'm not gainfully employed, I either volunteer to work those screenings, or RSVP to attend. Sometimes, I get to take a guest. Sometimes, Stephen gets to see big movies for free with me.

Last year, I screened Lion (my pick for Best Picture, had I been able to vote), Hacksaw Ridge, This Is Us (a television show you should definitely be watching), The Crown (another amazing TV show), and a plethora of other stuff that I can't remember well enough to name right now. I did review Every Single Thing I screened last year, so dip into my archives to find those (I think "review" is a decent search term, and then just look for stuff in the winter of last year). Stephen attended La La Land with me (he loved it, I did NOT), and Arrival (both of us were blown away).

This year, I've already seen a lot to tell you about. I've been amiss from reviewing anything for you, and I may have to do a little research to review exactly everything that I've seen, but for now, I'll just say this: I haven't yet seen my pick for Best Picture. I will tell you a little about four of the flicks I've seen recently, and you can go from there.

On Friday, I saw Phantom Thread. I was volunteering to work this event, since it was screening in the worst screening room in town. That way, I got to see it, choose my own seat, and not wait in a line to check in (yes, there is a method to my madness). It stars Daniel Day Lewis, and the bulk of the questions from the audience for the LEAD actor in the film, Vicky Krieps (she got top billing, not DDL), pertained to "what did you learn from the Master, THE GOD OF ACTING, DDL?"
    * lemme tell ya; if you're ever in a q&a audience with the top-billed actor in a show, it's just RUDE to ask this type of question. It's essentially gaslighting, kids. You're saying she didn't deserve the role until after she got to work with the person who isn't here for your questions. She did a fine job, on her own, by the way.*
I did not care for this film. I'm afraid it's going to get lots of critical attention, though, because of DDL, who is, in my opinion, the only actor who could take on the role of Reynolds Woodcock so convincingly. However, Reynolds Woodcock, as written, performed, and directed in this piece, is a complete and utter shitbag. I couldn't figure out what the audience was laughing about. This film is not funny. It takes a hard subject matter and makes it even harder. Woodcock is completely unsympathetic. He's a talented egomaniac. A narcissist. Abusive and evasive, and in a rather strange relationship with his sister, who is only vaguely likeable. Alma, the role inhabited by Krieps, is a naive girl who grows into a bit of strength, but we don't really root for her. We pity her. We want her to escape.
I wanted to escape. I wanted the film to be over, so I could get away from my discomfort. When it finally was, I felt pity for Ms. Krieps, but I did not stay to see if the DDL questions got addressed. My ranking: only see this film if you are completely infatuated with DDL and want to see him play an irredeemable narcissist. OH, also, the score was entirely too strong throughout. Why?

On Thursday, I was volunteering for the screening of Pirates of Somalia. If you saw Captain Phillips, then you're already familiar with Pirates, sort of. The entirety of CP takes place as a "moment" in PoS. Also, one of the lead pirates in CP is portrayed by an actor who plays the lead translator in PoS. Confused yet? Sorry. Follow the links ^.
Ennyhoo, this film is based on the book that tells the true story of the actual events in the life of Jay Bahadur, played with great bravado by Evan Peters, who you may remember from American Horror Story, or possibly as the X-Men recruit Quicksilver. It's a slice of life, and very funny, and also a little edge-of-your-seat. I don't know that it'll win any awards (it's possible), but it's Worth Your Time to See.

My only problem with that screening on Thursday is that I was booked to work on my "recall" show, but I didn't know it. I'd gotten a "checking your availability" text message from Central on Wednesday, applied in the affirmative, and received the "we got your 'yes' but you're Not Yet Booked" response. Then I never got an email, text, or phone call from my service. Then, while I was working the door at 1:30, I noticed I'd missed a call from Central at 1:17, asking where I was, and was I going to make it? My call time was 12:30. WHAT? I could have been WORKING today? On Set? For Money and Fame and Glory? #ShitFuckShitDamnFuckityFuckFuckFuck!!! I called Central back to let them know where I was, and that I was more than willing to head to set if they needed me. I called my service to ask what the fuck had happened, and to let them know where I was, and that I was more than willing to head to set if they needed me. I sent an email to the specific casting director to let him know that I hadn't gotten the details, but also where I was, and that I was more than willing to head to set if they needed me. Then I went back to volunteering, until I heard anything further. Got a reply from the casting director, saying he was trying to work it out with my service, but that they didn't need me. Got a phone call, vibrating, during the film, from an unknown-to-me number, which I ignored. Got another immediate phone call from that same number, so I left the screening room to take the call. It was my service, on a mobile phone, away from the office, trying to place all the blame on me ("it's on your calendar! I sent the notices! It doesn't post to the calendar until we hit 'send'! It's on your calendar!" etc.). Meanwhile, I'm trying to explain that Just Because You Sent It Doesn't Mean I Received It, and When You Didn't Get A Confirmation From Me, #WhyTheFuckDidn'tYouCallToConfirmLikeYouALWAYSFuckingDo? /end rant

Ennyhoo, what I got to see of Pirates of Somalia (the bulk of the film, minus about ten minutes), was totally worth it. And the Q&A was with the lead Somali translator, Barkhad Abdi, and the director. Even though the film was not shot in Somalia, for #reasons, it was cast with a very large number of Somalian refugees, who were all credited for their roles, even background roles, with "refugee since (year)" included to the right of their names. #CallMeImpressed

Thursday night, I went to a screening of Last Flag Flying. Bryan Cranston did the Q&A that followed, and he was very "there". He knew that the audience was mostly composed of actors, so he talked a lot of actor-to-actor. I enjoyed him more than the movie he was promoting. Not that there's anything inherently wrong with the film. It was just a "chick flick" disguised as a macho-man film. What I mean by that is that there were almost zero women even in the film, but it spent the bulk of the 2 hours talking about feelings. Cranston and Fishburne are Vietnam Vet Marines, retired into their old-guy lives; Carell is their Navy Corpsman, whose Marine son has died in Baghdad. Carell collects his old vet buddies in the hopes that they'll help him collect his son's remains. So the film is a road-trip flick. Buddy-buddy, but for old guys. There's no action here. There's no gunplay. There might be one good pyro scene, maybe? but I don't really remember, because I was bored. They all have different baggage to lug around and cart out and talk about. Cranston's still a wild man, to a degree, a #RebelINSearchOfACause. Carell's the mourning dad. Fishburne is REFORMED; he's a preacher who just wants to get back to his flock, but of course, he gets to continue doing his job on Carell's behalf. It's just all Very Boring. Again, I'm afraid it's going to get some critical attention, but I wouldn't waste my time, if I were you.

On MONDAY (of last week, yes, I know!), I saw I, Tonya. Kids, if you want to #LaughYourAssOff, you need to see this film. I have no idea whether it will gain any critical attention. I seriously doubt it will be up for Best Picture. But, OMG, the performances! The characters (real people from a real moment in our recent history)! The direction and the script! OMG!

Stephen and I had seen a trailer for this at something we'd gone to a theater and paid to see (I honestly have seen too many movies lately to remember what I've paid for). We laughed during the trailer. If you click the link above, you can watch a trailer, and maybe laugh during it, too. All I know is that the events of the day were news. Weird news, sure. But it's just not a fun period of time, or at least there's no fun in the specific event of bashing the knee(s?) of a competitive figure skater, Nancy Kerrigan. So, how is this movie so awesome? Well, I learned at the Q&A with the top four cast, writer, and director, there is actual "documentary" footage of the four major players in the events, and the script was based pretty closely on that footage. NONE of the major players tells the same story! So, of course, the film follows EVERY point of view, to allow the audience to make their own decisions about any particular character's "truth". And did I mention? This shit is FUNNY. Seriously, if you are even remotely familiar with the events, or even remotely a fan of Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan, or #OMGTheBest Allison Janney, then THIS FILM IS A MUST-SEE.

I think that's enough for now, right? I've got plenty more that I really need to review for ya. I also desperately need to find myself some work, trim nails on the furbabies, jump back into crocheting, buy Christmas gifts for the nieces and nephews, jump back into letter-writing and/or sending out some Christmas cards in general, and, ya know, shop/cook/launder etc. to keep running my half of the household, at least.

How was your week?

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

I went away again, didn't I?

Sorry about that.

I was busy with work, and volunteering, and going to movie screenings, and I managed to blog pretty regularly then.

Then I "celebrated" my First Annual Skippage of Gluttony Day Parade (?)...

Then I only worked at the pet supply store, and had more Adventuretime and screenings and volunteerism but no WORK ON SET, and somehow I was ... away?

I think my brain weasels (someone else's TM) have been lying to me. My winter funk has been a descending cloud, visible to me, but not yet engulfing me. I'm booked for work tomorrow, which is why I somehow have the energy to blog again tonight.

... but I have to keep hoping that I'll book more than just tomorrow, this week. I listened to the info line, and what I heard was not "if you worked on Monday, 11/27, then wear your Day Two outfit again tomorrow" (which is honestly what they said). Rather, my brain heard "everyone else worked last week, and YOU DIDN'T, and also, they all wore more than one outfit, so it was probably a long and lucrative day that YOU DIDN'T work".

My brain weasels suck, y'all. Why can't I just be happy that I'm recalled at all? Since any day on set is a good day, and I totally know what I'm doing tomorrow, because it is a recall, essentially, I should just be doing my fucking
instead of mentally kicking myself over last Monday (which was, and always will be, completely out of my control).

I don't really know what I wanted to say when I started this post. I guess I wanted to talk about Depression again. Sorry.

Last year, for the first time since Mommy died, I put up and decorated the Christmas tree. This year, I've done nothing. Stephen's done a good bit of decorating, and he's not finished yet, and I'm okay with it, in all of its stages. I've been sporadically wearing my Santa hat and jingle ball and holiday earrings, but my "holiday spirit" is 100% outward. I got nothin'.

Been attempting to convert the cats to a raw diet. So far, Cocoa has only really cared for the one flavor in the one brand that our pet supply store doesn't keep in stock. Meaning, it's a special order. Meaning, we won't get it at a discount. Meaning, our next step is to see if she likes that flavor in a different brand, so we can get it straight from the freezers at work. We'll see.

Been wanting to pick up my crochet projects again but Just. Haven't. Done. It. Yet. Why not? No idea. Possibly the lack of work has equaled lack of self-worth, which has equaled lack of motivation.

Been wanting to send holiday cards (or Any Mail At All) out to my people that I only know online. Last year, I sent/received something like 20 cards? And then started mailing normal mail to/from another group of 10-15? I think it's very possible that the last (or one of the last) pieces of mail I received here was a simple postcard from Cheo, who died of a brain hemorrhage last week. He was too young, and it was totally unexpected, and it's not like I'm thinking I'm next or anything, but I've definitely been bummed out since learning of his passing. Yesterday was his birthday, so our group did "random" acts of kindness, and involved donuts where appropriate, tweeting our acts so his widow would see them. Hashtags #FuckPants and #Donuts4Cheo abounded. There's a 2018 calendar of our group's craziness for sale in one member's Zazzle store, with the proceeds going to benefit Cheo's widow. It's mostly pretty tame, but there are pages that are NSFW, in case you're the sorta person to use a wall calendar.

So, yeah. Now you're caught up, and I'm depressed, I guess, but not because you're caught up now, because while brain weasels would follow that line of logic, that wasn't what I was trying to say, exactly. Dammit, Karen! (Not YOU, Karen. No, that other "fictitious" Karen that everyone on the interwebs is always yelling at).

Um, ennyhoo. I'm depressed. You're caught up. Two separate points. Maybe after I work tomorrow, I'll come back to finally start reviewing some of the great stuff I've seen lately! (Been wanting to review the great stuff I've been screening lately, but just... haven't. Again, dunno why not.)

It is now Tuesday. I get to go to work today! I started this post early (enough) on Monday to have posted it yesterday, but I was busy (drinking wine and figuring out what I wanted to say and link, and finding the dancing baby gif), so now it's Tuesday. Are ya happy now?

I am. Yes, I'm still depressed. I can be both happy and depressed, at the same time, even. If you didn't know that, then please, consider yourself #Blessed. For all my complaining, I do at least still know that I am #Blessed. I'm goin' to bed now. If you're reading this immediately upon my posting and you live in the Western Hemisphere, you should do the same.

What shall we talk about tomorrow?

Saturday, November 25, 2017

My First Annual Skippage of Gluttony Day Parade (?)

Yeah, I realize it's Saturday night and I should have created this post on Thursday. Next year, maybe I'll land on the actual "holiday". Ya know, when it's my SECOND Annual SoGDP.

If you've been reading me for awhile at all, you probably realize that I bitch about plenty of shit, but that I also express Gratitude in sufficient quantities, as well. Here are a few examples, in no particular order:


Amazingly, I have only one #depression hashtag but multiple #gratitude "types" of positive hashtags, without an actual #GRATITUDE one (before today's post). Ennyhoo, I may not blog my gratitude daily, but I express gratitude just about daily, so I really don't feel a need to spend the American average of SIXTY-FOUR dollars on one meal that takes HOURS to prepare and then you sit down to stuff your belly long past full, just to have to spend even more hours cleaning up, just to say out loud what I'm grateful for.

So this year, I rebelled. In my responses to texts, emails, and Twitter/Facebook posts wishing me a "Happy Thanksgiving", I indicated that I would be skipping Gluttony Day. I hope that I didn't offend any of my true friends or family. I didn't mean to be judgmental about your plans for the holiday that I'm boycotting. If you like the meal and the camaraderie, etc., then please accept my apology. I know there are plenty of people out there, including my own siblings, who love and look forward to the annual feast. I just don't, and frankly, I never really have.

I Never Really Have loved or looked forward to Turkey Day. Growing up, it was always agonizing to wait for the big meal. Once I had a house and potential guests, I decided to be the hostess for both sides of the family, and it was still just an awful lot of work that wasn't really worth the time or expense. I'll eat leftovers like anybody who likes leftovers, but I Just. Don't. Want. Turkey / Stuffing / Mashed Potatoes / Cranberry Sauce leftovers for a full week. I just don't.

So this year, I rebelled. For reals. I started a crock pot of wonton soup a day or two beforehand. As I consumed my soup, I also continued tweaking it. So I've been eating homemade wonton soup for several days. Stephen had some, too. Wonton's not his favorite, but he still had more than one serving. My boss at the pet supply store had some, too. She'd forgotten to pack a lunch yesterday, and I forced her to have some... but she didn't have "some", she had almost all of my leftovers from my lunch break!

I'm #GRATEFUL to have not spent the time or money to "celebrate" this day that I've always wanted to rebel against. After we got back from our movie screening (we saw "Molly's Game" at the DGA, and yes, I plan to review it for you) and we ate wonton soup, Stephen suggested we take a walk. So that was our First Annual Skippage of Gluttony Day Parade (?)... to Ralph's (grocery chain), where we picked up a couple of quarts of ice cream, which we ate plenty of, without eating ALL of.

I still have some to eat tomorrow, and Stephen only finished his tonight. I think our First Annual Skippage of Gluttony Day Parade (?) was successful, and I intend to potentially repeat it next year, and for years to come.

Will you join me, next year?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wasted days and wasted nights

I haven't booked any work at all this week (on set), and I know that's probably 100% due to the upcoming Gluttony Day "holiday", but I really waste a lot of time with nothingness when I'm not booked or scheduled or working or moving forward with productivity.

I was scheduled to go to a screening of "Grace and Frankie", followed by a Q&A with the actresses, Monday night. But I never left the apartment, beyond the mailbox. And then it got dark. And then I said fuck it. It was probably a good episode and Q&A, but it's not a show I'm devoted to, like Stranger Things or GLOW or This Is Us.

*I was pretty bummed that I didn't make it to the Stranger Things episode/Q&A on Friday night, because I am devoted to that show. But I was working on set that day, so I probably should have canceled my reservation anyway. I was early for the screening, but not early enough, since they always overbook these things. Oh well. C'est la vie. "Lah vee." (say the French phrase out loud and you'll get it - Good night, Gracie)

Ennyhoo. No work on Monday. No leaving for the screening. No work Tuesday. No leaving the apartment except to check mail. No work Wednesday. What'm I gonna do?

I'm hoping that the chick I bookkeep for will be expecting me, and I'll get to visit her. If not, I'll visit her bills. Working weekends at the pet supply store has thrown a tiny wrench into our previously-perfect schedule of keeping her books.

If I do get outta the house, I'll probably also swing by the store to snag my paystub and the official schedule for post Gluttony Day. Then I might decide to do a small Costco run. Or not. A lot depends on if my friend is expecting me to keep her books.

Stephen went to a screening of "Darkest Hour" tonight (Tuesday night - I realize it's already Wednesday while I'm typing this). His friend's girlfriend opted out, so Stephen was the +1. He found the movie to be in line with what he already knew from other movies/shows, like The King's Speech, The Crown, and Dunkirk. He says I should see it. I'll probably get to; I've certainly seen enough invitations for screenings.

I reserved us a coupla seats at the Gluttony Day screening of Molly's Game. We're looking forward to that. I unloaded/reloaded the dishwasher, and I made a crock pot of wonton soup; it turned out okay. Needs something. Probably less rice. Oh, well. And I also discovered that a favorite teacher had died last month, so I wept a good bit. Then, before Stephen went to bed, I placed an online order for some cleaning supplies.

Here's the thing: even when I'm not particularly "productive", I still get some shit done. I just don't go to bed at a reasonable hour anymore. I mean, I had no idea it was already today, by the time Stephen was going to bed. Last night and the night before, I think I've made it to bed by 1? 1:30? It's already 1:10 as I'm typing, and yeah, I'd like to publish before I shut down, so...

My sleep schedule is fucked because my work schedule is so wonky. I love my industry, but I really need to find a way to maintain a stable (-ish) schedule. Or else, I just stay wasted... wasting time... wasting away into a depressive spiral that only work repairs. Oy.

I guess I should just #BeGrateful that I have downtime at all, huh? What do you think?

Monday, November 20, 2017

There is DEFINITELY sumthin' goin' on...

I dunno what, tho. Here's a pictorial view of my blog:
 Slow news day in Ukraine and Poland?
 More hits from Ukraine than from Canada! BIG news week/month in Canada?

I mean, wow. Just wow. What could it possibly mean?

Friday, November 17, 2017


Yup, I'ma goin' on a rant. You been warned.

I'm on set again today (YAY!)... on the show that I've been trying to be a "regular" (recurring) "hipster tech employee" (what? HIPSTER? me?) in the background, ever since before the first day of shooting, when they told us they'd be looking for a "core group" (i.e. recurring).

I can't talk about the show yet. It hasn't aired yet; I don't have any idea what the promos do or will look like. Suffice it to say that the cast are recognizable and generally very friendly people; the writing seems strong; the concept looks good; the set is awesome; the crew are, for the most part, easy to work with (once you {I} know what their expectations are).

But I'm here, on a Friday. For the past several weeks, I've been getting text messages from Casting regarding my Friday availability, and for the past several weeks, I've been scheduled at the pet supply retail store on Fridays. When I went adventuring the other day, I let my boss know that I need to adjust my schedule to just Saturdays and Sundays, with maybe the possibility of "on call" for one day after that weekend, each week? She IMMEDIATELY put that into effect, as of this week! And I thankfully booked work for this first Friday off the retail schedule! YAY!

So here I am. In "background holding", waiting to get used on set. We've been seen by the vanities, that is the hair/makeup and wardrobe departments. We're all ready to go to work. But we all also know that this business is a lot of "hurry up and wait", so we're in holding.

They've got us sitting fairly close together in a large open space. We're pretty quiet, as a rule, but it's not a library. If anyone wanted to have a conversation, there would be conversation. Everyone in the room can hear everything in the room, as well as everything just outside in the hall.

So while we wait, we all look at the casting notifications. If there's something appropriate that requires a phone call, someone will start calling. There was a fairly big notice that was appropriate for just about everyone in the room, so three of us (that I'm aware of) were all dialing.

*Smartphones are smart, for a reason. If we still had to manually "dial" phone numbers, we'd probably all hear the busy signal significantly less than we do. Manually "dialing" numbers takes TIME.*

So, dude down the way hits "send" and "hang up" repeatedly, because he's used auto-redialers in the past that would constantly hang up on him. Girly next to him is doing the same, probably for similar reasons. I'm using an auto-redialer in one phone and doing it "by hand" on my other, because I have two phones. NONE of us are getting anything other than busy signals.

Unfortunately, the busy signal I'm getting in the auto-redialing phone is a set volume. Nothing I try will affect the volume of the busy signal. Not that it's particularly loud, mind you. It's just loud enough for everyone in the room to know that I'm trying to get through.

#PettyAF #RudeChick sitting behind me turns around to say, "what is that?" (like she doesn't know) "can you turn that down?" (like I haven't noticed) "you adjust the volume while you're hearing it" (my first experience ever, using a smartphone, #TYVM)...

Everyone in the room could hear the busy signal. Everyone in the room knows that the worst part of this job is LOOKING for work. Almost everyone in the room was probably also looking for work. My phone wasn't disturbing anyone else in the room. Nor was it any louder than any of the noises that have come from the table where #PettyAF #RudeChick is sitting (including from her, specifically).

We'd just had a conversation about "treating people like people", so one of the primary participants in that convo decided he needed some coffee. I went with him to refresh my tea, which removed my offending noisemaker from the room. Of course, while we were outside, he confirmed that yes, we're all looking for work, so maybe she could have been a little less rude about it? Or just ignored it, like everyone else? Ya know, acknowledge that I'm a people too?

Ennyhoo. #EndRant. That's enough. I'm chill now. Transpo's been broken for lunch; possibly some other crew is eating, too. We'll "break" for lunch in the next half-hour or so, and then hopefully, they'll need us on set shortly after that ends (it's possible they haven't yet finished what they were doing without us, though, so...).

I'm looking forward to getting to work! And then, when we wrap here, I'm RSVP'd to attend a screening and Q&A of Stranger Things 2 tonight, if we don't wrap too late. Wanna be my +1?

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

RT if you ... :(

The news these days SUX. The headlines SUCK. We're being bombarded by a fucking moron in the White House, whose tweets are absolutely ridonkulous, and to call that man-child a toddler is an insult to toddlers. We've got "mentally unstable" "lone wolf" White Male Terrorists committing mass murders in malls, clubs, houses of worship, and schools.

And we've got Powerful Men In Hollywood and Government being "accused" of Rape, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Harassment. We've got accusers stepping forward after long silences, and not being believed in their accusations because of the length of their silences. For the record, #MeToo and #I BelieveYou.

I'm news-phobic. I can't live in all the negativity that is being proclaimed in the news. I spend almost no time on Facebook anymore, because I just don't have much interest in it, although it's hanging on to me with the promise that I will somehow book work through it. So I kinda live in Twitter these days. I have a large group of people I'm friends with there, even though I've never met any of them #IRL (in real life). I try not to click on articles associated with bad news headlines, but I'm human, and sometimes I will. I was on set yesterday, which was actually a lovely respite from all the negativity, although there was another mass shooting in an elementary school yesterday, in Northern California.

*My #ThoughtsAndPrayers for the victims and their families won't help get the guns out of the hands of the #ExtremeRightwingCrazyMen. I do hope they'll find some peace, but I know they'll never find justice.*

This post was supposed to focus on the rape culture we've been living in, not the gun culture. But the title still applies. I'm tired of retweeting my experiences.

  • RT if you've seen one or more penises you didn't ask to see - walking to kindergarten
  • RT if you've ever been groped without consent - on the junior high school bus
  • RT if, as a child, an adult male harassed you in a sexual manner - Grandpa
  • RT if you're a gun owner who has never shot another human - military/police folk get a "pass"
  • RT if you've ever had your field of expertise mansplained to you - probably? I mean, I think I blow it off, but yeah, probably... something numbers or entertainment related
  • RT if you've ever worked in a hostile environment - mostly temp jobs, thankfully, that I could just fucking quit
  • RT if you ... :(
To keep my own Twitter feed positive, I do a lot of retweeting of cute animal photos and videos. I won't retweet articles, if I can help it. I find them all to be clickbait, even if the message is about cute animals. So I think I want to start some new Twitter chains. I think I may need your help. I'll start here, but please comment below (HERE, in my blog, not in Twitter) with your ideas. If you like this idea (RT if you ... :D ), and we follow each other on Twitter, you can totally just start your own chains, and I'll retweet them there, so you'll get the "credit" as the creator of the chain.

so. hmm. where to begin?
  • RT if you've ever paid a compliment to a stranger - all the time. This is one of my faves
  • RT if you've ever received unsolicited praise - of course, because I'm not alone in ^
  • RT if you got to name your childhood pet - Kitty. Shut up, I was a child.
  • RT if you've ever passed a difficult test on your first attempt - probably
  • RT if you're learned how to be really good at a thing you used to fail doing - managing money
  • RT if any of your loved ones are still alive - most of them
  • RT if you're happy with at least one part of your body - yes, but I'm not telling you which
  • RT if you've had a relaxing weekend - I relax by working
  • RT if your work is both challenging and satisfying - yesterday was absolutely both
  • RT if you've ever recovered from a major illness or injury - I'm grateful to have missed both, so far
  • RT if you woke up this morning - I did! And if you're reading this, so did YOU!
What else? Will you play this game with me? RT to spread positivity! (Please comment below)