Sunday, March 25, 2018


So, let's see...

  • I left the pet supply store, which was only ever supposed to be a part-time gig. My boss is my friend, and while my presence was helpful initially, it became difficult to "hide" our friendship, and I never wanted to harm her career, so I left before any official "accusations" of favoritism arose (there were hints of leanings of complaints, even though she never treated me any differently on the floor than anyone else on the staff). Better to leave on good terms than to damage her career or our friendship.
  • I booked a good bit of set work following that, so as far as my unemployment claim is concerned, I "quit" the part-time gig because of scheduling conflicts with MY career. However, the transition hasn't been completely uneventful. I've already had one phone interview with the unemployment offices, and I've got another one scheduled, to continue my eligibility to collect. Not that we're worried about it - in the past two-week claim period, I'm only eligible to collect a whopping nine bucks! Yep, I'm #Blessed
  • Stephen got promoted to "Bench Assistant Store Manager", which was supposed to be "2nd Banana" to the "official" ASM at his particular store. It hasn't worked out that way, though. The "official" ASM has been dealing with some weird health issues ever since he got promoted, and those health issues have rolled into Stephen's promotion. Which means Stephen's "learning curve" in the new position has been more of a "learning cliff" (nothing like being thrown into the deep end of the pool to learn to swim, or possibly exactly like that). He's doing great. Yep, he's also #Blessed
  • I was planning to participate in the #March4OurLives yesterday (Saturday the 24th of March), but wouldn't ya know it? I got #BOOKED for work on set! W00t W00t!
  • Went to bed pretty early yesterday; got up pretty early today, after a great night's sleep. Today, I went to a reading and signing event at a bookstore in Pasadena, because Anne Wheaton wrote a children's book! I had to buy the book, of course. I had to get her to sign it, of course. It's a sweet/bittersweet little tale, and I had to offer to record the audiobook, of course. She had to hire her famous husband to record it though. Of course. Oh, well. I look forward to hearing it.
  • Gonna hit the sack pretty early again tonight, because I have to greet #DawnsTrampStamp again tomorrow... because I am, of course, #BOOKED. It's a recall situation for a feature; I'm carpooling with a co-worker; we know what to expect already. #LoveMyLife #SetLifeRocks
How's thangs in YOUR life? Are YOU #Blessed? Wassup?

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Work Work Work (YAY!!!!!!!!!)

All righty, kiddos. I've been bizzy. Even when I haven't been bizzy, I've still felt pretty productive. So let's see. What's been up with me?

At the top of the month (just, ya know, by date, not necessarily ranked "the top"), I walked over to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for a screening, Q&A, and reception for a Netflix show you should definitely binge-watch, "American Vandal". It's a high school drama mockumentary, and it's pretty damn funny. It takes itself pretty seriously, which may very well contribute to the funny. Also, the Q&A was moderated by Marcia Clark. Yes, THAT Marcia Clark. And the reception was pretty spectacular. Open bar, amazing salads and hot entrees, and plenty of phallic desserts. If you watch the show, you'll "get" why the desserts were specifically selected. I mingled/networked there, and met a producer/actor chick from New York who was here for meetings but also had screenings and other things in place. Kewl.

Then I worked my last weekend at the pet supply store. My presence there was making my boss' professional life difficult, in that there were rumors of favoritism being shown to me (never happened, but my "real" career is sufficient excuse to leave retail, so it was bittersweet but necessary for me to go).

Then I worked in the VO Lab and ran into producer/actor chick from New York in a VO workout group. Crazy, huh? Then I didn't see her again but know she was present the next night at a screening downtown for a film you should definitely see, called "The Death of Stalin". There was no Q&A that night, but there was supposedly a reception, so I took the subway downtown, rather than driving and having to look for parking or whatever. I saw Jason Isaacs (yes, that Jason Isaacs) in the lobby of that gorgeous theater both before and after the screening. The premiere had a live orchestra playing the score throughout, so there were definitely bits that I missed. I never did find any actual reception (beyond the numerous cash bars), and since my +1 was at work, I felt too out of my element to attempt to mingle/network, so I made my way back to the subway to go home. A little adventuring, downtown on a weeknight! The movie was good, though. Very funny, considering the title.

Then I was on set with my friend Jim Beaver (yes, that Jim Beaver), and that was both a nice little catch-up with a friend I hadn't seen in person in ages (he thought I was still in NC) AND a lovely day of WORK! Then I had a phone call with the unemployment office that was scarifying in its timing (I just QUIT working the retail gig, remember?). And then I did some tax-time bookkeeping for the lady I do that for.

On Monday of this week, I worked on the Warner Bros. lot again. So of course, I gave a walking lot tour to another bg artist, because I could. Then today, I did an improvisation workshop at the SAG-AFTRA offices (because I could). And tomorrow, I'm back on the set of a popular, long-running medical drama (recall, baby! BooYah!)!

Stephen's gotten himself another promotion, and we've seen his first paycheck at his new pay grade. We are not hurting, kids. I'm getting our debts paid down or off, and it feels like we live in Fat City. #Blessed. Oh, and when I was working that Craft Services week, my producer had to move my car one day, and in so doing, he scratched/scraped/dented the right rear quarter panel and bumper... so my TARDIS is currently in the shop, getting smaller-on-the-outside fixed up, and I'm driving a brand-spanking-new white Honda Civic. I don't hate it, but I certainly don't love it. It's too big. But I should get my TARDIS back by Monday at the latest, if it's not ready by Saturday, which is what the dude is shooting for.

I've been bizzy! Whatchoo been up to?

Thursday, March 1, 2018

What Have You (I) Done For Me Lately? Oooh, ooohooh, oooh, Yeah!

No, I don't expect you to have done anything for me lately. I DO expect ME to have done stuff for me lately.

In my latest blog-reading ==>,
I've found that some of the writers are talking about their penchant for people-pleasing, to the detriment of self-care. You should know the following about me already, but just in case you don't,

  • I have reached the point in my life where I have zero fucks to give regarding someone else's requests, unless the fulfillment of them will ultimately please me, too.
This is not to say that I am uncaring, or heartless, or selfish. If your request of me is something related to work that I'm already doing for you, I'm not going to neglect to do my job simply because a specific task would be unpleasant.

I'm talking about putting myself in situations with people I don't know very well, offering to be helpful, and then being asked to do things that are completely beyond my scope. If I haven't already expressed at least a vague interest in this "new" thing, why would you think that I'll succeed in my first attempt? When I do anything "new", I like to get enough practice in before doing it for someone else, because I JUDGE MYSELF, and even if it's not a competition, I still want to "win".
  • Don't even get me started on "competitions"
So, if you are close enough in my circle that you care about my feelings and you know I care about yours, you can be damn sure I'm going to give your request careful consideration, and if I choose to attempt whatever it is, I'm going to do my absolute best to not let you down. But I might just say "no". Because if, after careful consideration, I don't see myself succeeding, I know that my own judgment of myself will be bad enough that I just don't want to face it. It may be selfish of me to refuse you. But if you care about me at all, then you'll recognize that I'm not refusing out of stubbornness or meanness. It's self-care. I'm taking care of myself.

And if the thing you're requesting of me is something you already love doing, then why not a) do it yourself, or b) join me/teach me the task? If your request is to get me to love it as much as you do, why not share your enthusiasm? So that if I do end up loving the thing as much as you do, then we leave the whole situation with a new commonality?

If you are not close enough in my circle to care about my feelings and/or you don't think I care about yours, then just don't even try. My need to feel good about myself does not extend to trying to impress you. I have zero fucks to give to "impressing" anyone.

All this, just because some of the bloggers I read ==>
have recently expressed being people-pleasers, and how it's messing with their anxiety or whatever, when the people aren't pleased, or when the situation/task isn't personally pleasing for them. The more we "broken"* people remember to stand up for our own feelings, the better we'll be about self-care... and the more we can try new things, if asked with the right motivation... and the more we will expand our horizons.

*"broken" can mean Depressed, Anxious, Bi-Polar, "On the Spectrum", Noisy, Quiet, Extroverted, Introverted, Short, Tall, Fat, Skinny, NORMAL. Because there is no "normal". If you somehow don't identify as "broken", then I applaud you. If you do identify as "broken", then please be sure to exercise some self-care. Whatever that means for you.

I'm in the middle of doing some work. There's self-improvement/growth here; there's self-care here; there's no room for loathing or judgment. I'll try to keep you posted on my accomplishments, as I reach certain milestones. In the meantime, I'll just keep singing. Hit it, Janet!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Review. No Spoilers.

We walked over to our local Laemmle theater the other day (holy shit, was it only yesterday? wtf! Yes, "the other day" WAS, in fact, only yesterday!), to buy a "Laemmle Premiere Card" (prepaid "debit" card for a hundred bucks), which got us an immediate discount on both our tickets and our popcorn/drinks combo, and to see...

Black Panther!

Kids, as Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies go, this one is Ah. Maze. Ing. As fantasy movies (ya know, fictional characters in fictional places with extraordinary superhuman skilz, etc.) go, this one is Top Fucking Notch. You Should See It.

I'm honestly not sure, if you haven't been following the MCU, whether this movie works as a standalone. I mean, I think it does. We who've been following the MCU were previously introduced to the title character and his dad. Everyone Else is "new" to us, which means the entire plot is brand new, and therefore, works as a standalone movie. So go see it.

It touches on all of the current social issues. It covers racism, feminism, warmongering, weapons and tech, and general badassery. Okay, fine, general badassery is not a current social issue. But it's pretty damn awesome that the Royal Guard are entirely female, hitting both the feminism and general badassery buttons.

If any of the above is shit you care about, how is it possible you haven't yet seen this movie? Doooo. Eeeeeeeet.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Are you happy for me, or feeling neglected?

I can't believe that my last post was urging me to post more regularly, and here I am, nearly an entire month later, just getting back to you. What a dolt I am! So Sorry!

I've been busy. Lemme just check the ol' Android calendar real quick, so I can tell you what kind of nonsense I've been up to...

  • I finished my training at the pet supply store
  • I networked with like-minded people (I thought I was getting an agent. Apparently, I am not)
  • I learned about New Media actor contracts
  • I worked on set! (BG on a show that's been created from a film, or possibly vice-versa. I don't remember. When it finally sees the light of day, I'm not the target audience, so I probably won't look for myself in it, or even look for it)
  • I celebrated my volunteerism with other volunteers... also, we memorialized a fallen member, a dude who'd volunteered a LOT and then, for whatever reason, dropped dead of a heart attack, much too young.
  • I worked on set for a full week! (Craft Services, which I have said numerous times I'll never do again, only my buddy knew I was reliable and could handle it and was willing to pay me a reasonable wage... I'll work for him Every Time he needs me. I just hope he never needs me for Craft Services EVER again!)
  • I went to another workshop to learn my VO software, now that I have the appropriate microphone and headphones (yes, kids. I bought the hardware. Yay, me!)
  • I worked on set, two consecutive days! (BG on two different shows. I could easily get recalled on the regular for the first one; I could easily get lots of "focused" screen time on the second one - not that I care one whit about screen time)
  • I worked at the pet supply store, and have put in notice to no longer work there. I failed my "Secret Shop" and there are grumblings at corporate that my boss is playing favorites with me. I don't want to jeopardize her career, and I was only ever really hired to help her out, so I'm stepping down. I have one more weekend, and then Stephen will just have to bring home all of the retail pet supply store bacon (and supplies bought on his employee discount).
But also, Stephen Got A Promotion! Woo Hoo and W00t W00t! He is now, officially, as of today, the "Bench" Assistant Store Manager at his branch in Burbank. We're both awfully pleased. He totally deserves this promotion, and it will definitely ease the "burden" that I've just placed on our finances by stepping down, just in case my industry doesn't keep me steadily employed. Not that I'm the least bit worried about that. I think I'm planning to put an application in at two of my local TJ's this week, just to feel those waters out.

So. Are you happy for me, or still feeling neglected? I have a buncha blogs to catch up on this week, but I'm pretty psyched about life in general, these days.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

I have GOT to get back to a "schedule"

I miss you guys when I'm not here. I wonder if you're here, wondering where the hell I am? Or don't you miss me back?

Wait. Now I haz a sad (as the kids say, or maybe as the kids said. I'm sure that one's so last year, which is kinda so five minutes ago, which is really to say that ... don't mind me.)

*I am not hip, nor a hipster. I just sometimes play one on tv.*

("My" show will premiere on Tuesday, March 6th. On NBC. Or some NBC affiliate. I dunno. I have no idea where it will premiere. I also have no idea how clearly or how often you'll actually see ME, either.)

So ennyhoo. I needed a check-in, so this post is like the entire series of Seinfeld. If you never watched Seinfeld, CONGRATULATIONS! I wish I hadn't. Not that I watched it on purpose, or anything.

Um, back to checking in!

In the last week, I've walked somewhere in the 'hood of 40,000 steps. I've been to my retail pet supply store for work. I've been to a W&W (wages and working {conditions}) Caucus at the SAG-AFTRA offices. I've finalized which microphone and headphones I'm ordering. I've completed my taxes but not yet filed. I've requested an address change and a re-printed w-2 from Sony, for the residuals I earned last year for that one episode of that one show I got upgraded on. I've shredded 3 years of old files. I've been grocery shopping. I've done a little cooking. I've run the dishwasher a few times. I've taken some trash out and checked the mail on more than one occasion. I've caught up on the blogs that I read. I've watched movies and shows that we watch. I've spent some time on Twitter. I've played plenty of Sudoku and Magic (Jigsaw) Puzzles on my phone, and Mahjohnng and Solitaire on my computer. I've paid bills. I've contemplated Life, the Universe, and Everything. I've continued to feed the cats something better. I've started building a new kitten from Smokey's fur (okay, no, I just used the FurminatorTM on him).
I've talked to Daddy on the daily. I've BLOGGED (well, today)!

Tomorrow and into next week, I'll (hopefully) complete some of the above-listed incompletes, I'll repeat some of the repeatables, and maybe I'll do some new stuff, too. Like, Get Back On Set. I've been away far too long. It is TIME.

How was your January? Did you make resolutions? Are you keeping them? Doing anything new, or SSDD? Tell me. I wanna know!

*Same Shit, Different Day

Friday, January 26, 2018

Did you know you could be PRODUCTIVE even on "just farting around" days?

I've only just fired the old service and signed up for the new one, so I had no expectations I'd be working today. I will have my weekend pet supply store days, and then, next Wednesday, I'll finish up my training there, so my weekday schedule is mostly open for industry gigs. And I'll probably order the mic and headphones soon, so that'll give me another industry kick-in-the-pants boost.

But what to do on days like today, when nothing's actually scheduled?

Go adventuring with your boss-lady, of course!

Normally, she'll come to me and park in our garage, and then the two of us will venture out to Costco or IKEA, and eventually, a slice of pie and a cuppa. Today, we didn't want to spend much money, because I'd paid for a new camera for her, and she wanted to focus her fundage on repaying me, so she could start using it.

So when she got here, we decided to take the camera out for a little walk. We found lots of interesting things to photograph, and she was really enjoying her compositions. We knew we'd need to swing by her bank, and my phone told me it was only a coupla miles away, so we decided to just walk and take more pictures.

By the time we reached the bank, the beverages we'd consumed at the start of our adventure were ready to flush, so we packed the camera up and started looking for facilities. Took care of that business, and then she took care of her banking business, and for the walk home, we detoured into the nearby electronics store, for shits and giggles.

By the time we were back to the apartment, we'd decided we were too hot and sweaty to detour via Republic of Pie. We got in, cooled off, took my car to my bank and a local grocer (she needed walnuts IN THE SHELL for her birds), and once parked, walked over to Pie. The sun was no longer burny and directly overhead, so at that point, I was actually getting cold. So we enjoyed our warm beverages, walked back to where I'd parked, and came back home.

Remember when I said I'm going to try to walk 5k steps a day again? Did you NOT read yesterday's post? Sheesh! Keep up!

Three Good Things:

  1. the camera is amazing, and just "shits and giggles" pics are really phenomenal. I'm so happy and grateful to have had the available credit to be able to cover the cost, as a loan. She loves it, and I love my contribution to her creative spark.
  2. we walked in excess of 17k steps today! >7.5 miles covered on foot! I am so happy and grateful to have had a good "breathing" day, giving me the strength to cover so much ground on foot. I tripled a goal!
  3. we spent very little money today, and we're both tired enough to sleep early. I am so happy and grateful for all the little things I was able to manifest in my life today. I was productive, just farting around!
Are you able to find productive ways of farting around? Or do you have so little downtime that you just relish in non-productive farting around days (I'm not judging you - I have too much downtime, as you know)? Tell me!