Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Golden Globes and such...

So, did you watch the Golden Globes on Sunday? Did you watch the lead-in show, where all the celebrities arrive in their shiny? No? Me, neither. On Sunday, my route was re-directed past the entrance, where nothing was quite happening yet, but for inconveniencing drivers with the wet streets and the detour. (Los Angelenos don't see a lot of rain, so they don't like driving in it, or on the streets that have been rained on.) On my way home from my bookkeeping gig, the traffic was even worse, because now there were traffic cops allowing streams of black cars (some of them limos) to cut INTO the flow of our three lanes being funneled down to one. I also saw one chick in a long white dress with a huge red sash walking from the curb to wherever the entrance was. This was at 3:30 in the afternoon. I didn't necessarily recognize the chick, nor could I really figure out why our banner signage indicated that the telecast was from 11 - 5, when in reality, it was from 5 - 8 (or 9). Whatevs. That was my SunDAY. Sunday night, we watched something that was in the DVR queue and our screener of
The Imitation Game.

Yesterday, I had the day off. Instead of going online or doing anything productive, I watched movies in the DVR queue. Then when Stephen got home from work, I checked my emails and found that we were in fact on the list for the screening I'd RSVP'd to, so last night we went to see Gone Girl. It was followed by a Q&A with Rosamund Pike and David Fincher, which was not terribly interesting (more due to the Q's than the A's), and we left there wondering how we felt about the movie overall. Of the women nominated for Best Performance by an Actor (female) in a Leading Role, Rosamund definitely deserves her nomination. That much, I can say. Ben Affleck was not nominated for the (male) role, but his performance was 100% believable.

Today, I get to go back to my dance studio gig, but when I get home tonight, if it's not too terribly late, I'd love to watch our screener of

And then at some point, I've got to figure out how to download the screener for Wild that's in my inbox. We'll see if Reese will give Ros a run for her money!


  1. Glad you're okay. I've only seen Gone Girl. That was intense. Looking forward to watching the Imagination Game. What's the premise of Boyhood?

    1. Benedict explains the IMITATION game (not Imagination) in a scene within the movie; without that explanation, the title would make no sense.

      Boyhood was shot over the course of twelve years, and tracks the boy's growth (but it IS a work of fiction, so all the actors are ACTING). Patricia Arquette plays his mom, and Ethan Hawke plays his dad, and until now, the kid is unknown. I don't know what the story hook is. The "watch it" hook is that they kept the cast intact for twelve years without the world ever hearing a peep about it. I'm looking forward to it. Not tonight, tho. ;)


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