Thursday, January 1, 2015

Another Day, Another Year, Another puzzle?

Two more screeners arrived! Woot! Woot!
 Short day at work yesterday, but when I got home last night, we had no plans to go out, and since the screeners arrived, we watched Birdman... not what either of us was expecting, not that we had any expectations. Brilliant direction, cinematography, and acting. And not that we didn't like it, we're still not sure today whether we liked it.

During the LA Lit Crawl this past fall (I can't believe I didn't blog about it!), I was handed this little solar-powered dancing flower as "SWAG" - I had it on my dashboard for a bit, and then when I brought it inside, the cats knocked it to the floor, breaking it into its many pieces. Stephen attempted a repair, and then saved all the little pieces in our kitchen "junk" drawer.  This morning, I was either going to rebuild it or throw away the junk. Turns out, it's just a little puzzle - each piece fits into a specific slot in a specific direction. Thankfully, the little grey "case" that holds the "electric" parts was not broken; the two grey topper pieces and the flower itself, along with the yellow "pot" were the parts I had to fit into that "case".
Innards put together, solar panel facing up on the front/left

Copper battery? that swings the pendulum magnets

From above and behind - in all of these photos, the parts are moving.

Pretty little solar-powered pink flower in a cute little yellow pot! So happy!

And with that puzzle "solved" I had time to do the laundry... and Stephen set up the "toilet-training" that we will re-embark on (every new living space means starting over) with the cats.

2015! Yeah! Let's get stuff done! What puzzles are YOU solving this year?


  1. That's a cool little puzzle. I'm impressed. It's so dang cheerful.

    1. It wasn't originally a puzzle! It was originally already built and ready to rock-n-roll in its shrink-wrapped package! But it IS "so dang cheerful", so I'm glad it just popped together, once you knew what direction to put the pieces in. Sitting here at my kitchen table, I can see both the video above waiting to be played AND the reflection of the actual thing, be-bopping behind me in the windowsill. Wheeee!


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