Friday, August 12, 2016

Catching you up

This was supposed to post on Thursday, but I got in from my day a bit too late to hit publish. Pretend it's Thursday, while you're reading. ;)

Since last we met, I've abraded the side of my tongue in the hole left by the broken tooth, and healed. The tooth is still inside my jaw, and it still has a hole in it. I have not had any dental work done, and I really only notice the jagged nature of it when I'm eating. So, no big deal.
I really don't get why it's so hard to show you that the front molar is MISSING a big chunk of actual tooth!
{Oh yeah, speaking of "missing" - the other day, Daddy went "missing". His sister-in-law started texting me to see if I'd talked to him that day, because she'd been trying all morning, and hadn't reached him. I texted back the gist of the last convo I'd had with him (namely, that he'd left his cell in her car), and then I tried calling him on his landline and cell, and when I got voicemail for both, I sent him an email that she was worried about him. She and her husband (Daddy's brother, my uncle) went out looking for him. They found him at the doc's office, essentially stranded, because he relies on the medical transport service that's available to him, but he'd also left his cell phone At Home. So they took him to a meal, informed me that he'd been "found", and I passed that info on to my big sis, whom I'd called to see if she'd been looped in (she hadn't). We all laughed a little and were grateful, but I think we may also have all cried a little, too. Aging is not for the weak. #GoMarinesorsomething, whatever a non-Marine would say in this sitch to a tough guy whose primary weakness is paranoia. #LoveYouDaddy. <3}

We also received notice that our apartment building is raising the rent again. Last year's rent increase was more than $100/month, and this year's is nearly $100/month. Our apartment, with the management caring more about the cosmetic aspects than safety or comfort of the tenants, saving money, or enforcement of (smoking) rules, is now TOTALLY not worth the cost of living here. It was GREAT when we first arrived; we really needed it, so we could get out of our pet-friendly hotel in Whittier; it was a BLESSING. But now, not so much.

Which means we get to move again. So Stephen did the thing he always does, which is check the craigslist housing ads, find appropriate apartments and send the links to me. I made some phone calls, and what happened next is what always happens with LA Craigslist. Nothing. No one who advertises on Craigslist (at least for apartments) ever calls you back. Okay, 99% don't call back.

So we joined Westside Rentals. Again. All the luck I've ever had with finding a good apartment in LA has been with a Westside Rentals membership. This is probably because landlords know that apartment hunters there are paying for the privilege, so they're (WE'RE) serious, not just lookie-lou's. We immediately found some appropriate housing, and started seeing places together (and separately, when I was available but Stephen was not). We've found some really great housing, but we joined right at the beginning of August, which means we can't give notice to our current landlords until we find one that we love, and we can't settle on one that we love if it's available now. Our other "problem" with this particular housing hunt is not so much a problem as it is a possible blessing.

Stephen's job has been grooming him for a promotion. They absolutely promote within the system, but never in-house. Meaning, if the Floor Supervisor position that just opened goes to him, he'll be transferred to the Pasadena store. If an Assistant Manager position opens up anytime soon, and they pick him for it, it definitely won't be in the Burbank/NoHo store. So we can't necessarily find a perfect NoHo apartment if he's going to be based in Pasadena or elsewhere. He doesn't yet have a vehicle of his own; most one-bedroom apartments only have one parking space included; he uses public transit like a CHAMP (but that will be a helluva commute, adding three or more hours to each workday).

So the apartment hunt is on hold. We'll spend at least one more month in Burbank. Dammit. No, trust me, I get that this place has been a godsend. I'm just done here. I'm done. Wah, I know. #FirstWorldProblems. It's so sad, I know, that Stephen's doing so well at his job that he keeps winning Target gift cards, and those suckers add up (to the point where he could go on a major shopping spree, and I wouldn't even stop him!), and that they want him to climb a little corporate ladder, and that he's Really Good at PetCare Sales.

BUT, I've also gotten to work a few times since last we spoke. I had a fitting for that show I got upgraded on last year, and then I worked a day in this new season. Yesterday, I worked on a very popular FOX show that some of you may watch (Stephen and I saw all of S1, and then S2 was interrupted with a move, and then we saw all of S3, and then S4 would have been interrupted with our last move, so we just didn't bother to watch after S3). I know, that description does Not Help You At All, but things are Just So kept "under wraps" in Hollyweird that they have you sign multiple NDA's and threaten you with bodily harm. Honestly, I understand the need to not mention any plot points or post photos of anyone, because you never know who's going to figure out the "Big Reveal", especially if we're not told ahead of time what that "Big Reveal" is. So we "VagueBook" or say nothing at all, just to be super-dooper safe.

Ennyhoo, yesterday was an interesting day, and Any Day On Set Is a Good Day, so there's that. Got home, hung out with Stephen, put myself on avail, went to bed.

THIS MORNING at 5:30, Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles Governor woke me,
and when that happens, I Answer. I booked a rush call! With my car! Can you be at the FOX lot by 8:48? I dunno what time it is NOW (5:30) - Yes, I Can. Okay, then, here are your details. Have a great day on set!

***Stephanie had gone shopping with me to help me upgrade my wardrobe to a bit more Moira Queen, and in the first week of August, I updated my photo at Central. So, because of my photo and being on the avail list, I booked today. I know for a fact that both of those reasons played in my favor at 5:30 this morning. So I packed my Navy garment bag full of my newly-upscaled wardrobe, got fully ready, and headed out. I arrived by 7 a.m. They didn't have me on the list, of course. I eventually made it onto the lot and found my way over to holding, where I could apply my makeup and fill my coffee mug. The morning, albeit half-asleep, was pretty darn good. The DGA trainee noticed my bag and we chatted all day, about the Navy (I'm a brat only, but he didn't hold that against me) and about the DGA Trainee program. He's the oldest DGA Trainee I've ever met, but I'm glad to know that AGE is not the reason they'll ever turn you down (neither is EXPERIENCE, if you believe Mr. From Today). The wardrobe department LOVED my stuff. Thank you, Stephanie! I got to wear both the suit you gave me and the new suit-dress I bought (on your and Stephen's recommendation), plus some other items you had told me were already upscale. Yes, we were told to bring 3 changes. I brought 6, I think. I don't yet trust myself. :/

Got to work. Made friends with the Craft Services dude. Made friends with ALL of the AD and PA staff. I was possibly the oldest member of the background there today, so I offered assistance as "Mother Hen" for the PA's (in wrangling the significantly-younger adult bg). It was Day 4 of their shoot schedule, so they didn't yet have a "groove" or rhythm in place. They're still learning each other's personalities, this crew. They all appreciated my willingness to participate wherever in finding a "flow". And the other bg followed my lead, in a very friendly way.

It was a good day. The TARDIS got to work. I got to work. They used me a lot, and will likely bring me back as an established person. As I was getting back into my car at wrap, I had a lovely convo with the 1st AD, about all that we had accomplished today, and how much we both want me to return. This is a new show, kids. I'll tell you more when they allow me to, but trust me when I say we'll probably all decide to watch it regularly, for whatever personal reasons we have. No, it's not another Mad Men or the muppets, but you may still end up seeing a lot of me (time will tell).

I LOVE MY LIFE, MY JOBS, THE POSSIBILITIES THAT EXIST AROUND EVERY CORNER. I'm sorry I've been gone so long. It's not that I've had nothing to say; I just haven't been able to say it, until now. I've been BLESSED. How 'bout you?


  1. Good to hear from you. Looks like you've been busy. Need any help moving? It will only cost you some pizza and beer. Oh yea, and a plane ticket. I don't live near LA anymore.

    Looking forward to seeing this show you are working on. One day I'll be able to say I knew you when...

    1. Sweet of you to offer... for such an affordable fee, too! ;)

      Time will tell re: the latest show, but I am hopeful. The cast and crew were great, and the drive to the lot wasn't horrible (probably because I got there too early to see any traffic, but still).

  2. Well if I still lived in Ventura I would have reduced the fee to just pizza and beer. :)

    1. :)

      That's still a commute! ... but we're not even moving yet, 'cuz we're not sure where.

  3. Yay! Exciting! Let us know anything you can, cause girl, you KNOW I'm watching anything you're in!!!

    1. Awesome. As I am able to report, I will.

      How's your fuct duct? I jacked up my knee on the first show this week; currently have it iced and elevated.


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