Saturday, August 20, 2016


So I'm still getting notices from WestSide Rentals, but I haven't been out to see anything new lately.

  1. I fucked up my knee, either from running on set on Wednesday, or possibly only exacerbated by the running, after stepping into what felt like a bottomless hole while out apartment-hunting on Monday. I've been to see a doc about it, but by the time I actually saw the doc, most of the swelling had abated. This is not the fault of "the system" or Kaiser Permanente. It's my fault. I'm the one who waited to do anything other than ice/elevate. Spoke with the doc two days before I saw her, so she also gave recommendations re: NSAIDs (vs. aspirin) and the use of my brace. Her rec's worked well enough that the issue was nearly resolved when she finally got to palpate me. Nothing major on the x-rays, either.
  2. Stephen submitted his resume online for that supervisory position with his company, and he immediately got scheduled for an interview! I was available to take him that day, so I walked my steps in a nice neighborhood we'll never have a reason to move to, and when his 'view was finished, we came home and he packed his bag. Cocoa tried to help him pack. At least she left her scent on all of his socks and underwear!
  3. I sent Stephen to Idaho for a visit with his mom and his brother's family. His mom has been experiencing memory-loss issues, and Stephen needed to see for himself if it's as bad as all that. His brother takes after his mother, you see. They are worriers, and so situations can tend to be blown out of proportion, and Stephen and I can tend to just believe that things are as dire as they say. So he's there, seeing what's what. From what I can tell, he's having a good visit, but there are times when his eyeballs leak a little. Must be the potato fields are dusty or something.
  4. I got paid for my rush-call day with the TARDIS but have yet to receive my pay for the day I exacerbated my knee. Maybe today. I've done a little cleaning. I'm prepping for a big Scripty gig that starts Monday. I called Daddy to get instructions on using my single-serve French Press (because I'd forgotten), and after tweaking the instructions somewhat, I have had two cups today. I'll probably have two cups tomorrow. I'm using the Jose's Vanilla Nut beans, coarsely ground, and I'm heating milk, not water, to which I add chocolate syrup before I press it into the beans/grinds. YuMMMMMMMMMocha!
  5. Had to uninstall and reinstall Twitter in my phone, because it just kept crashing on me. It works so well now, that I was basically on it all morning, interacting on my timeline to the point that I had just enough time to get to "the beginning", read the 100+ notifications, re-check the beginning, and plug in the phone because it's now Dead, Jim.
It's Saturday, and even though I know that I have been productive, I'm feelin' okay. I'm not rushed to do anything "real"; I don't have to feel badly about my online time or my game time or my just-chill-with-the-furbabies time. And I still have Sunday ahead, to do more of the same!

What's going on in YOUR world this fine weekend?


  1. Wow, not as much as you are doing. A little baking, watching the sky since it keeps turning shades of seasick green and scanning facebook to see if my Grand Rapids cousins are ok after the tornado.

    1. Hey, Sherry! You're one of my #TheBloggessTribe Tweeps! Welcome!

      All I've done so far THIS weekend was that little bit in the last paragraph. The other stuff was "Previously, on 'emelle's life'...", altho I DID empty, re-load, and run the dishwasher when I got up today.

      I've never lived in Tornado Alley, so I've not been witness to "seasick green" skies. Hope your cousins are okay. Whatcha bakin'?

  2. I am so bad at twitter (and at keeping up to date with blogs apparently). Sorry to hear about your knee - hope Stephen's interview went well!

    1. Holly, you needn't apologize for getting behind in online worlding - you've had your own distractions for the last good bit, and I have yet to visit YOUR latest blog post, either! Some things, we stay on top of because we SHOULD, and some, because it's about all we CAN. I doubt there is anything online that requires full-time attention, unless one works in an industry that can change drastically in a nanosecond, and the only way to have things not fall apart around oneself is to devote said full-time attention, online. So cut yourself some slack, Momma (-to be)! :D

      My knee is healing/better. The interview went well (in his opinion, which is all we have right now). I'm hoping for a good family visit that will send him back with peace in his heart (whatever it takes to bring that).

  3. Good to see an update from you. I must be a kindred soul since I also fucked up my knee this weekend while hiking in the mountains. I was on my first overnight backpacking trip which was really awesome but also had it's share of misadventures. I'll prolly blog about it soon.

    1. My knee's pretty much healed at this point; hope yours doesn't fuck up your life too much while you recuperate.

      Checked in here today to see what blog posts I've missed this week. I LOVE being busy with industry work (60+ hrs this week), but there's a lot I miss & have to catch up on...


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