Friday, November 25, 2016

Speaking of Hollyweird,

I forgot to review the last two films I went to screenings and Q&A's for! And they're both about Hollyweird!

Rules Don't Apply An unconventional love story of an aspiring actress, her determined driver, and the eccentric billionaire who they work for.: I read that blurb and was immediately confused when the film started, because the billionaire in question is Howard Hughes, and I remembered Leo's performance, and I couldn't figure out why he was so old in this one. Also, I hadn't remembered reading "unconventional" so, extra confusion. Once I was able to follow the general story, I enjoyed it enough. Enjoyable Enough is the rating I'm giving it; take that how you will.

At the Q&A, Warren Beatty embodied Hughes, in his rambling attempts to get to the answer. Annette Bening was delightful, in that she clearly runs their household, and was credited with keeping things moving when she was on set for her own scenes. I didn't know, or possibly I did but didn't remember, that they are married in reality. They did not play a married couple in the film, nor even romantic interests, so seeing them together on the stage afterward was a nice change. Lily Collins was also at the screening, and when she described her introduction to Warren, it was practically a replaying of the scene where her character finally gets to meet Hughes. The Q&A was the reason I went to the screening, so at least my time wasn't wasted. As for the film, it's Enjoyable Enough, if, like me, you're not necessarily a film history buff. There are a few very fun cameos, but the movie overall feels just a little long.

La La Land A jazz pianist falls for an aspiring actress in Los Angeles.: Stephen was able to attend this screening with me, and when we talk about this film with friends, I get the impression that it's his favorite of the year. I enjoyed it, too, but I think my favorite of this season is still Lion. At any rate, this one couldn't be more different from Rules if it tried. It's current, it's musical, it's bright and cheerful (even when it's sad or dreary), it's your typical "boy doesn't meet girl, musical number; boy doesn't meet girl, musical number; boy meets girl but doesn't get girl, dance number; boy and girl fall desperately in love, singing; life gets in the way, singing; boy's life turns out pretty fantastic, singing; girl's life is all she'd dreamed it would be, musical number; boy and girl envision what life coulda been, big dance number; reality returns, musical number". That's a typical Hollyweird rom-com, right? Very laugh-out-loud, very wanna cry with this one or that one, very suck-you-in to the storyline. And JK Simmons appears onscreen for less than five minutes, total, but he's completely there. Recommended

Emma Stone and JK were the only two at the Q&A, but they had a great camaraderie, and the questions were all answered by both of them, often with a good bit of humor (JK's answer to "what scene were you most excited to do/most nervous about?" was ridiculous, because he had two scenes of equal emotional depth. His role really was a cameo, as a favor to the director, but he came to the Q&A's because he's gracious and funny and lives in town, I guess). The only thing that pissed me off during the screening was watching the chick two rows in front of me recording on her phone all of Ryan Gosling's musical numbers! Hello, Pirate? Do you not understand how you're hurting everyone in this room? What a douchebag.

So, ennyhoo. *Insert Rachel's segue music here* #TodayImGratefulFor having been invited over to friends' for Second Breakfast Turkey yesterday evening, even though I was completely stuffed from our First Breakfast Turkey, which Stephen had been working on for the previous 48 hours in the crockpot. #TodayImGratefulFor plenty of turkey soup/leftovers warming again for tonight's meal (not having to plan anything, that's my gratitude). #TodayImGratefulFor delaying or possibly even skipping my annual Holiday Funk! No, I haven't wanted to listen to Christmas music yet, even though it's been available around-the-clock for the last week on my local country station, but still:
I did that.
Without any prompting, urging, cajoling, imploring, suggesting, or assistance.
Well, okay, Opus may have helped.

#TodayImGratefulFor easy breathing. I took a walk earlier, and I haven't yet had to use my rescue inhaler. Sure, I was coughing cat hairs outta my windpipe while still in bed this morning, because #SnuggleTime, but overall, so far, fingers crossed and knock wood and all that, I may make it through the day!


  1. "Enjoyable enough" is a very informative rating. That's the best description of some movies etc - a nice way to spend time, but don't rock your world.

    Reminds me a little of how my husband describes food sometimes - "you should have some, it's quite bearable" - sorry but I want my food to be better than "bearable" :D

    1. Thanks for the confirmation: "enjoyable enough" was exactly how I felt. So if you happen to find yourself in the vicinity of a screening room & can afford to blow the cost of a ticket and some concessions, And There's Nothing More Diverting On Your Way, it won't hurt you to see it. But be aware: if ALL of the aforementioned conditions do not apply, you may have more fun with whatever else is in your path. ;)


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