Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving with the Bros.

Happy Turkey Day, all you kids who celebrate this Tryptophan-filled, football-watching extravaganza!

I took a dose of Hydroxyzine early last night so I'd be able to get back to my "up at 6:30 whether I need to be or not" schedule, so I could spend a well-rested and alert day in the Warner Bros. Archive (newly renamed from the Warner Bros. Museum). Had a bowl of cereal and took my final dose of Prednisone this morning. Got to work in plenty of time to get hit with just enough raindrops that I could choose to park my car outside (in case of a free shower). Attended a "service meeting" in the regular building, and then headed over to the other building where I and the other gals working in the Archive would officially "check in".

Got over to the museum Archive; spent the day interacting with guests in the various spaces. Broke for lunch, which was a potluck-style Thanksgiving dinner. Knew I'd be having my "real" turkey dinner when I got home, since Stephen was so pleased with the
cornbread, crockpot turkey breast, butternut squash, and lentils. YUM!
crockpot turkey breast he'd done last year that he'd been making plans all week (month?) to do a repeat performance. Ate a little ham and some not-so-great mashed potatoes and some really great... FLAN. Yep, FLAN on Thanksgiving. Thank you, whoever made the FLAN! It was really great!

Finished up the shift and headed back to the "regular building" to see about getting some cold weather gear (and also to find out how to finish up my "medical work restriction"). Clocked out early because I'm a good employee who understands that when there's no reason to stay on the clock, one clocks out, and I went home.

Now I'm here, and Stephen was a teensy bit upset with my disruption of his "best laid plans of mice and men" to get dinner on the table by the time I was scheduled to be home, and I'm blogging with a glass of wine while he surfs the PS4. He's already put up the Christmas tree, kids. It must be Christmas.
Still love the tree-topper angel, Daddy. Thank you.
Creeping up on TWO YEARS of blogging, kids! TWO YEARS! You believin' that? Not nearly as many posts in the past year as the previous, but that could change again in 2016. WHO KNOWS? Thank You for stickin' with me, through thick times and thin.

So, what are you grateful for this fine day?


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! What a sweetheart Stephen is to have made the thanksgiving dinner! Luke plans what he is going to cook all month too! I can't believe we are all planning Christmas already!

    1. Thanks, Holly. We've been married six years, and it has taken me probably one-to-two years to get him to a) eat leftovers of any kind, another one-to-two years to b) cook anything at all (using every pot in the kitchen, of course), and c) another one-to-two years to discover the joys of crockpot cooking!

      He's a good cook, and in that time we've gone from "strictly by the numbers (recipe)" to "varying this one or two ingredients" to "winging it". In that same time, I've gotten him to erase "no promises" from his pre-serving dialogue. Honestly, he's a better cook than I, in both presentation and palatability. I spend more of my time away from the kitchen, at least in my present career mode, so it works out.

      Just posted a Facebook request looking for the best deal on our ONE Christmas gift we're both hoping for (Rock Band 4 with drum kit)! I'll honestly be happy if this current "season" just breezes right by us and we can get quickly back to Daylight Savings Time (i.e. more SUNSHINE) and warmer weather wear! We're both in our season of Sadiversaries, so it really can't breeze by quickly enough.

      btw, do you surf "incognito"? I never get messages that my blog's being visited from Canada anymore! ;)


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