Sunday, November 15, 2015

This must be just like livin' in Paradise

I had three tours today. We knew the weather would be a little cooler than it's been, so we were all wearing our longs sleeves and jackets and caps, and some were wearing gloves, scarves, and knit beanies (I don't have any of THOSE yet from Warner Bros.). I didn't know to expect rain today, but the sky was overcast, so I didn't figure I'd need sunglasses.

First tour was a group of Germans who'd just arrived from their tour of Hawaii. Their group guide informed me right away that they wouldn't understand me at all if I didn't speak slowly; it's really difficult for me to guide a two-hour tour properly by speaking slowly, so I'm not sure how successful I was, at least at first. I got a lot to say, and only two hours to say it! We worked out when I'd need to pause so she could translate, and I think by the end, the Germans were pleased. The only thing they all wished they could have known ahead of time is that the weather wouldn't be as warm as what they'd just left in Hawaii. It was downright cold today.

Second tour was slightly more "whirlwind" in that they all spoke English and let me know well in advance what they hoped to see. Got back to the base camp in just enough time to take a short lunch break before the third tour.

Third tour was working out great; I'd just informed folks to be ready to take a picture (of something I was just about to specifically indicate), when Garry Marshall drove up. We were already stopped, so the tour cart got very excited, and they asked him very nicely if they could take his picture. He got out of his vehicle and stood in a spot that put our water tower behind him, and then his assistant started reaching for guests' cameras - so she could take pictures of Garry with the guests! I run into famous people all the time, it would seem, but I could not have planned a celebrity sighting better. He and his people were Just. So. Gracious. and my tour guests were Just. So. Thrilled.

... everything I had left to show them on my tour was now to be categorized as "this will be cool, but it's no Garry Marshall." After sufficient time had passed, I asked if they had all immediately tweeted and instagrammed and pinned and facebooked and whatever else the social media kids are calling it these days.  At least they still appreciated my humor! :)

Now, if I could just somehow monetize celebrity sightings so I could get my ass to Paradise! That's in Hawaii, right?


  1. Wow. I so enjoy reading your adventures and you KNOW I love celebrity sighting stories. :-)

    You have a pretty cool job, that's for sure.

    1. I do indeed have a pretty cool job. More celeb spottings in my next post!

  2. How excellent. You are better at spotting them than me, that's for sure - I always have to google these people! Half the time I have a hard time knowing who celebrities are when I am watching Netflix too!

    1. Garry was sitting in the passenger seat of his car; his female assistant (who took the cameras from the guests) was in the back seat, and the DRIVER pulled up, stopped, and said, "Director/Producer Garry Marshall, folks!" so there was no way we could miss him.

      On the lot, if a celebrity WANTS to be spotted, he/she will be spotted. It is absolutely NOT my job to point them out to my guests (in fact, we are meant to misdirect our guests' attention when WE spot them). The guests who are in "celeb-spotting" mode are typically NOT dissuaded from pouring out their fandom/attention, so I make it my job to request that they be POLITE in their fandom/attention. Respect = respect, people! :)


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