Thursday, June 15, 2017

Day Four, or That Time I Tried Cleansing While On Set

I got to go to work today! First day on set in two months (granted, I did visit Daddy for three weeks, so if you somehow didn't know that, I recommend you rifle through my archives. I think last month-ish just about covers it). NDAs in mind, I'll just say that the work that I did was easy and enjoyable, and I hope to return to that particular show.

But it was Day Four of Thirty for my juice fast/cleanse, so I had to go in prepared. I juiced a lot of veggies and some fruit yesterday, poured it into two large drink bottles (I shan't call them "water" bottles, as I don't ever drink "water" from them), and put those bottles in the freezer overnight. I juiced again this morning, and put my "remainder" in the fridge for my return from set.

Our "holding" area was adjacent to Catering. I managed to plant myself far enough away to not smell the smells, and when the official lunch "break" happened, I stayed put so as not to create any waftiness by walking by all of the delicious delectable chewable wondrousnesses (I'm assuming all of those adjectives). I never even saw what was in those chafing dishes! I'm sure there were beef, chicken, and fish selections, as well as two or three hot veggie choices, in addition to the salads and other cold items, like desserts. Standard studio catering. A lovely, daily smorgasbord.

... and you wondered why I love working on set! HA! It's the FOOD!

... but none for me today. Any time I felt hunger pangs, I drank some juice. It got me through the day. Good stuff.

But now that I'm home, I've finished all of the juice I'd prepared yesterday, and my back and neck are starting to hurt (probably from all of the sitting I did yesterday), and I'm hungry again, but I really don't feel like juicing tonight.

Think I'll just eat a pear or a nectarine (or both), and call it a night. Wake up super-early, feeling like I'm starving, and get up and juice enough to get me through the day I'll be spending at the SAG-AFTRA Don LaFontaine Voiceover Labs. That's right. Tomorrow, I have another booth session and workshop.

So, what are YOU doing tomorrow? Primarily, with what delicious delectables will you be stuffing your face? ;)

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