Monday, June 12, 2017

Diet and exercise? Part One of a sporadic Many?

I've been away for a bit. Managed to catch up on the blogs I read, and had started a new post the other day, but haven't (at this moment) gone back to finish it and post it. I will, I promise, soonish. In the meantime, when I came to my site this evening, I noticed that two people had hit this post, so I went back to re-read it (and the comments, of course). It's apropos.

But what I wanted to post here is a vlog I haven't yet shot. Dammit. I keep forgetting which camera Blogger allows me to post from. ^This one was shot using my webcam (although not from within Blogger, because that would make too much sense!) v For this one, I'm using my DSLR camera. Let's see which one Blogger lets us see, shall we?


So there it is... webcam, not DSLR, even compressed. Then again, you may not be able to view even the first one. #ShitFuckPissDammitToHell. Oh, well.

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