Thursday, October 19, 2017

Too busy to blog is a good thing, right?

I really wanna get around to reviewing some shtuff for y'all, before I forget what I've seen and how I feel about it. But first, I just want you kids to know I've been keeping busy!

Three Good Things:

  • Three-day work weekends, including my 60-day review. Long story, short is I still have a job, and I still have room to grow in that job and there are still no expectations of "upward movement" being placed on me by anyone.
  • Two days on set last week, and as of today, three days on set this week. #IAmAMoneyMagnet #ThankYouThankYouThankYou
  • Screenings and Workshops and Shopping, Oh My. Just trying to make sure we have sufficient foodstuffs in the house to take with us to the jobs that require us to bring our own lunches, and stay on top of seeing things I can review for you, and volunteering, and working on improving my VO career.
So, yeah, reading your blogs ==>
. . . . . and working long days on set and short days at the pet supply store
. . . . . . . . . . and keeping up with your comments ||

                                                                          I've just not had time to blog further! What a #Blessing! What a #Curse!

I'll take it. And if you'd like it, too, then I'd be happy to share my Blessing/Curse. Peace, Out.

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