Sunday, October 29, 2017


So, apparently, I got too busy to remember my Sadiversary

... which is actually a Good Thing, if you think about it. Mommy died in a horrible car wreck eleven years ago yesterday. In many months, the 28th is a bit of a trigger. Usually, the week or two approaching October 28th, I start remembering that my Sadiversary is approaching, and I get a bit melancholy.

I mean, I grieve all the time, still. Not that I'm in a constant state of mourning, no. But most memories I have of Mommy bring both smiles and tears. I even talked about my Roots piece the other day, with a friend who may have remembered it, because we were talking about a mutual friend and all the shit she's been going through in the last few years, what with chemo and stuff. I remembered the voicemail that mutual friend had left me right after Mommy died, and in that recent conversation, I cried a little. But I didn't remember that the Sadiversary was this weekend. Wow.

InnerHippie posted a note in her Facebook page for the family to read, about how she commemorated the Sadiversary yesterday/today (I think she did the thing yesterday but posted it today). Quite a healing for her, a Good Thing. I'm very glad for her. Also, it raised a discussion amongst the family about our own steps we might take. So if any of the family do follow up, I think the healing will also take place for them.

This would be a Good Thing.


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    1. back atcha. thanks for letting me link your post.

  2. The weekend has passed but I am still sending out comforting vibes to you and your family.

    1. Thanks, Arionis. We're all good, I think. Your vibes of comfort and joy are always appreciated. :)


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