Wednesday, November 15, 2017

RT if you ... :(

The news these days SUX. The headlines SUCK. We're being bombarded by a fucking moron in the White House, whose tweets are absolutely ridonkulous, and to call that man-child a toddler is an insult to toddlers. We've got "mentally unstable" "lone wolf" White Male Terrorists committing mass murders in malls, clubs, houses of worship, and schools.

And we've got Powerful Men In Hollywood and Government being "accused" of Rape, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Harassment. We've got accusers stepping forward after long silences, and not being believed in their accusations because of the length of their silences. For the record, #MeToo and #I BelieveYou.

I'm news-phobic. I can't live in all the negativity that is being proclaimed in the news. I spend almost no time on Facebook anymore, because I just don't have much interest in it, although it's hanging on to me with the promise that I will somehow book work through it. So I kinda live in Twitter these days. I have a large group of people I'm friends with there, even though I've never met any of them #IRL (in real life). I try not to click on articles associated with bad news headlines, but I'm human, and sometimes I will. I was on set yesterday, which was actually a lovely respite from all the negativity, although there was another mass shooting in an elementary school yesterday, in Northern California.

*My #ThoughtsAndPrayers for the victims and their families won't help get the guns out of the hands of the #ExtremeRightwingCrazyMen. I do hope they'll find some peace, but I know they'll never find justice.*

This post was supposed to focus on the rape culture we've been living in, not the gun culture. But the title still applies. I'm tired of retweeting my experiences.

  • RT if you've seen one or more penises you didn't ask to see - walking to kindergarten
  • RT if you've ever been groped without consent - on the junior high school bus
  • RT if, as a child, an adult male harassed you in a sexual manner - Grandpa
  • RT if you're a gun owner who has never shot another human - military/police folk get a "pass"
  • RT if you've ever had your field of expertise mansplained to you - probably? I mean, I think I blow it off, but yeah, probably... something numbers or entertainment related
  • RT if you've ever worked in a hostile environment - mostly temp jobs, thankfully, that I could just fucking quit
  • RT if you ... :(
To keep my own Twitter feed positive, I do a lot of retweeting of cute animal photos and videos. I won't retweet articles, if I can help it. I find them all to be clickbait, even if the message is about cute animals. So I think I want to start some new Twitter chains. I think I may need your help. I'll start here, but please comment below (HERE, in my blog, not in Twitter) with your ideas. If you like this idea (RT if you ... :D ), and we follow each other on Twitter, you can totally just start your own chains, and I'll retweet them there, so you'll get the "credit" as the creator of the chain.

so. hmm. where to begin?
  • RT if you've ever paid a compliment to a stranger - all the time. This is one of my faves
  • RT if you've ever received unsolicited praise - of course, because I'm not alone in ^
  • RT if you got to name your childhood pet - Kitty. Shut up, I was a child.
  • RT if you've ever passed a difficult test on your first attempt - probably
  • RT if you're learned how to be really good at a thing you used to fail doing - managing money
  • RT if any of your loved ones are still alive - most of them
  • RT if you're happy with at least one part of your body - yes, but I'm not telling you which
  • RT if you've had a relaxing weekend - I relax by working
  • RT if your work is both challenging and satisfying - yesterday was absolutely both
  • RT if you've ever recovered from a major illness or injury - I'm grateful to have missed both, so far
  • RT if you woke up this morning - I did! And if you're reading this, so did YOU!
What else? Will you play this game with me? RT to spread positivity! (Please comment below)


  1. RT all your friends' tweets, cause duh.
    RT anything that builds someone else up.

    Miss you!

    1. I like it. Are you gonna tweet 'em, or shall I?

      Back atcha. COMPLETELY missing your blog, Halfa!


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