Thursday, November 2, 2017

Busy Bizzy Boozy buzzy

Yeah, I've been a *wee bit* busy of late. I Am NOT Complaining! In the month of October, I had SIX days of "nothing productive". Of the remaining 25 days, only 3 days were "productive" but not "lucrative". That's a lot of lucrative productivity, y'all! #IAmA$Magnet

Also, I've blogged a little bit more this month than the last, and I feel good about that. I also feel good about having Caught Up on my READING! I haven't picked up any new blogs other than these I've linked here ==>,   but I did manage to backtrack to where I'd left off on all of those I follow, including leaving commentary when I've felt it's appropriate. FYI, if you read blogs but don't have a blog of your own, in my experience, the bloggers that you read appreciate it when you comment on the posts that move you to do so. If you respond out loud, as you do to shows on television, the blogger will never know what you needed to say, much like the writers of the shows on tv will never know when you're telling their characters to Don't Do It! Don't Do That Thing I KNOW You're About To Do!  #crosstalk  #HesYellingAtTheBoobTubeAgainShirley #StopYellingAtTheTVHarry #WhenWillMyFavoriteCharactersStopBeingDumbasses?

So, yeah. If I ever say anything that you respond to viscerally, won't you please also comment below? I really love interacting with my readers!

... and back to my busy life. I've been sitting in audiences at talk shows and game shows, volunteering at union foundation events, taking workshops, working my retail gig at the pet supply store, and working On Set. After attending my first ComiCon this weekend, I worked another day at the pet supply store, one day in an audience, and THREE DAYS on set on the new tv show coming soon to an NBC channel near you (I'll let you know when the show starts airing, where to look for me). I also recorded a "dummy" podcast with a friend. We'll probably try to make time to record "for real" in the nearish future, once I figure out the SAG-AFTRA Signatory paperwork we need to file.

Halloween has come and gone, and since we got no trick-or-treaters last year, we bought no candy this year. Also, I was on set anyway. Stephen was home, though, and our lack of candy was not an issue in any way. The World Series happened, and Stephen and I watched all of the second game and part of the final game. I'm okay with the Astros taking it. I like baseball, but there's no way I'm enough of a fan of any team to want to pay the steep ticket price of even a single game of the Series.

Today: I've checked in with the DGA Trainee and the lovely wardrobe chick so far today, and it looks like I'll have time to complete this post looooong before they need me on set. At 3:30, the Transpo Dept. (Teamsters) had broken for lunch, but the rest of the cast and crew who've been here since 9:30 this morning have just done so (4-ish), so we've got awhile to go before we work. If I were as exhausted from staying up late to finish bingeing Stranger Things 2 as I was the other day, when we did just that, I would take a little nap. Gonna finish this blog post, read the most recent posts listed here ==>, and get to work when they ask for me. Maybe I'll even try to complete some Signatory paperwork. #LifeIsGood #IAmBlessed #MakinFriendsAndMoney #UnionProud #SAGAFTRA

Have I mentioned I'm blessed? ;)


  1. Sounds like you are quite the busy bee. Which is a good thing. Friday night we set up the projector on the back deck during a full moon and binged Stranger Things 2. The setting was perfect!

    1. that sounds AWESOME

      We binged first season about a week ago, and then binged 2 over the past few days (including "Beyond Stranger Things", which had multiple episodes).

      We're going to see Thor:Ragnarok today, so my intention is to get in here and review a buncha stuff.


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