Saturday, November 25, 2017

My First Annual Skippage of Gluttony Day Parade (?)

Yeah, I realize it's Saturday night and I should have created this post on Thursday. Next year, maybe I'll land on the actual "holiday". Ya know, when it's my SECOND Annual SoGDP.

If you've been reading me for awhile at all, you probably realize that I bitch about plenty of shit, but that I also express Gratitude in sufficient quantities, as well. Here are a few examples, in no particular order:


Amazingly, I have only one #depression hashtag but multiple #gratitude "types" of positive hashtags, without an actual #GRATITUDE one (before today's post). Ennyhoo, I may not blog my gratitude daily, but I express gratitude just about daily, so I really don't feel a need to spend the American average of SIXTY-FOUR dollars on one meal that takes HOURS to prepare and then you sit down to stuff your belly long past full, just to have to spend even more hours cleaning up, just to say out loud what I'm grateful for.

So this year, I rebelled. In my responses to texts, emails, and Twitter/Facebook posts wishing me a "Happy Thanksgiving", I indicated that I would be skipping Gluttony Day. I hope that I didn't offend any of my true friends or family. I didn't mean to be judgmental about your plans for the holiday that I'm boycotting. If you like the meal and the camaraderie, etc., then please accept my apology. I know there are plenty of people out there, including my own siblings, who love and look forward to the annual feast. I just don't, and frankly, I never really have.

I Never Really Have loved or looked forward to Turkey Day. Growing up, it was always agonizing to wait for the big meal. Once I had a house and potential guests, I decided to be the hostess for both sides of the family, and it was still just an awful lot of work that wasn't really worth the time or expense. I'll eat leftovers like anybody who likes leftovers, but I Just. Don't. Want. Turkey / Stuffing / Mashed Potatoes / Cranberry Sauce leftovers for a full week. I just don't.

So this year, I rebelled. For reals. I started a crock pot of wonton soup a day or two beforehand. As I consumed my soup, I also continued tweaking it. So I've been eating homemade wonton soup for several days. Stephen had some, too. Wonton's not his favorite, but he still had more than one serving. My boss at the pet supply store had some, too. She'd forgotten to pack a lunch yesterday, and I forced her to have some... but she didn't have "some", she had almost all of my leftovers from my lunch break!

I'm #GRATEFUL to have not spent the time or money to "celebrate" this day that I've always wanted to rebel against. After we got back from our movie screening (we saw "Molly's Game" at the DGA, and yes, I plan to review it for you) and we ate wonton soup, Stephen suggested we take a walk. So that was our First Annual Skippage of Gluttony Day Parade (?)... to Ralph's (grocery chain), where we picked up a couple of quarts of ice cream, which we ate plenty of, without eating ALL of.

I still have some to eat tomorrow, and Stephen only finished his tonight. I think our First Annual Skippage of Gluttony Day Parade (?) was successful, and I intend to potentially repeat it next year, and for years to come.

Will you join me, next year?


  1. I won't join you but I will applaud you for doing what you feel is right. You gotta do you.

    1. I gotta be MEEEEEEEEEEE! Who else could I BEEEEEEEEEEEE?



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