Wednesday, January 31, 2018

I have GOT to get back to a "schedule"

I miss you guys when I'm not here. I wonder if you're here, wondering where the hell I am? Or don't you miss me back?

Wait. Now I haz a sad (as the kids say, or maybe as the kids said. I'm sure that one's so last year, which is kinda so five minutes ago, which is really to say that ... don't mind me.)

*I am not hip, nor a hipster. I just sometimes play one on tv.*

("My" show will premiere on Tuesday, March 6th. On NBC. Or some NBC affiliate. I dunno. I have no idea where it will premiere. I also have no idea how clearly or how often you'll actually see ME, either.)

So ennyhoo. I needed a check-in, so this post is like the entire series of Seinfeld. If you never watched Seinfeld, CONGRATULATIONS! I wish I hadn't. Not that I watched it on purpose, or anything.

Um, back to checking in!

In the last week, I've walked somewhere in the 'hood of 40,000 steps. I've been to my retail pet supply store for work. I've been to a W&W (wages and working {conditions}) Caucus at the SAG-AFTRA offices. I've finalized which microphone and headphones I'm ordering. I've completed my taxes but not yet filed. I've requested an address change and a re-printed w-2 from Sony, for the residuals I earned last year for that one episode of that one show I got upgraded on. I've shredded 3 years of old files. I've been grocery shopping. I've done a little cooking. I've run the dishwasher a few times. I've taken some trash out and checked the mail on more than one occasion. I've caught up on the blogs that I read. I've watched movies and shows that we watch. I've spent some time on Twitter. I've played plenty of Sudoku and Magic (Jigsaw) Puzzles on my phone, and Mahjohnng and Solitaire on my computer. I've paid bills. I've contemplated Life, the Universe, and Everything. I've continued to feed the cats something better. I've started building a new kitten from Smokey's fur (okay, no, I just used the FurminatorTM on him).
I've talked to Daddy on the daily. I've BLOGGED (well, today)!

Tomorrow and into next week, I'll (hopefully) complete some of the above-listed incompletes, I'll repeat some of the repeatables, and maybe I'll do some new stuff, too. Like, Get Back On Set. I've been away far too long. It is TIME.

How was your January? Did you make resolutions? Are you keeping them? Doing anything new, or SSDD? Tell me. I wanna know!

*Same Shit, Different Day


  1. Are you allowed to say what the show is? Let me know when you got all the deets. I want to check it out!

    1. "Both" shows have links in the post, Arionis. Check 'em out! ;)


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