Thursday, January 11, 2018

Grateful for Growth

Y'all remember how upset I was about missing a day of work in December? I was seriously hashtag PISSED. (I know, that's not the way hashtags work)

Flash forward to approximately a month of not working on set (yesterday), having looked into expanding my VO career; having looked into getting the appropriate hardware and software to expand my Scripty career; having been contacted by potential theatrical representation; having continued my weekend gig at the pet supply store and filed my new unemployment claim; having pushed myself (just a teensy bit) towards personal growth.

Are ya with me? In the last month, I did a lot of "personal growth" stuff, but continued to not work on set as a background actor. Yesterday was a fateful "growth" day. I received an email from Central Casting, informing me that I had Broken The Rules by missing that day. My "penalty" would be a one-month suspension, effective This Past Monday. Not effective "immediately", as of the missed day. No. The last month of not working wouldn't count in my favor. I've got a month ahead of me to not work for Central. There was an email address to which I could "appeal" my case, so I did that.

No matter the outcome of my appeal, I have some action steps to take in the upcoming month. I'm grateful for the timing of the email, and for where I am in life (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually). I may choose to check off all of these steps, or I may only check off one or two, which lead me onto a different path. Here are my options:

  • Fire my calling service. They weren't really "serving" me very well, when they placed the onus of knowing I was booked on me, without getting confirmation. - I'll decide on this one in a week or so, I think. Currently leaning towards #CheckThatBox
  • Find a new calling service. I had one that was slightly more costly, back in the day, but I never had problems with them, professionally. - If I fire the other one, I'll likely go back to my original
  • Sign up with additional background casting companies - Why not? #CheckThatBox, at least two companies per week
  • Follow up with the theatrical agent. - I lose nothing by doing this, so even though I haven't yet done it, I WILL #CheckThatBox, today (probably).
  • Shop for and buy hardware for my computer to increase my VO possibilities. This means a microphone and headphones to connect to the software I already have -  I can afford this. Within a month, I WILL #CheckThatBox
  • Shop for and buy the hardware and software I need to "go digital" as a Script Supervisor (a touchscreen tablet, since my laptop screen is non-functional, and probably something as simple as Adobe, so I can work inside of .pdf files) - Why not? Probably also within a month, I will #CheckThatBox
  • Continue volunteering over at the SAG-AFTRA offices. I now have plenty of time on my hands, so yeah. #CheckThatBox
  • Find a reason to get out of the house, daily. Even if it's just taking out trash or checking the mail, I still need to do it. It's not healthy for me to sit on the couch all day, every day. It's probably not healthy for you, either. So won't you do this as well? Let's get some steps in! #CheckThatBox


  1. Emelle, so sorry but I had to remove your link from my #BloggersUnite link up, as it isn't a gratitude list, which is what the 4th annual link up is about. If you'd like to publish another post, that works with it, just check out my post and get instructions. I'm so sorry, but I remove any post that isn't part of the actual project... the link up isn't for posts about other things, like the post you added.

    Sorry about the problems with casting; I hope your appeal works, and good luck with you list of intentions! Again, sorry to remove your post but I have to be consistent.

    1. I totally get it, Dawn. I found the linkup via one of the blogs I read, and there weren't "rules" posted on hers. In the past, when I've joined a linkup, I knew what I was joining.

      Thanks for letting me know - I'm all about gratitude, but I'm not planning to list 50 things I'm grateful for!


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