Thursday, January 25, 2018

Weekly(-ish) check-in

Here's where I stand on the #CheckThatBox list:

  • email being crafted right now... in my head... I don't really want to call, because #reasons. But when Stephen gets home from work, I'm hoping he doesn't have to rush straight off to bed, so he can help me be CLEAR without being passive-aggressive (the email I'm currently crafting is sooooo passive-aggressive!)
  • #CheckThatBox! Done, today! Here's a couple of the photos we took:
  • #UnCheckThatBox. According to new/old calling service, there's only ONE additional casting company on the list that needs my registration. ALL of the rest of them book based on what the service offers, meaning, they peruse the service's database and load who/what they're looking for "into the cart". So I'll register with the ONE company, and keep putting #GoodVibes out there that the rest will want to add me to the cart! A Lot! (I could use your #GoodVibes for that, too)
  • #Done. They only seem to have time for a chat on weekends, and as you all know, I'm currently #BookedSolid for my weekends, until further notice
  • #SemiChecked. I was over at the SAG-AFTRA offices today, and I was able to get the director of the VO Lab to #JustTellMeWhatIWantAlready. He gave me his top 3 picks for "best bang for my buck" mics and only one choice for headphones. No, the noise-cancelling Sonys I found for 50 bux at Best Buy won't do. However, the headphones aren't much more expensive than that, and the mics are all quite reasonable. And it's all available on Amazon Prime. I'll be placing that order in the coming week, I expect, so definitely, "within a month", I will have #CheckedThatBox
  • #SemiChecked. I've looked at tablets at Costco and Best Buy, and Stephen has looked at appropriate software and sent me the link to do that. Probably "within a month". Yeah.
  • Well, I would've done, but there haven't been quite as many opportunities as there were before the SAG Awards. I forgot to vote, y'all. Not that any of the winners would've been unwon by my choices (I actually picked all of the winners, I think). There've been a few opportunities that I have said "yes" to, but the only one I scheduled got cancelled by me because it was supposed to have been yesterday, and I got called in to the pet supply store for more training, so there's that.
  • #CheckThatBox, I think. There were one or two pretty chilly days where I only went to the mailbox or the dumpster or both, but I still managed to get off the couch. I realized yesterday that I actually enjoy hitting 10k steps in a day, and since I'm still wearing the non-Fitbit thingy, I think I'll change this challenge to Take At Least 5000 steps. Somewhere. Anywhere. Doesn't Matter. Get off the couch and go for a little walk. Push yourself, ya lazy bum! (That's me, not you. I mean, you might be a lazy bum, but I wouldn't know it)
So there ya have it. I think I'll add
  • post more frequently than weekly. Find a reason to check in. Review some shit. Talk about work. Talk about my adventures. Do something here, for you, my readers
  • go back to the Y. I'm paying for this gym membership, y'all. I should probably use the damn facilities, dontchathink?


  1. The Mama says, "She's such a pretty lady." Of course, I think so, too.

    1. Aw, THANKS, RidgeT's Mama! (and of course, you too, RidgeT) :) <3

  2. Sending out #goodvibes here! Love the pics, especially the hipster do.

    1. Ten-Q-Belly-Mush. I'm enjoying being "seen" as a hipster by casting. What an ego boost, amirite? ;)


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