Sunday, February 25, 2018

Are you happy for me, or feeling neglected?

I can't believe that my last post was urging me to post more regularly, and here I am, nearly an entire month later, just getting back to you. What a dolt I am! So Sorry!

I've been busy. Lemme just check the ol' Android calendar real quick, so I can tell you what kind of nonsense I've been up to...

  • I finished my training at the pet supply store
  • I networked with like-minded people (I thought I was getting an agent. Apparently, I am not)
  • I learned about New Media actor contracts
  • I worked on set! (BG on a show that's been created from a film, or possibly vice-versa. I don't remember. When it finally sees the light of day, I'm not the target audience, so I probably won't look for myself in it, or even look for it)
  • I celebrated my volunteerism with other volunteers... also, we memorialized a fallen member, a dude who'd volunteered a LOT and then, for whatever reason, dropped dead of a heart attack, much too young.
  • I worked on set for a full week! (Craft Services, which I have said numerous times I'll never do again, only my buddy knew I was reliable and could handle it and was willing to pay me a reasonable wage... I'll work for him Every Time he needs me. I just hope he never needs me for Craft Services EVER again!)
  • I went to another workshop to learn my VO software, now that I have the appropriate microphone and headphones (yes, kids. I bought the hardware. Yay, me!)
  • I worked on set, two consecutive days! (BG on two different shows. I could easily get recalled on the regular for the first one; I could easily get lots of "focused" screen time on the second one - not that I care one whit about screen time)
  • I worked at the pet supply store, and have put in notice to no longer work there. I failed my "Secret Shop" and there are grumblings at corporate that my boss is playing favorites with me. I don't want to jeopardize her career, and I was only ever really hired to help her out, so I'm stepping down. I have one more weekend, and then Stephen will just have to bring home all of the retail pet supply store bacon (and supplies bought on his employee discount).
But also, Stephen Got A Promotion! Woo Hoo and W00t W00t! He is now, officially, as of today, the "Bench" Assistant Store Manager at his branch in Burbank. We're both awfully pleased. He totally deserves this promotion, and it will definitely ease the "burden" that I've just placed on our finances by stepping down, just in case my industry doesn't keep me steadily employed. Not that I'm the least bit worried about that. I think I'm planning to put an application in at two of my local TJ's this week, just to feel those waters out.

So. Are you happy for me, or still feeling neglected? I have a buncha blogs to catch up on this week, but I'm pretty psyched about life in general, these days.

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