Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Review. No Spoilers.

We walked over to our local Laemmle theater the other day (holy shit, was it only yesterday? wtf! Yes, "the other day" WAS, in fact, only yesterday!), to buy a "Laemmle Premiere Card" (prepaid "debit" card for a hundred bucks), which got us an immediate discount on both our tickets and our popcorn/drinks combo, and to see...

Black Panther!

Kids, as Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies go, this one is Ah. Maze. Ing. As fantasy movies (ya know, fictional characters in fictional places with extraordinary superhuman skilz, etc.) go, this one is Top Fucking Notch. You Should See It.

I'm honestly not sure, if you haven't been following the MCU, whether this movie works as a standalone. I mean, I think it does. We who've been following the MCU were previously introduced to the title character and his dad. Everyone Else is "new" to us, which means the entire plot is brand new, and therefore, works as a standalone movie. So go see it.

It touches on all of the current social issues. It covers racism, feminism, warmongering, weapons and tech, and general badassery. Okay, fine, general badassery is not a current social issue. But it's pretty damn awesome that the Royal Guard are entirely female, hitting both the feminism and general badassery buttons.

If any of the above is shit you care about, how is it possible you haven't yet seen this movie? Doooo. Eeeeeeeet.

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