Thursday, October 13, 2016

A recipe I posted five years ago on the facebooks... updated?

with "saucy" topping
This recipe is cobbled together from three other recipes, as I was unable to find the exact instructions and ingredients that made sense for me.  The result is DELICIOUSNESS; your results may vary. ;)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

1 ½ - 2 c. graham crackers                             1/3 c. packed brown sugar          
heaping ½ t. ground cinnamon                   1/3 – ½ c. unsalted butter, melted
In a bowl or blender or food processor, combine the graham cracker (crumbs), brown sugar, and cinnamon; add melted butter and mix well.  Press into the bottom of a 10-inch (or larger) springform pan.  You may find that your pan isn’t quite “non-stick” – if that is the case, grease lightly first.  Bake at 350 degrees for ten minutes; cool.

3 pkgs. (8 oz.) cream cheese or variant (I used one pkg. ea. light cream cheese, mascarpone cheese, and crème freche)
scant 1 c. sugar                                  4-6 eggs or equivalent liquid egg               1 c. coconut milk
½ - 1 t. vanilla extract                      up to 2 c. flaked coconut
Beat cream cheeses until smooth; add sugar, egg, coconut milk, vanilla, and coconut IN STAGES as your blender will allow.  If you have found UNSWEETENED coconut to use, you may care to not “scant” your cup of sugar.  As I don’t shop at Whole Paycheck, my coconut is always sweetened, so I short my sugar.  Pour mixture into pie crust; bake at 350 degrees for one hour, fifteen minutes (1:15 or :75).  Cool.

10 oz. lemon curd sauce (Trader Joe's has it…mmm)                        8 oz. heavy whipping cream
Depending on whether you want your sauce to be “saucy” or “fluffy”, blend these two ingredients and pour over baked cheesecake in this order:

Curd in blender, liquefying, add whipping cream, blend until BLENDED; pour over cheesecake while it’s still kinda hot (remove cake from springform pan first).  This will ooze over the edges similar to a glaze.  This is how I did it on my first try, and as I said before, the result was DELICIOUSNESS.  MMM!

Whipping cream in blender, becoming “whipped”; add curd and blend until BLENDED.  It’s possible that once you’ve made whipped cream, the curd will be too heavy to blend, so you may have to fold it in instead.  Pour over COLD cheesecake, possibly still in springform pan.  Return to refrigerator; consume the next day or later.

FF to yesterday/today:
1 wrapped pkg within a box of graham crackers produces ~2c crumbs, FYI
I was MOS (mit out sugar {of the brown variety}) when I started this recipe yesterday, so the baking was to wait until today. I wrapped early from my day on set at The Bros, so I immediately un-refrigerated all of the cold ingrediments so I can get this DELICIOUSNESS baked and recipe posted by dinner-ish? Oh, thanks for reminding me to take the pizza dough out so it can rest long enough to bake for dinner-ish. ;)
I used two 8oz blocks of regular cream cheese and one 8oz tub of mascarpone on this one. DELICIOUSNESS (pre-bake, at least). Also, we finally found Bob's Red Mill unsweetened coconut flakes at Big Lots, but it's still sweet enough, if you're using 2c of it (which, of course, DUH, I did), so I still scanted my 1c sugar for the filling.
Planning on doing "fluffy" topping today, so there will be more pics again, so you can decide for yourself which version looks more appetizing for you to try. If you don't have access to a Trader Joe's for your lemon curd, um... sorry. It's just so good.

FINAL UPDATE (7:30-ish in the p.m.):
I have discovered that I am way too FOMO for "fluffy" topping. Well, I AM FOMO, but really, I'm just too impatient for "fluffy". And maybe I should have chilled the lemon curd prior to attempting to add it to my perfect whipped cream. I ended up with something between "fluffy" and "saucy". It's still gonna taste like DELICIOUSNESS, tomorrow. There WILL be "chill" time (blood) tonight! (Thank you, Inigo Montoya).
Also, no pizza for dinner tonight. Yeah, the dough had plenty of "rest" time, but the only other time I've used this oven so far yet, I baked pre-made Trader Joe's cinnamon rolls... on a pizza screen (because I hadn't yet found my baking pans)... and a lot of the goo dripped down onto the oven's bottom... and baking my cheesecake today generated what is probably a lethal cinnamon (i.e. "mustard") gas. I gotta clean the oven before I bake again (come with me), if I want to live.

Here are today's pics:
on the left is the largest mixing bowl I own; it was FULL

these bowls are from my childhood; when I use them, I remember Mommy

yes, I used All Four.
No, I coulda just used largest & smallest.
Yes, I did wash and dry them all.

Gratuitous 4-bowl shot
... for my Tweeps who asked,
because they ALSO have a set,
ALSO from their childhoods.

Ta-Daaaaa! Ready to CHILL (not eat).
Yes, some of its edge stuck to the springform pan, which I DID "lightly grease".
Yes, I made sure the pan went into the dishwasher without food debris attached.
Shut up. This is a thing I made, so I get to eat what I clean.
(Yes, I licked all the bowls. Shut up, I said.)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Blogging? What's that?

It's been a LONG time since I've checked in with you fine folks, and

  1. Please accept my PROFUSE apologies
  2. Please allow me to explain my last month or so away (or, ya know, make a buncha EXCUSES)
As you know, I got booked on a long-term Scripty gig. Boy, I sure hope you actually know that. Pretty sure I was still able to post something after my first full week of it. Yes, there's probably a link here, in case you managed to not read that post, so you can read that post. That gig ended, as all showbiz gigs do (yup, even shows like Bones, which provide work for their crews for 11 seasons or more, are still considered "temp" jobs, and at the end of each season, the crews are "laid off" from their temp gigs and have to find other work. This is a fact that a good friend of mine {the best boy electrician on Bones} will easily verify for you, if he reads this blog and you happen to know him). I was able to use my much-needed time off to finalize moving us into our new place.

We Moved! We're back, closer to our old 'hood, much happier than we were in Burbank, and even though we officially rented a place with ~100+ square feet of more space, what we didn't account for was the "additional" storage afforded by the previous space. Yup, we're going to be living out of bins and boxes for probably awhile, this go-round, kids. Nature of the beast. Here's the pluses, tho:
  • we scaled down, AGAIN. We both went through our closet/dressers, and we gave away four or more large bags of clothing. We were going to find someplace to sell them, but that was just another hassle we didn't want, and the day we were planning to walk those bags over to the donation drop-off, we were stopped by a homeless family who were happy to take them off our hands. FOUR (or more?) large bags of clothing. If they wear them, great. If they sell them, great. If they donate them somewhere, great. We win; they win. [I'd love to know what was the final destination of the evening gowns; there were some really nice ones I was sorry will never fit me again]
  • new place has washer and dryer, In. The. Apartment. This may not be a big deal to you readers. It totally is, in Los Angeles. Some places have only laundromats every corner of every block, because they don't even have a single coin-op w/d in the building. Yes, we realize that the space occupied by these two items would be awesome storage. We're okay with being able to wash a load at our leisure; dry it at our leisure; Put It Away at our leisure.
  • kitchen is open and large and has a bar; We had to purchase a new refrigerator. We now have a very grown-up fridge, and we're not stuck with some cheap-ass "apartment" fridge. This beauty may manage to outlast us. Kidding. Or not. I have no idea how long a fridge lasts; I've moved too often in the last decade.
  • we're on the first floor (technically). If you came to visit us and had to park on the street (where there is plenty of parking available), you'd have to climb a flight to get to the security door to have Stephen's phone buzz you in. But if you're riding in my car or have a key to the building, you can enter from ground level and take the elevator up to the "first" floor. This improves the moving experience and the shopping experience and the delivery-of-large-items-like-refrigerators-and-wardrobes experience, as well as the playing of Rock Band 4 drums experience. No Downstairs Neighbors to complain.
  • there's no longer a city ordinance banning smoking for us to feel we have a right to enforce. Our last neighbors flaunted their lifestyles vs. the law, and because we had horrible airflow through the apartment, we suffered greatly. Our immediate next-door neighbors here smoke, and sometimes we smell it in the kitchen. I've spoken with the young man; I've met his mom; he wants both of them to quit; Stephen and I both have our stories to share without judgment and will be able to support Josh and Jeanette in their journeys. As long as they don't smoke in the general courtyard area, we actually experience only about 10% of the secondhand smoke we used to, back when the law was on our side.
  • the new apartment has central heat/air, and the heat/hot water/stove are gas. This is a HUGE "plus", in that the apartment has yet to be uncomfortably hot or cold, and gas is much cheaper than electricity, and Burbank Water and Power was a big Screw-You kind of utility.
  • we've "cut the cable" because the new building doesn't allow satellite television. We're learning what this will really mean for our tv viewing (will we be delayed on our British stuff, like Doctor Who and Call the Midwife? Time will tell), but so far, we're loving the cost savings. This also applies to our internet, because even though AT&FuckingT is one of the absolute worst companies around when it comes to their customer service, and even though I spent about a week babysitting for service calls, and even though it took no fewer than three technicians and phone contact with a supervisor to "Git 'er Done", we did manage to finally get set up for basic internet that seems to be working well enough. We're not wi-fi-ing the streaming tv, that's done through an ethernet cable; what that means is cheaper wi-fi on the whole and uninterrupted streaming video. Win-Win! If you're familiar with the Doctor Who reboot (i.e. are a "fan"), then think of the David Tennant episode "Gridlock" and equate "the fast lane" with actual wi-fi "noise" that steals your signal and eats your car. This is, essentially, how the last tech explained it all to me, and it totally made sense. We only pay for 6 (yup, kids, that's right, SIX) Mbps but because we're never on more than two devices at a time and the streaming is hard-wired, we absolutely don't NEED to pay for more than that. Any single person or couple, kid-less, who boasts about having the "fastest" broadband, is probably paying for too much and has been suckered in by their provider. Jus' sayin'.
What else? I've managed to update my photos over at Central since I've cut off all my hair again, and I've booked one day a week of BG work since the Scripty gig ended. Stephen interviewed for a floor supervisor position that was given to a person who actually worked in that particular store (setting a precedent within the company for not transferring a promotion elsewhere), but has just recently interviewed again for another floor supervisor position in a store that is not technically closer than his current position but is not inconvenient from our new apartment. Oh, and we decided to get him a bicycle when we moved, since the "walk" to his current job would have taken for-freakin'-ever. So he has a bike, and a promotion that will start any day, and a new home, and a busy-enough wife.

And the cats seem to like it here. Daddy asked for pics, so here's what I just took. Yeah, we're still livin' outta bins. Didn't I say that already?
looking out the front door

looking IN the front door/window

central (gas) heat and (elec) air, Baby!

a view from the living room

a peek into the bedroom

the bahth (smaller than prior)

Washer AND Dryer, kids!
If you don't feel "caught up", please comment below and ask me stuff. I intend to get back to my regular program of "tuning in" here. 
it's the little things, amiright?
muh super-short 'do

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

In a month or so

... we will no longer be breathing in our neighbors' secondhand smoke
... we will no longer have to listen to a screaming tweenager
... we will no longer have our driveway blocked by parents dropping off/picking up their kids at the high school
... we will no longer have to buy rolls of quarters for laundry
... we will no longer have to climb any stairs to get "home" (unless we feel like walking the stairs)
... we will no longer have access to a pool that should be warm but is always cold
... we will no longer have inaccessible management

... we will have good airflow through the apartment, without having to run fans in every window or a wall-unit a/c
... we will be able to play Rock Band 4 without disturbing any downstairs neighbors
... we will have to drive for the Costco Walking/Sampling Lunch
... we will have to drive to IKEA or any mall
... we will be able to do laundry whenever we damn well feel like it
... we will have secure underground parking for my car, and first-floor parking for a bicycle or two
... we will have a bicycle for Stephen, if not also one for me
... we will be back in our old 'hood, which is great for walking, or biking, or I can join the Y if I really miss swimming so much
... we will have an on-site manager who can help us with any issues we may encounter (and so far, she reminds me so much of my Dear Friend Ms. F)

Here's what we have to do in that month or so:

  • put in notice with current management (like, NOW, or as soon as Marge calls to say we're in)
  • put a security deposit on the new place
  • buy a refrigerator to be delivered on Move-In Day One
  • pack up the crap
  • move the crap
  • love on the furbabies
  • carefully/gently/lovingly get the furbabies moved
  • Continue Our Employment Streaks

Here's what we don't have to do in the next month:
  • Apartment Hunt

#Hallelujah #Blessed #ForeverHome?

Call us, Marge. We're sittin' on pins-n-needles here. Somehow, it's not that uncomfortable. :)

Sunday, August 28, 2016

60+ hour workweek and a weekend later...

I know y'all who do Not work in the entertainment industry don't understand. When you have to work more than your standard 40-hour workweek, you end up complaining about your boss being a dick or what-have-you. I've worked in other industries and rarely had an opportunity for overtime, so I guess I'm #Blessed in that regard. When I was a tour guide at Warner Bros. last summer, there were occasional 12-hour shifts or six-day weeks, but you pretty much always had to be the one volunteering for the overtime. If it was going to be available, you put your name on a list, so they'd know who to ask. And I get it; not everyone has the time available to them to put in extra hours or maybe they just don't want them.

But since I arrived in California, back in 2002, I have never held a regular, "9-5" kind of job. Okay, I take that back. Near the end of '02, I had been temping here and there (not full-time, of course), and I went to an audition to be the "face" of an alternative healthcare company. Very Hollyweird. I was the first auditioner they saw, so I helped them set up the video camera. Didn't get the part, but I was offered the "role" of Office Manager. The office was a shared space with a laser hair-removal business. My "role" would be to Reception any potential new clients, either over the phone or in person as they walked in; Sales them any of the myriad of snake-oil products we were carrying; Clinical Assistant them to make sure they got an appointment with our Doctor on staff, kept it, and did whatever follow-up he'd "prescribed" for them. This company was Incredibly Hollyweird, and my schedule was such that, even though I was supposed to take a "get away from the front desk" lunch hour, there was never anyone else around who could cover the phones or the front door, Just In Case a client appeared for us rather than hair-removal. We're talking toning creams and shit like that, each one specifically designed for a specific problem area (facial toning, boob firming, cellulite erasing, etc.), but probably all of them containing the exact same formula of ineffective goop. Ennyhoo, we had no clients, per se, so the company went under and laid me off at Christmas. That was my last "9-5" gig, and after I took my unemployment insurance benefits to bartending school, I found my way into my real industry.

I've done a lot of different gigs in the last decade-plus. Lately, the three things that have kept me financially stable have been background acting (a.k.a. "BG"), Script Supervision (a.k.a. "Scripty"), and Unemployment Insurance (a.k.a. "UI" or "every actor's real job"). Lately, I've picked up quite a few gigs that have disallowed my collection of UI, and as you know, Working Makes Me Happy. I'm currently heading into Day 6 of 18 as a Scripty on a YouTube-style webseries. The creators of this show are hoping to "sell" the completed first season (only 7 episodes, but a complete story-arc season) to one of the "big boys" and pick up multiple seasons (which will all, of course, have higher budgets so we can really do it "right"). The season of episodes we're IN is So Much Fun to work on. Yeah, it's 12-hour workdays, and last week was five of 'em, so we're all grateful for the wind-down time of weekends. But in the next two weeks, we'll only shoot 3 of the 5 workdays, giving me an opportunity to maybe pick up some BG work or just chill out.

I obviously can't tell you anything at all about the show. When they release the episodes to YouTube (or elsewhere), I'm sure they'll send us a link so that we can help with publicity. For now, know that it's gonna be fun, when you do get to watch it. and that I Feel Good about my contribution to this project. I have the skills and mindset for Script Supervision, but to give you an idea of why this is "not a job for everyone", it tends to be much more analytical than creative. On most sets, I'm relegated to taking notes and grabbing screenshots of the monitors, so I can prove that the angles match appropriately, the audience won't be confused by what they see, and if someone loosens his tie in one angle, then the damn thing is loose in the other (matching) angles! But on this show, I feel valued for contributing. I help the director, who happens to be a bit of a newbie, understand what "matching" should entail, and I offer suggestions as we go, and I always feel appreciated. I would work with any member of this cast or crew again, in a heartbeat.

In other news, Stephen's been awarded a rather large Target gift card for various "attaboy" contributions at his job, so since we recently killed our blender motor, today we did the Costco walking/sampling lunch and then spent some of that Target gift card on whatever he felt like carrying home. Got the blender, a new remote for the PS4 (so I don't have to fight with a game controller when I want to watch a movie on disc), and The Martian on Blu-Ray, among

other things.

Cocoa's got a big 'ol scab on the back of her neck, so we're keeping an eye on it. Smokey's fine. They both are pretty unhappy with my long workdays, but they'll get over 'em. We haven't found a new place to live, but I desperately want to be able to give notice here, sooner rather than later. The smokers in the building are really getting to be annoying. Burbank has very strict smoking laws, and smoking in shared/common areas of a multi-family housing building or within 20 feet of any building entrance is Against The Law. All of the friendly "please take your smoking outside" requests have become fodder for smoking-taunting. We're ready to call the law on 'em. It ain't pretty. I'd honestly rather just fucking move than deal with it anymore. I bought frozen cut okra last weekend, and this weekend, I've been adding it to my crockpot pulled-pork-and-collards. Yummm. Oh, and French Press MMMMMMocha all week, as well.

And you're caught up! Time for some tv or a movie and a glass of wine. Three days of guaranteed work for me this week, so maybe I'll check back before Sunday! Have you done anything of note in the past week?

Saturday, August 20, 2016


So I'm still getting notices from WestSide Rentals, but I haven't been out to see anything new lately.

  1. I fucked up my knee, either from running on set on Wednesday, or possibly only exacerbated by the running, after stepping into what felt like a bottomless hole while out apartment-hunting on Monday. I've been to see a doc about it, but by the time I actually saw the doc, most of the swelling had abated. This is not the fault of "the system" or Kaiser Permanente. It's my fault. I'm the one who waited to do anything other than ice/elevate. Spoke with the doc two days before I saw her, so she also gave recommendations re: NSAIDs (vs. aspirin) and the use of my brace. Her rec's worked well enough that the issue was nearly resolved when she finally got to palpate me. Nothing major on the x-rays, either.
  2. Stephen submitted his resume online for that supervisory position with his company, and he immediately got scheduled for an interview! I was available to take him that day, so I walked my steps in a nice neighborhood we'll never have a reason to move to, and when his 'view was finished, we came home and he packed his bag. Cocoa tried to help him pack. At least she left her scent on all of his socks and underwear!
  3. I sent Stephen to Idaho for a visit with his mom and his brother's family. His mom has been experiencing memory-loss issues, and Stephen needed to see for himself if it's as bad as all that. His brother takes after his mother, you see. They are worriers, and so situations can tend to be blown out of proportion, and Stephen and I can tend to just believe that things are as dire as they say. So he's there, seeing what's what. From what I can tell, he's having a good visit, but there are times when his eyeballs leak a little. Must be the potato fields are dusty or something.
  4. I got paid for my rush-call day with the TARDIS but have yet to receive my pay for the day I exacerbated my knee. Maybe today. I've done a little cleaning. I'm prepping for a big Scripty gig that starts Monday. I called Daddy to get instructions on using my single-serve French Press (because I'd forgotten), and after tweaking the instructions somewhat, I have had two cups today. I'll probably have two cups tomorrow. I'm using the Jose's Vanilla Nut beans, coarsely ground, and I'm heating milk, not water, to which I add chocolate syrup before I press it into the beans/grinds. YuMMMMMMMMMocha!
  5. Had to uninstall and reinstall Twitter in my phone, because it just kept crashing on me. It works so well now, that I was basically on it all morning, interacting on my timeline to the point that I had just enough time to get to "the beginning", read the 100+ notifications, re-check the beginning, and plug in the phone because it's now Dead, Jim.
It's Saturday, and even though I know that I have been productive, I'm feelin' okay. I'm not rushed to do anything "real"; I don't have to feel badly about my online time or my game time or my just-chill-with-the-furbabies time. And I still have Sunday ahead, to do more of the same!

What's going on in YOUR world this fine weekend?

Friday, August 12, 2016

Catching you up

This was supposed to post on Thursday, but I got in from my day a bit too late to hit publish. Pretend it's Thursday, while you're reading. ;)

Since last we met, I've abraded the side of my tongue in the hole left by the broken tooth, and healed. The tooth is still inside my jaw, and it still has a hole in it. I have not had any dental work done, and I really only notice the jagged nature of it when I'm eating. So, no big deal.
I really don't get why it's so hard to show you that the front molar is MISSING a big chunk of actual tooth!
{Oh yeah, speaking of "missing" - the other day, Daddy went "missing". His sister-in-law started texting me to see if I'd talked to him that day, because she'd been trying all morning, and hadn't reached him. I texted back the gist of the last convo I'd had with him (namely, that he'd left his cell in her car), and then I tried calling him on his landline and cell, and when I got voicemail for both, I sent him an email that she was worried about him. She and her husband (Daddy's brother, my uncle) went out looking for him. They found him at the doc's office, essentially stranded, because he relies on the medical transport service that's available to him, but he'd also left his cell phone At Home. So they took him to a meal, informed me that he'd been "found", and I passed that info on to my big sis, whom I'd called to see if she'd been looped in (she hadn't). We all laughed a little and were grateful, but I think we may also have all cried a little, too. Aging is not for the weak. #GoMarinesorsomething, whatever a non-Marine would say in this sitch to a tough guy whose primary weakness is paranoia. #LoveYouDaddy. <3}

We also received notice that our apartment building is raising the rent again. Last year's rent increase was more than $100/month, and this year's is nearly $100/month. Our apartment, with the management caring more about the cosmetic aspects than safety or comfort of the tenants, saving money, or enforcement of (smoking) rules, is now TOTALLY not worth the cost of living here. It was GREAT when we first arrived; we really needed it, so we could get out of our pet-friendly hotel in Whittier; it was a BLESSING. But now, not so much.

Which means we get to move again. So Stephen did the thing he always does, which is check the craigslist housing ads, find appropriate apartments and send the links to me. I made some phone calls, and what happened next is what always happens with LA Craigslist. Nothing. No one who advertises on Craigslist (at least for apartments) ever calls you back. Okay, 99% don't call back.

So we joined Westside Rentals. Again. All the luck I've ever had with finding a good apartment in LA has been with a Westside Rentals membership. This is probably because landlords know that apartment hunters there are paying for the privilege, so they're (WE'RE) serious, not just lookie-lou's. We immediately found some appropriate housing, and started seeing places together (and separately, when I was available but Stephen was not). We've found some really great housing, but we joined right at the beginning of August, which means we can't give notice to our current landlords until we find one that we love, and we can't settle on one that we love if it's available now. Our other "problem" with this particular housing hunt is not so much a problem as it is a possible blessing.

Stephen's job has been grooming him for a promotion. They absolutely promote within the system, but never in-house. Meaning, if the Floor Supervisor position that just opened goes to him, he'll be transferred to the Pasadena store. If an Assistant Manager position opens up anytime soon, and they pick him for it, it definitely won't be in the Burbank/NoHo store. So we can't necessarily find a perfect NoHo apartment if he's going to be based in Pasadena or elsewhere. He doesn't yet have a vehicle of his own; most one-bedroom apartments only have one parking space included; he uses public transit like a CHAMP (but that will be a helluva commute, adding three or more hours to each workday).

So the apartment hunt is on hold. We'll spend at least one more month in Burbank. Dammit. No, trust me, I get that this place has been a godsend. I'm just done here. I'm done. Wah, I know. #FirstWorldProblems. It's so sad, I know, that Stephen's doing so well at his job that he keeps winning Target gift cards, and those suckers add up (to the point where he could go on a major shopping spree, and I wouldn't even stop him!), and that they want him to climb a little corporate ladder, and that he's Really Good at PetCare Sales.

BUT, I've also gotten to work a few times since last we spoke. I had a fitting for that show I got upgraded on last year, and then I worked a day in this new season. Yesterday, I worked on a very popular FOX show that some of you may watch (Stephen and I saw all of S1, and then S2 was interrupted with a move, and then we saw all of S3, and then S4 would have been interrupted with our last move, so we just didn't bother to watch after S3). I know, that description does Not Help You At All, but things are Just So kept "under wraps" in Hollyweird that they have you sign multiple NDA's and threaten you with bodily harm. Honestly, I understand the need to not mention any plot points or post photos of anyone, because you never know who's going to figure out the "Big Reveal", especially if we're not told ahead of time what that "Big Reveal" is. So we "VagueBook" or say nothing at all, just to be super-dooper safe.

Ennyhoo, yesterday was an interesting day, and Any Day On Set Is a Good Day, so there's that. Got home, hung out with Stephen, put myself on avail, went to bed.

THIS MORNING at 5:30, Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles Governor woke me,
and when that happens, I Answer. I booked a rush call! With my car! Can you be at the FOX lot by 8:48? I dunno what time it is NOW (5:30) - Yes, I Can. Okay, then, here are your details. Have a great day on set!

***Stephanie had gone shopping with me to help me upgrade my wardrobe to a bit more Moira Queen, and in the first week of August, I updated my photo at Central. So, because of my photo and being on the avail list, I booked today. I know for a fact that both of those reasons played in my favor at 5:30 this morning. So I packed my Navy garment bag full of my newly-upscaled wardrobe, got fully ready, and headed out. I arrived by 7 a.m. They didn't have me on the list, of course. I eventually made it onto the lot and found my way over to holding, where I could apply my makeup and fill my coffee mug. The morning, albeit half-asleep, was pretty darn good. The DGA trainee noticed my bag and we chatted all day, about the Navy (I'm a brat only, but he didn't hold that against me) and about the DGA Trainee program. He's the oldest DGA Trainee I've ever met, but I'm glad to know that AGE is not the reason they'll ever turn you down (neither is EXPERIENCE, if you believe Mr. From Today). The wardrobe department LOVED my stuff. Thank you, Stephanie! I got to wear both the suit you gave me and the new suit-dress I bought (on your and Stephen's recommendation), plus some other items you had told me were already upscale. Yes, we were told to bring 3 changes. I brought 6, I think. I don't yet trust myself. :/

Got to work. Made friends with the Craft Services dude. Made friends with ALL of the AD and PA staff. I was possibly the oldest member of the background there today, so I offered assistance as "Mother Hen" for the PA's (in wrangling the significantly-younger adult bg). It was Day 4 of their shoot schedule, so they didn't yet have a "groove" or rhythm in place. They're still learning each other's personalities, this crew. They all appreciated my willingness to participate wherever in finding a "flow". And the other bg followed my lead, in a very friendly way.

It was a good day. The TARDIS got to work. I got to work. They used me a lot, and will likely bring me back as an established person. As I was getting back into my car at wrap, I had a lovely convo with the 1st AD, about all that we had accomplished today, and how much we both want me to return. This is a new show, kids. I'll tell you more when they allow me to, but trust me when I say we'll probably all decide to watch it regularly, for whatever personal reasons we have. No, it's not another Mad Men or the muppets, but you may still end up seeing a lot of me (time will tell).

I LOVE MY LIFE, MY JOBS, THE POSSIBILITIES THAT EXIST AROUND EVERY CORNER. I'm sorry I've been gone so long. It's not that I've had nothing to say; I just haven't been able to say it, until now. I've been BLESSED. How 'bout you?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

An Evening of Firsts

Last night was rough. For this reason or that, we were both up too late, and then this morning we were both awake too early. I managed to get back to sleep in time for Stephen to call me about some things. He managed to go to work empty-handed, which means that by the time I got home from my fitting (yes, I get to go to work next week, YAY!), he still hadn't eaten anything all day.

We were both too tired to think about preparing food. We were also both too hot to do anything in this apartment. So we took a little walk over to a local casual dining joint, where I experienced an evening of firsts.

Three Good Things (and one not-so-great):

  1. I sucked down my Arnold Palmer like it was heaven on earth. I rarely finish whatever non-alcoholic drink I am served with my dinner. I got a refill on that baby before our food was served! Possibly even before we'd ordered it, I think. I was either incredibly thirsty, or else there is no other place that even really serves a Real Arnold Palmer. Those other places will let you order one, but what they bring you is iced tea and lemonade. Island's' Arnold Palmer was just sweet enough, just lemony (tart) enough, and super cold and wet and refreshing. Gone, Baby. So Good, I had to have more. And honestly, I have never done that before.
  2. I ordered off the menu! No substitutions, no leave-offs, no add-ons, just straight up "as it comes". I'm very Sally
    when it comes to how my food is prepared. I don't want to find in my mouth onions, eggs, mushrooms, or avocado. Y'all might like all that shit; I don't. Don't gimme no damn Swiss cheese, nor bleu, nor American "cheese". Yuck, Yuck, and what-the-hell-is-this-shit-that-ain't-even-actually-CHEESE? What I ordered tonight, off the menu, was the tuna salad sandwich. I got to choose a whole wheat (vs. white) bun, and were the fries okay with that? Yes'm, thankyoubellymush. But I needed no changes, nor anything "on the side". For the first time ever (in a real restaurant, not a diner), I ordered "as is". Wow!
  3. (not-so-great thing) - I bit down on a french fry and popped part of my molar out into my hand. No, it probably wasn't the french fry that broke it, it may have been a bit of celery that made it "ready" to go. I have been having some issues with my furthest-back molar on my lower right jaw. I'd had an infection in the gums that had been irrigated and oil-pulled and night-guard-worn to prevent worsening. I do a lot of my chewing on the left side, particularly if I'm having any pain in that stupid tooth on the right. The last dental Dx I'd gotten was for a root canal and crown, and even with insurance, I ain't gonna afford that. I'll take an extraction if I must, fuck you very much! So guess which tooth broke tonight? You guessed it!
    that tiny thing, dead center
    you can't see it very well b'cus I couldn't get my phone INSIDE my mouth

    The FRONT molar on the LEFT! Wah-wah-waaaaaahhhhhhh.
  4. I had a very active day today, what with laundry and other cleaning and my fitting, but by the time we returned from dinner, I hadn't gotten my steps in yet. So I put my leftover half sandwich in the fridge, laced up the sneaks, and did a twenty minute Power Digestion Walk. I don't know if I've ever cleansed my colon as quickly as I did tonight, nor do I necessarily recommend it. There's nothing quite like the feeling that you're going to leave little turd bombs on the sidewalk because you just don't make it to a toilet in time. I'm not talking accidentally shitting your pants for some medical (or drunk) reason; I mean, I thought I was gonna make like a rabbit with a poop-n-scoot, but while vertical and walkingasfastasIcould. Thank God I made it! Don't try this at home, kids. I am a trained professional. Professional Sphincter-Squeezer, that is. Yeah, Right!
Is it possible you've had an evening of firsts that somehow managed to "top" mine? Tell me about it.