Monday, February 10, 2014

Every time I think I'm ready to cut my hair again, something stops me.

Went to the Post Office to send out the international package.  Not the easiest transaction, but by going in and dealing with a person, we saved three bucks and discovered how to do it right (ship internationally, that is).  Also sent out the teeny-tiny parcel that we hadn't charged shipping on (because it weighed less than an ounce) and had to spend the three bucks we'd saved!  Thankfully, there will be no more teeny-tiny parcels, or if somehow there are, we'll still charge something for postage.

Before we went, Stephen went back online to see if there were any new sales in either of our stores, so if we needed to package anything else, we could include it in this trip.  Meanwhile, I walked over to our mailbox here in the complex, and had to send him a text while walking:
Snow.  Or flurries.  Not a lot, but RIGHT NOW.
You may not yet know this about me, but I really HATE cold weather and the precipitation it brings.  Now that we're back from the Post Office, I can SEE the snow falling outside my window.  This wasn't supposed to happen until Wednesday.  I was okay with Wednesday, because by the time Wednesday came, the weatherfolk could have been wrong, and it could have missed us completely.  NOPE.  They were wrong in the other direction.

I sincerely hope that weather doesn't prevent me from shipping lots of packages this week.  I hate that I still need to keep the layer of "fur" on my head, though.  I'm sick of this!

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