Monday, February 3, 2014

Karma... or just being decent?

I did some weekly shopping today (we live too far away from our fave stores to go more often).  While out in the world, I had an opportunity to hold a door for a mommy of three, whose youngest had already shown us she was getting tired/cranky/fussy... then I held the same door (upon my exit) for a couple of "older" ladies... then I helped a chick free her car from the curb stop that was stuck to her front bumper.

Then a different lady let me in to the traffic flow, without taking the parking space I was vacating.

People were very pleasant today, out in the world.  It's like yesterday happened a million times for some, and they all learned the lessons they were meant to learn.  Or they enjoyed the ball game.  Or the commercials.  Or the National Anthem.  Or the half-time show.  Whatever it was, it was very easy for me to be a decent human being, and in return, everyone else seemed to be as well.

How was your weekend?  Did you experience similar kindness today, either as a provider or recipient?

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