Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Selling stuff is "weird"

But in a good way...

We're downsizing (yes, you already know that), and Stephen has rediscovered some of our old electronics, so on a whim, and based on MEMORY, he listed a VCR on Amazon last night, and before we'd even had a chance to wind down for the night, BOOM!  It was SOLD!  So I went to bed and left him to test it and make sure that it did, in fact, work (as listed).  Not only did it WORK, but it worked WELL, and then we had to wonder if we might oughta test shit out before we underprice ourselves. :/

So TODAY, in addition to shipping that off, we also rescued MORE dolls from the attic at the other house, and came home to research a few of them.  We found what looked like another Shirley Temple doll - turns out it's not, but it IS a beautiful porcelain doll that looked so much like Shirley to the original buyer that she topped the molded 20's bob with a "Curly Top" wig.  So now she (the doll) is listed along with a few other new items, and we're "back in the game" (as it were).

When you "manage" an online store, there are days when nothing happens, so you try to carve out time to list something new, so at least all of your auctions don't end at once.  Then there are also days when you sell a couple items that didn't appear to hold any interest for anyone, but you had put them up so you could maybe forget about them for awhile.  It's weird.  We have no one to specifically "market" to.  We have no idea when or where the next sale will come, or whether it happens because we have the cheapest price or the best photos or the rarest item or WHAT.

Weird.  But in a good way.

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