Friday, September 4, 2015

I love my life!

At the beginning of the summer, I worked a day in the BG of "Masters of Sex" and got upgraded with 11 others to principal contract(s).

Then I interviewed for the temporary summer tour guide position at Warner Bros. and spent the bulk of the summer driving golf carts and divulging the rich history of the studio to our guests. As many of my friends there were being forced to look for their next gig, I got "extended" to the end of this month. 

But my hours got cut, and I found myself with more days off per week. That meant greater availability for BG work, of course! 

So, earlier this week, I had a good day on "Jane the Virgin". Today, I had a fantastic day hanging out with the Swedish Chef and Sweetums and Rowlf, et al.
《Oh Em Gee, I can't EVEN right now. I just can't.》

Next week, I'm already booked for a couple of days on "2 Broke Girls" in addition to my full week of tours. And no, I can't tell you about my day on "Jane" nor my days on "2BG". I just can't. Trust me when I say, though, I LOVE MY LIFE!

Things are picking up, kids! Things are definitely picking up! I love my life. 


  1. Squee! OMG! The Muppets! Neither can I even! I love being the big sister of the "I can't even" person. Yay!

    1. It. Was. Amazing. and a TOTAL Geekfest for all of us who were newbies. and a SEMI-Geekfest for the BG who were returning from a previous day or two. and still Happy-Happy-Joyland for the folks who work the show day in and day out.


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