Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcome, Sweden!

This is the first time you've joined me, or at least, so far as I can tell, it's the first time. I have given you a shout-out once before, but that was when I'd had tour guests on my cart when I first started my gig at Warner Bros.

I'm still enjoying blogging, and I'm still enjoying my gig at Warner Bros., and the summer is pseudo-officially ending, so that means I'll get to enjoy a few more days on set each week, as we get closer to the "official" end of my tour guiding (if we ever reach that official end).

Who knows what the future holds? I'm full of excitement lately, even on days like today, where I stayed home and accomplished at-home shit.

So now that you've joined me here, will you be sticking around? I'm really getting a kick out of the "old" blog posts that people who are visiting here (of late) seem to be visiting "on purpose". Please let me know if any of these "old" posts create any kind of reactions, positive or negative or neither but still visceral.


  1. I miss the blogger stats from my old blog. I hope that the tour gig doesn't come to an end!

    1. You're so cute, Holly. I haven't tried to monetize this blog in any way, yet, so I'm very happy to stay on blogger.

      In the meantime, I hope that the tour schedule will shift from five SHORT days to maybe four REGULAR days, so I can supplement with days on set. Tomorrow I'll be on The Muppets, but then I'm back at Warner Bros. for tours, and Sunday my shift is Four. Hours. Long. Really? It's not like I'll be earning overtime or anything like that for too many days or hours, but I'm scheduled for Four Hours? That's ONE tour and a WHOLE LOTTA downtime. Blech. Someone mentioned a training meeting. Maybe that's what it is; i.e., an ANOMALY.


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