Thursday, October 29, 2015

Am I stressed out? I dunno...

but for the past few weeks (maybe only ten days, but who can tell?), my right eyelid has been spasming. It's not significant enough to impair my vision, but at times, it feels like it'll spasm for a solid ten minutes before it finally subsides for awhile.

I googled it and got alcohol, caffeine, fatigue, and stress as possible culprits for this benign annoyance.

So I gave up wine for exactly one week. No change.

I already have given up coffee except when I'm at Trader Joe's (and that's a teeny tiny cup), instead consuming one to two cups of
"Earl Grey, Hot"
 per day (in my travel mug, to be consumed prior to and during my first tour, typically). I'll drink a little on my way in to work and then refill the hot water right before my tour heads out, so it's actually more like 1.5 cups of hot tea. I use one new teabag of Earl Grey and one new bag of mint (herbal and completely devoid of caffeine) per day. I don't think this is sufficient caffeine to be causing my eyelid to twitch.

I'm pretty sure I get plenty of sleep. Today, I stayed in bed for half a day. Sure, I was awake and playing on my phone, but had sleep overtaken me due to fatigue, I was already in position. I don't think I'm fatigued.

So that leaves stress. Yes, yesterday was the anniversary of Mommy's death. Yes, I love my job at Warner Bros. Yes, I think I do a good job (in fact, I received a glowing review here). No, I do not consider myself a "permanent" employee there (or anywhere - I think I've grown out of seeking "permanence" in employment). Yes, things seem to be picking up in the industry lately and I may fear I may be missing certain opportunities. Yes, this may be stressing me, as much as I allow myself to be "stressed" by life circumstances.

But what can be done about it? I dunno.


  1. That is weird and I read in your last post it is still happening. I hope it has resolved itself by this point? It is amazing how stressed we can be without even realising it!

    1. As of this point, my sinuses and coughing fits are much more stressful and annoying than the eyelid twitch, so it must have abated (at least a bit), because I can't remember the last time I NOTICED it. If I just pause here before hitting "enter", I'll probably notice it starting back up. But again, it's not nearly as bad as it was, and the coughing is much worse these past few days.

      Thanks for commenting here, so I'd return to read what I'd posted about it. :D


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