Friday, October 23, 2015

Glasses vs. Contacts

I've been wearing corrective lenses for distance ever since I was licensed to drive, thirty-*cough* years ago. I wore glasses for a year or two in high school, and at some point in college, I discovered disposable contacts. Wore those for a very long time. And you can take that statement any way you like, and you'd probably have an accurate assessment of how I wore contacts.

Discovered the possibility of natural vision correction once I was living in and working in and loving Los Angeles (Hollyweird or La-La-Land). Took the contacts off and started wearing glasses again. Worked on correcting my vision. Made some headway; felt really good about my vision overall, and ordered new glasses online through Stephanie's referral. Ordered new glasses for Stephen, too, after we got his eyes examined and discovered for the first time in his life that he NEEDED glasses for distance.
FIFTH FOURTH PHOTO:These are one of the first two pair I got through Stephanie's referral.
Yes, I can see you, but only because I'm looking at you from UNDER the frames.

Detoured our lives to North Carolina and quit making progress in the vision correction arena. Continued to wear only glasses, not contacts. Made it back to Cali and got a job that offered vision insurance. Used the insurance to get a contact lens exam and a supply of contacts. Never picked up the contacts, because they messed up the Rx for awhile, and whenever I would wear the trial pair, my eyes would hurt or itch or get all dried out or something. Kept wearing glasses.

FOURTH THIRD PIC: the newest pair, with the stronger
distance Rx and transition to shade. A nice perk, and if only they fit 
better (and I could still look at close stuff from beneath the frames),
I might love 'em more. They certainly are "cute".
Got a new pair of glasses via Holly's referral. Didn't love 'em, but couldn't return them. Have found days to make do with them. Main reason for not loving the new glasses is that they don't sit properly on my nose, and I can't read or do other "close work" from beneath the frames, so I find myself constantly pulling them lower on my nose so I can do the close work ABOVE the frames, or propping them on top of my head for long periods of time rather than just removing them from my face.

PHOTO THE FIRST:I can't see you.
I'm wearing my contacts, and you're too close.
... cut to yesterday, when I was on the set of a show set in the future. Couldn't wear any of my glasses; couldn't see without 'em. Took the trial pair of contacts with me <just in case> and discovered that was a good call. Forgot to take a pair of drugstore "readers" with me, so even though the contacts went on easily and were never irritating, I couldn't see anything or anyone within two feet of my face. Couldn't focus, I should say. I could see things and people that close, but everything was out of focus.

SECOND SNAP: I could see you if I were looking
THROUGH these lenses, but then you'd just see the glare
of the camera flash. No bueno. Also no bueno is the fact that
I look like an Old. Lady. with these damn things on!
Got in VERY LATE (or would you call getting to bed at 1 a.m. early?) and decided to sleep in the lenses. Got up this morning, showered, got ready for work, and decided to keep the contacts on the eyeballs. Took a pair of drugstore readers with me. Also had a pair of dollar store sunglasses with me. Had to figure out which secondary lenses to have on the nose through most of the day while driving the tour carts. Discovered that I felt closer to the ground all day while wearing the contacts. Got hit on numerous times by strange men, with the compliments all relating to my "beautiful eyes".

Was wearing readers to post this, but now that I've taken these photos, I've removed the contacts again. It's just too much. I do not want a repeat of today, at least not on the tour carts. I may be able to transition to contacts for set work, as long as I remember a pair of readers. But for guiding tours? There just aren't enough pockets, and I can't keep the fingerprints off the secondary lenses!

YES, I had to update this page, because I realized that I can't count when I can't see. :/

In other news, I've been re-growing celery in a small dish in the kitchen. Stephen calls it "Groot". I told him he needs to call it "Croot" (since it's celery, and not a Guardian of the Galaxy).


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha. I get tired of sticking my fingers in my eyes, but I've been wearing glasses since the 4th grade and have taken to NOT wearing them (or contacts) and doing just fine, really. Of course, your line of work may actually require you to see better than mine, but I've just.stopped.caring.

    1. When I was "correcting" my vision, I loved living in my blur zone (that's what you're doing when you don't wear any lenses). But yeah, driving tour carts, I do need to see, and since my Rx has gotten worse since our return, my blur zone is just too large.

  2. I can't deal with contact lenses! Not at all! I understand your struggle!

    1. I will probably take my contacts with me to set from this point forward (and a pair of readers), just in case. I've already established myself with glasses on The Muppets, so I definitely won't show up for work there already wearing the contacts (tomorrow).

      I want to find time and motivation to go back to doing the corrective exercises. I'd love to be completely lens-free, or at least correct for distance so I can live in my blur zone again, and then just wear readers if necessary.


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