Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Year in Review

I better hurry up and get this posted, before it's 2016!

Without reviewing my entire sidebar, because, yeah, I can get distracted by it, I'll tell you what I remember I did this year.

Blogged. Not nearly enough. Read other blogs, and commented where appropriate. Wrote some short fiction. Not nearly enough.

Worked as an admin at a dance studio, and danced a little. Not nearly enough.

Swam in a heated pool for the bulk of the summer, and then the management ceased to heat the pool, so Swimming = Not. Nearly. Enough.

Worked as a background actor, here and there. Not nearly enough.

Encouraged Stephen to expand his kitchen repertoire and then harassed him about the cleanliness of the kitchen. Ate a lot of really good food, lovingly prepared and beautifully arranged. Complimented the chef Not Nearly Enough.

Script Supervised an amazing short film in 2014, and this year, got to attend some premieres. Script Supervised a single day of shooting for a youtube series, in which we shot 26 5/8 pages in that single day. Both of these Scripty gigs were amazing accomplishments, for very different reasons, but I Scripty'd Not. Nearly. Enough. this year.

Hung out with friends. Not nearly enough.

Got hired on at Warner Bros. as a tour guide and had good days and bad days, and This Week seems to have turned things around from, say, that last post where I thought I was losing it. Don't think I can make a "not nearly enough" statement about the Bros. There's definitely a good balance between the Bros. and the rest of the things I do.

Consumed my ever-expanding weight in wine and chocolate. Worked out to keep that weight under control not nearly enough.

Missed Mommy. Missed Daddy and my siblings. Missed the nieces and nephews (and great-nieces). Skyped and emailed and phoned. Said "I love you". Cried a lot; laughed a lot. Coughed a lot.

Not that I ever make "resolutions", but I think if our return from North Carolina was supposed to make 2015 the year of "saying yes", then I have just decided, for myself, at least, that 2016 shall be the year of "enough". Obviously, in the best way possible. I managed to strike a good balance between the Bros. and all the other fun since May, so that's the only one that reached "enough", and in a good way. For 2016, I shall attempt to strike good balances between each of the other fun stuff AND all the other fun, so that everything can be "enough".

Has "enough" ever been a goal worthy of setting for you? How did you manage to get "enough"? And oh, Happy New Year. See you in 2016!


  1. Most of the time I just want to complete something. To finish a job, clean a room and it stay clean looking for more than 15 minutes. I do the best I can with what I have and am trying to be satisfied with that.

    By the way, every episode of Muppets we all look for you and even back up a scene to look at you! It's just a glimpse, but we all get so excited! "There she is!" You are so lucky to live your dream. Happpy New Year!

    1. So, I guess "enough IS enough" for you! That's good, at least if you just read this post. ;)

      LOVE the muppets. Really hoping they'll call me back soon.

      Happy New Year. :)


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