Wednesday, December 9, 2015

WHAT did I eat, and WHEN?

So, Sunday, I went to the book signing.
That's me, on the right, on my knees on the floor, in the purple sweater and the Santa hat.
I had been SITTING for the duration of the reading, so when Gabi started singing, I got up on my knees.
Even though Jenny had indicated that there were "so many" of us,
this looks like one of the smaller gatherings from her tour.
Felt fine, maybe a bit anxious, although anxiety is not one of my "issues". Sat next to Anne Wheaton, as you know. My "fangirl"-ism of both her and Jenny are probably why I was "maybe a bit anxious". Finished that evening with another lovely, significantly-lower anxiety-inciting "event" in the home of a friend, where the wine was plentiful. Got home safely and went to bed.

Monday morning had an early call time, but I was a bit peckish, so I had a bowl of cereal, and took my vitamins with me to set. Got there and consumed grits with bacon, and Earl Grey hot tea (but without benefit of a mint tea blend, which is how I normally drink my tea). Throughout the morning, I noshed at Craft Services as one is wont to do, although I don't spend my life there or graze as much as others might. At some point in the day, my stomach felt a bit "sour", but I chalked that up to not having mint in my Earl Grey. When we wrapped at lunchtime, they allowed us to stay for the catered meal, as long as we waited for the crew who were still going back to work. Of course, we'll wait.

Got myself a to-go box of some lovely brisket, salmon, mashed potatoes, pintos, and green beans. Started with dessert, of course, as I am wont to do, when dessert is worth having (it's worth having first). Tasted everything in the to-go box and then took it home to the fridge. Remarked, at the time, that the green beans did not taste fully-cooked. That's okay; when I nuke 'em later, they will be.

Yesterday, I was NOT HUNGRY upon waking, so I waited to eat. When hunger finally did hit, I finished off some soup I'd made in the crockpot the other day. There were a lot of onions in the soup, and I hadn't planned to eat them when I added them ('cuz I just don't like 'em), but I was emptying the crockpot, so I went ahead and ate 'em. Later, I made another crockpot of soup to battle my latest round of weather-changing sinus allergic attacks, but consumed none of it. Ran some errands, and had a bite of the parmesan pastry pups they were sampling at Trader Joe's, along with a teensy cuppa joe. By the time Stephen made it home from work, I had cranked the heat and was wrapped in blankets on the futon. This was after I had had to race to the bathroom to vomit out the little bit of soup in my stomach.

Stephen tried to take care of me. He took my temperature (100ºF exactly, which for me, is not really a "fever"). He brought me electrolyte water. I ate a banana. I took antacids and aspirin. We watched some television. We went to bed. In the middle of the night, I threw up the electrolytes. Later, I threw up the banana. We took my temp again, and it was higher. Stephen brought me a bottle of sparkling water to keep at the bedside, and he cranked a space heater on my side of the bed, as well as adding more knitted afghans to my side. (I was so cold!)

Got up this morning weak but a bit better. Have had a bowl of cereal, a nap, and a banana, and a little bit of sparkling water. Have determined that no one else who wrapped at lunchtime but stayed for lunch on Monday got sick, so I can't call this "food poisoning", per se, unless it was just all those damn ONIONS I ate in my soup! When I get around to eating this next batch, I will not eat the onions!

And so now, we're going to take a walk to our closest (not that close, but walking distance) shopping center, to do a little window shopping and look for some Reid's Extra Ginger Brew and saltines (neither of which did we have on hand when I needed 'em). We might swing by Costco for the walking/sampling lunch, if I feel up to it.

Does it sound like food poisoning to you? Maybe something else? It came on so suddenly, I can only expect it to relate to something I ate. But WHAT? and WHEN?


  1. Like your label says - it is a puzzle. Sounds like an illness? Hope you are feeling better now? 100 degrees would definitely be a fever for me - my temperature is high at 99 degrees!

    1. It has definitely cleared, so it was absolutely something I ate, unless it's possible to get a fewer-than-24-hour(s) stomach bug that waits half a day to purge.

      And I "run hot" as they say. My standing temp is typically in the neighborhood of 99.6, not 98.6.


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