Monday, December 7, 2015


Monday the 30th of November, I followed up with the docs regarding my heat rash. Tuesday the 1st of December, I was on set (booked as a "camerawoman" but changed over {just via different prop-itude} to "Script Supervisor") and got to network as a REAL Scripty. Wednesday, Stephen made chili. Friday, I attended Central Casting's 90th anniversary celebration. Saturday, I followed-up on some personal assisting I'd started earlier in the week.

Yesterday, I did something I've never done before. I attended the LA portion of Jenny Lawson's book tour. I had bought her book over the phone, and in that phone conversation, I also asked how early I should arrive for the reading/signing event. The person on the phone indicated half an hour would suffice; she knew that they'd probably "sell out" the event, but that would give me time to pick up my book and find a seat, etc. Um, no. I got there about 45 minutes before the start time and it was already SRO in the reading room, even before I spent entirely too long in the "Will Call" line. I found my way to the front of the room and sat on the floor next to the front row of seats, which was reserved for Jenny's sister and ... ANNE WHEATON. Okay, maybe you don't yet know who Jenny Lawson is (The Bloggess, DUH). Maybe you don't yet know who Anne Wheaton is (she's Wil Wheaton's wife). That's okay. I was excited to be there, and in the fangirl moment I had with Anne, she focused on what Wil was doing that day, and told me that HE had instructed her to be there in his stead. Made sense. I knew that Wil was across the country, and I had mentioned to Stephen before I even left for the reading that I might get to see Anne, since the Wheatons are her friends, and they live in Pasadena!

^J's nephew's knee   ^ Jenny ^      AW's knee^
So Jenny arrived, remarking about
How. Many. People.

were there, and thanking us all, and being very gracious, as she is. She gave us all a little backstory into her life (in case we had somehow missed learning it), and then she read the first two chapters of the book. Then there was a Q&A, during which I was reminded of Mommy's struggles, back in the day, which of course made me cry while sitting there on the floor of the front row.

The adorable niece singing the sweet love song
That was followed by a musical interlude by her niece, who will be famous soon enough. She sang us a great little love song she'd written, while accompanying herself on ukulele.
Then the lines for getting things signed were organized, and since I'd been sitting on the front row floor all along, I added myself into that front row line. I'm sure I pissed off a buncha people who'd actually gotten there early enough for seats, but whatevs. I didn't take up nearly as much time with Jenny as I know some of them would, considering I was alone in that crowd, and Jenny is very gracious, and she spent however much time it took with each guest (and their guests). Plus, I had another event to attend, and I'm sorry I'm human, but I just had to "cut". My butt was sore. Sue me. No, please don't sue me. How 'bout you forgive me? I promise, I'll never cut in the book-signing line ever again.

I had printed out one of Jenny's doodles, because it reminded me of Mommy, so when I spoke with her, it seemed right for her to sign the doodle, but "For Lois. You raised a good one." (her words, not mine - I only gave her the name). This, of course, made me cry some more, so that the photo of the two of us together looks like we're both drunk (she said that seemed about right, didn't it?). What a beautiful person she is. I know Mommy would have loved her, and I told her so.

printed in the bubbles at the waterline:


Drunk? or Punch-drunk? You decide.

A screenshot from last week's episode, not shot today!

Today, I'm back on the muppets. I am LOVING working on this show, and even though it would be nice to have as many days of work as the "crew" for Miss Piggy's show, I don't believe there is another person in the background who gets as much camera time as I do, just working one day per episode. Not that I'm in it for the camera time. Background actors, like myself, are to be seen in the background, meaning not really "seen" in the scene. We're there to lend a bit of realism; on the muppets, it's making a smoky bar look like a real, working, smoky bar. Speaking of smoke, at 7:30 in the morning on a Monday (when I began writing this post), we JUST got back from a fire drill (or whatever). Arrive ready to work after a great breakfast only to have to evacuate the building because it detected "smoke". Good times!

Got to work; shot a few scenes; I dropped my tray of drinks and ended up getting sent to the Principal's Office (i.e. the props table), so we could figure out how I can Not. Spill. Liquids. on set. Easy: Don't. Carry. Liquids. :P

Got back to work; finished shooting; wrapped at lunchtime! Swung by Centinela to get food for the furbabies, and to potentially make plans for Wednesday.

I love my job. I love my life. I am blessed! :D

So. Whassup witchoo? ;)


  1. I'm blessed too, but that in no way precludes me having the envies. :D

    1. Thanks, Kim. Over which part in particular have you the "envies"?

  2. That signed picture brought a tear to my eye - what a lovely thing to have said and what a beautiful quotation to have written about!

    1. I agree, Holly. She definitely got me crying at least a coupla times, but in a #FuriouslyHappy way. ;)


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