Sunday, December 18, 2016

Can you say "frustrated"? I knew ya could!

I have a dream. I dream of VLOGging, in addition to (rather than instead of) BLOGging., the host of this page, used to have a way to RECORD video and then embed them in the posts; not that that ever actually worked for me, but still. I recorded a handful of test videos, attempted to embed them, and they never really did. Also, I never could seem to find where those videos ended up being "filed" on my hard drive.

However, even that option no longer exists. If I want to take a snapshot, the website recognizes my webcam:
but not VIDEO
When I click on the video link, the webcam option just isn't even there. Why not? It's the same webcam!

But here's the "other" thing about my webcam. The laptop recognizes that the hardware exists, and it says the drivers are up-to-date, even though the drivers are USB drivers, and not necessarily for a piece of equipment that is not "plug-n-play". The system has no software installed to just Turn On the damn webcam! So I went to HP's support pages to find the right drivers, and it recommended I install something called YouCam.

I have been Googling and Googling every way I know to ask the "why doesn't my webcam record video" question, and I've gotten a lot of "download YouCam" answers, as well as uninstalling the drivers for my webcam and restarting the computer (which I've done) and running hard drive diagnostics (which I've done), and even YouTube videos for installing and using VLC Media Player (which I've done) and YouCam (which I've done).

Every time, and I mean Every Fucking Time I've tried to use YouCam, it crashes in video mode. It takes still photos, but whoopdishit? I can take still photos right here! If I skip the video camera "record" button and try to check the system settings, it crashes. There are a bazillion fun filters I can apply to my photos or videos, but again, whoopdishit if I can't actually create videos?

So I tried to use VLC. It worked! ...except that the resulting video looks and sounds like ass, because when I tried to adjust the settings, it reverted back to "default", and it wouldn't let me set my preferences as defaults. I'm not going to link it here, even though I probably can. #SorryNotSorry

(This is where I did, in fact, attempt to upload that POS video; #FAIL)

So I think, tomorrow, in the daylight, while I'm not working on set, I shall take the laptop apart again. I shall blow out any dust that may have accumulated, and I shall Check All The Connections. It's very possible that none of the answer pages have figured out that maybe my hardware is hanging by one or two prongs of its connector chip, and so the software sees it there but is unable to properly communicate with it, and that is the reason for all of the #Fails. I hope that is the ultimate fix.

...on a side note, speaking of "fixes", I had turned off all my Windows Updates ages ago, and now, in thinking it might possibly be an update or something, I've been attempting to "check" for updates. Every Time I turn this sucker on to "fix" my webcam issues, I "check" for updates. It runs those checks for a coupla hours at a time before I just close the whole operation. No updates get found. That ain't right. Not a single Windows Update for my computer that hasn't been updated since "never".

*****A review!*****

Fences An African-American father struggles with race relations in the United States while trying to raise his family in the 1950s and coming to terms with the events of his life.: Okay, so really, what that little blurb means is "slice of life". I already saw and hated a "slice of life" movie this awards season, Paterson (not MBTS). This particular "slice of life" stars Denzel and Viola and a handful of others, and it ended up being my second-least-favorite of the movies I've seen this awards season. Probably because Denzel's character is irredeemable, and when we jump forward in the final act to his funeral, we don't care that he's dead. We're not even happy that he's dead. He just is, and we don't care.

Not that Denzel didn't portray this irredeemable character well. He's not a villain; he's just flawed to the nth degree, and never grows or improves at all, and by the time he's gone, you might feel a little relief on behalf of the others, but it's more like ... meh. Viola, on the other hand, should receive an award for still being intelligible with snot running down her face, because that was some serious snot that she took her sweet time getting around to wiping away.

I never read or saw the play. Maybe that's my error. I just didn't care for this "slice of life", and I was ready for it to be over almost an hour before it was (yes, I actually checked my phone). If I had walked out, I'da been unable to review it for you, so be grateful I suffered through it, so you won't have to.

*****Things I learned today*****
  • Screenings at the Arclight in Hollywood are accessible by subway, even on Sunday, as long as you're not out too late.
  • My SAG card does not get me on the subway.
  • Even Denzel and Viola can co-star in a movie that wasn't worth my time (at least I didn't drive into Hollyweird!)
  • No one on the internet knows why I'm unable to vlog.
  • No one in my real life knows why I'm unable to vlog.
  • Rachel is sending me something (probably a card, I would think); she verified that she'd already updated my new address in her files.
  • I'm really succeeding in procrastination this season, what with not yet having updated Rachel's new address in my files, nor having purchased the nieces/nephews gifts, nor having purchased cards to send (and I really kinda wanna get all of this done, ya know, before next weekend).
  • I re-remembered my Christmas socks! (that was the subject of my test video, which worked but ended up being for shit and waaaaaaaay too big to upload here)
So whaddya got for me? Any news? Any insights? Any updates? Any movies I still haven't reviewed that you're hoping I will? Any links to your Amazon wishlists? Feel free to comment, kids!


  1. Hope you get that Vlog thing working.

    Hey, have you ever seen The Free State of Jones with Mathew Mcconaughey? I really enjoyed three quarters of the movie but then it seemed to climax too soon and kind of petered out after that. I'd like to hear your take if you've seen it.

    1. Never heard of it. I'm okay re: MMc, but I don't necessarily go out of my way to catch his stuff. It sounds like the director got lost while editing. I felt that way with that old flick "Mosquito Coast" - first half was really going somewhere with plot and character, and then ... nothing. Not recommended.

  2. Ready for a bunch of questions?
    - What OS are you running? Windows XP, 7, 10?
    - What browser are you using to upload your video?
    - Has video ever worked with that specific camera?
    - Can you take video with your phone, then copy the video file from your phone to your laptop, then upload it? (I know doing video from your phone directly to the page didn't work)
    - I'm guessing you've tried this for fixing your Youcam:

    - Recording the HD video without applying any effects.
    - If you want to capture the video with effects applied, please reduce your capture resolution and then try again.

    To set the capture resolution, do this:

    1) Under Capture mode, click on the Settings button
    2) In the Camera settings, locate the Capture resolution drop-down
    3) Select a lower capture resolution (640 x 480 or below).

    Running hardware diagnostics is always hit and miss. So if something is somewhat functioning, it will show it as working ok.

    I don't think blowing it out will help, but it won't hurt to clean out the laptops innards.

    And that picture of you had me laughing for a long time....a looong time.

    1. Windows 7 Ultimate, Chrome
      There was a time (in NC), when THIS WEBSITE (blogger) recorded video directly, using the BUILT-IN camera on this machine. Just didn't save the videos here, and I couldn't figure out where it did save them. Every once in awhile, I'll stumble upon one of those random videos, but I don't pay attention to where it's filed.
      I know I can shoot video on my phone, but I'd rather not. Haven't tried to upload a phone vid to the laptop.
      Re: YouCam, I have NO instructions on how to use it, so I'm just trying to be as simple as possible. I've LOOKED at the effects and filters, but nothing is applied when I click the "record" button, and it CRASHES anyway (also crashes as soon as I try to look at the settings).

      Re: the still pic, that's what I was going for. Good. :)

    2. Ok, just wanted to make sure you weren't using XP. I wish I lived near you, I could probably get you up and running in no time, or at least figure out what the issue is.

      Have you checked your other drivers, like video card, etc...? I noticed it said to do that on one site as well as uninstalling/reinstalling. Not sure if you did that, just a shot in the dark.

    3. I have run umpteen driver tests, and if they've indicated I need to update a driver, I have done so.

      Haven't bothered to disassemble the laptop yet; at this point it's a bit hopeless and moot.

      Thanks for the offers of assistance, though! I think, if it ever does get resolved with this particular system, it'll be because someone local took a look. Oh, well. :/


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