Sunday, December 18, 2016

Y'all keep falling down on your job!

my rank changes weekly, based on number of web "hits"
Wait, what? You didn't know that it was YOUR JOB to keep my IMDb rank "up"? Haven't I told you? WHAT? You didn't read my little blurb over there -----> and see that I NEED you to make my IMDb page your browser startup?

Okay, fine. So do it now, and I'll forgive you forever. ;)


  1. Hey I need a link to that page! You have to make yourself nice and easy to stalk!

    1. It's been right there in my sidebar ("profile", if you will), all along, but here it is again:

    2. You need to make it clickable! Never underestimate how lazy people are!

    3. How do I do that in the profile? I know I can't "link" stuff in the comments already. This is still just a blogger blog, as opposed to being something designed with "real" code. I'm too lazy, myself, to try to learn how to design my own page!


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