Monday, December 26, 2016

What's that? ANOTHER review? Day-um, grrl!

Yes, yes, kids, I DO have another review for ya. But first, another vlog attempt:

razzle-frazzle... even "converted" from the 936MB .MOV file to mp4, it's still too big by 32MB! DAMMIT!!!!!!

Yesterday being Christmas Day meant not much to do for us here in ol' NoHo (North Hollywood is TOO MUCH to ever say again, so I shan't), so luckily for us, when I RSVP'd for my screening of Fences, there was a link to also RSVP for Arrival. No Q&A's for either film meant seeing them in actual theaters instead of screening rooms, which meant the possibility of concessions (and trailers!) at both. Sadly, I opted for no concessions during Fences (I really think popcorn may have improved my "take" on the film). And yesterday, we had just finished the wonderful crockpot pork roast "Christmas Dinner" Stephen had made, so neither of us needed popcorn.

Arrival When 12 mysterious spacecraft appear around the world, linguistics professor, Louise Banks is tasked with interpreting the language of the alien passengers inside.: is a great popcorn movie, though, so if you get a chance to see it on a big screen, be sure to opt in for concessions. Oh, what the hell. If you wait for it to come to your big screen tv, you should definitely pop some yourself, for your viewing pleasure.

It's not just a great popcorn movie though. It's a great film. It's definitely sci-fi, but present day and Here On Earth. It could be viewed as an "alien invasion" flick, but it isn't necessarily only that. It also embodies other genres, and I really don't want to say too much, because spoilers, but I want you to know that both Stephen and I loved it, and in our books, it is Highly Recommended. A thinker, if you will, that also hits your emotional buttons. We laughed, we cried, it became a part of us. Or something like that. See it. You won't be disappointed.


The only screener we've yet received in the mail is Manchester by the Sea. I reviewed it already, big thumbs up. We're just waiting for the US Postal Service to get back "up and running", which, honestly, may not actually happen for another week. You might get a Christmas card from me before then! Ha!

How was your "big" holiday? Was it "small" enough for you to go to the movies, like we did? Did you give/receive anything "perfect"? Do you have enough joy? I think I have enough to share, so let me know if you need a little "joy infusion". See ya next year, probably!


  1. Hope you guys had a great Christmas. We went to see Passengers on Christmas Day. It didn't get very good reviews but we both liked it quite a bit. Arrival is definitely on our watch list.

    1. I won't be seeing Passengers, due to its latent rape-culture storyline. It's supposed to be the future, right? Shouldn't the MAN have learned about CONSENT by "now"?

      Arrival was great, and we're looking forward to the screener's arrival. ;)

    2. Not sure I would go as far to call it a rape-culture storyline although there was definitely moral ambiguity called in to question. That's what made it interesting to me. Made me wonder what I would do in that situation.

    3. I'm in no position to argue how you feel about it vs. what I've heard/read. She isn't given an opportunity to consent to being awakened, & his pursuit of her seems very "rape culture"-y to me, so I won't be seeing it. Stephen came home from work today & announced that he won't be seeing it, either (& I hadn't brought it up).

      It's probably well-told/performed/directed. Just seems inappropriately pro-Brock Turner, IYKWIM. :/


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