Thursday, December 29, 2016

one last test before 2017

Blogger still doesn't have access to the webcam for VLOGGING, which IMO is redonkulous. So I have to find a way to access the webcam separately and try it again...

...well, that looks like the video I just shot. Now to figure out how to adjust the settings, because what the hell is Windows 10 thinking with its 15 frames per second? This thing looks like crap, don't you agree?


  1. Well the video itself might look like crap but give yourself a break, because you don't.

    1. I've just been frustrated with this for so long, ya know?

      Thanks for trying to cheer me up! :)

  2. So you'd rather give us some boob action rather then show your face? I'm not complaining. :D

    Yeah, I know, I'm hilarious.


    I think it looked fine even at the low framerate. It was small, but it didn't look choppy. Even at full screen it was smoothish. I've seen a lot worse on Youtube.

    Windows it. I thought it was weird at first, but from an admin perspective, I like it a lot.

    So yeah, looks good. Glad you were able to get the video working on the new laptop. Bring on some more vlogs.

    1. I'll keep trying vlogs as I have anything to say. Thanks for the input. :)


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