Friday, January 6, 2017

Whoops! Published without a title! Erp!

A VLOG! Wherein I talk about... um... nothing, really? Low volume to not disturb Stephen, and poor quality because of the webcam settings. Seriously. 15 fps. Who ever heard of such a thing? At least it's not vertical!

What the hell, I'm still fartin' around with the webcam, so here's another:

Whatchoo wanna say 'bout it? Tell me below... I dare ya!


  1. Weird. To me it looks like 30 fps. I remember 15 fps and I believe that's really choppy, but your video looks smooth. I dunno.

    1. You may be correct, as its quality is too "good" for me to play on my phone (just buffers endlessly). I think the system kept defaulting to 15 when I'd check the properties after the fact...


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