Monday, January 16, 2017

Jan 17 - DAY ONE of employment for me in '17

I BOOKED WORK FOR TOMORROW! I GET TO BE ON SET TOMORROW! MAYBE IT'LL START A NEW TREND FOR ME (of, ya know, WORK... like for multiple days or consecutive days or a "steady gig"?)!

I know none of y'all get as excited as I do about going back to work, especially after "long weekends" like the one some of us just experienced, But in my industry, with the holidays comes "hiatus" and with "hiatus" comes a period of unemployment. Sure, I'm collecting UI benefits, but I'd rather be on set, and the longer I go not working, the longer it feels I'm unemployable.

I know that the statement I just made won't make any sense to those of you who have never suffered with Depression or SAD, or been around a suffering loved-one during an episode of either of those things. And even though I have stated repeatedly lately that I am Not Depressed this season, it doesn't diminish the previous statement of feeling unemployable. I also know that that feeling is just a Lie that my broken brain tells me, even when I'm Not Depressed, because #DepressionLies.

Do you ever celebrate going back to work? Is it only when you're changing jobs or bosses or workplaces that it feels celebratory, or does it ever feel great following a long weekend?


  1. I am currently handing in job applications for September. After all of the visa stuff followed now by maternity leave, I am definitely feeling that I have been out of work for too long.

    1. I completely understand, as well as understanding your need to take as much time as you're able to spend with Holly Jr.

      Congrats on logging in! See, Google DOES know you! ;)

      I'm booked for two consecutive days next week, on a show I know nothing about. Life is GOOD. Work/ing is GOOD. I know you'll be READY, come September! :)

  2. I love my job. I love going to work after any length of weekend because I LOVE MY JOB! When I had my stroke last September all I wanted to do was get back to work. That was hard. Did I mention that I love my job? Because I do.

    1. Yeah, but how do you feel about your JOB? ;)

      I think I may have mentioned that once or twice, as well. Isn't it AWESOME to love the work that you do? I've had another two weeks off again, and I can see myself heading into

      The Pit... Of Despair!!! (cough, cough, clear throat, uh, sorry. The Pit of Despair. Don't even THINK about escaping...)

      ennyhoo. So ya love your job, huh?


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