Monday, March 13, 2017

I blame Netflix.

I haven't worked much on set this last quarter/"semester", as you know. And as you also know, I'm really only happy when I'm working on set.

I managed to NOT slide into my standard winter SAD or any Depression, despite not working much on set. Probably because I picked up my crochet hooks, and because I started re-binge-watching The West Wing.

So now that the weather is improving and my breathing is worsening and I'm still not working enough and I'm caught up on all seven seasons of The West Wing, I seem to have become
a mashed couch potato.
So even though I have been meeting my nonFitbit-thingy's daily "step challenges", I haven't regularly hit 10,000 steps in a looooooooooong time. With my breathing/coughing/allergy issues in flare-up, I feel good about the step challenges but would really like to re-build my energy to the 10K level, which should help me tone up ^that^.

Now, this post is not in any way meant to body-shame you or anyone else you know. It's my own dissatisfaction with what I have allowed to happen to MY body('s shape). Pretty sure I was hoping/planning to get fit in the recent past/nearish future. I haven't, and

I Blame Netflix.


  1. Netflix is damn good at keeping people glued to the couch. Just one more episode I swear! I also have slacked off on my 10K goal a day. I'll hit it one day and then think I've accomplished enough for the next several days. Doesn't work like that I keep trying to tell myself.

    1. Exactly. On days where I easily hit the challenge and get close to 10K (or exceed it), all it does is bring up my 7-day daily average, which means the step challenges for the next week are going to be higher. Which is actually what I'm trying to do, so, I guess the nonFitbit-thingy is actually working "for" me?

      I will easily hit my challenge mark today. Dunno how close I'll get to 10K, but at this point, all I care about is the challenge.

      Do you have a Fitbit or nonFitbit-thingy to encourage you? I guess I recommend!

  2. I guess I have a nonFitbit-thingy since it's on my smart watch. It used to yell at me when I was slacking but for some reason it's being TOO nice now. I need to find a way to get it back in ASSHOLE mode so I can be more motivated.


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