Monday, June 1, 2015

Can't NOT post.

I know, I know, I was supposed to come back to you last Thursday or Friday. And here it is, almost TUESDAY!

I started training at my new job last week.

  • LOTS of non-disclosure/non-insider trading videos and tests and whatnot
  • LOTS of driving around as a group of ten trainees with two trainers in a long golf cart, learning snippets of Warner Bros. trivia and history and whatnot
  • Got to drive the tram around once, myself (as did each of us ten, on Friday)
  • Have begun "catching up" on good, classic Warner Bros. television
  • LOTS of pop-quizzes on a daily basis
  • LOTS of personal, internal stress and pressure, and a mini-meltdown on Friday, at the end of Day Four.
  • LOTS of poorly-posted media on youtube clips to wade through, as well as at least one very well made documentary or other media, to try to learn some more history or trivia or backstory or whatnot
I have NOT caught up on reading the blogs I follow.

I have BEGUN making up for my television-free childhood (and subsequent non-habit of bothering to turn it on for any reason). I have decided that I will watch at least a season of Gilmore Girls, Pretty Little Liars, and Mike & Molly. I will watch ALL of The West Wing and Mom, because Allison Janney. I really need to get some of the WB Oscar-winning Best Pictures under my belt, as well as probably the "firsts" (The Jazz Singer, Angels with Dirty Faces, Johnny Belinda, etc.), and other classic films like the James Dean library, a plethora of Jimmy Cagney films, and the Wolfgang Peterson water-based disaster flicks.

Once I've watched "collections" I'll probably give you my reasons. Maybe not. Feel free to ask me questions.

My birthday is Wednesday, and the only plan I have for tomorrow night is a mani-pedi. Got some birthday money coming from the remaining parental units, and I ought to be able to splurge on that for myself. Whatever YOU are doing on Wednesday, throw a thought at me while you're doing it.


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    1. Gracías, Papí. Estoy Bíen. (the mini-meltdown was on Friday, and one of my trainers talked me off that ledge before I went home, so I had the weekend to treat like a weekend!)

  2. Sounds amazing and fun and too high-stress (although you and I and Daddy all seem to do well with intense situations as long as they're not too long-range) and so exciting. I will want (and maybe I'll write down somewhere) recommendations once you've surfaced and have been at your job for at least 6 months. I reckon that's how long it will take to get comfortable in your new role. Love you, sis. Can't wait to hear about your amazing adventures (when you actually get the time to tell us about them, that is).

    1. The stress is entirely of my own making. Since it's a temp/seasonal job, the only way I'll be at this specific, particular gig for six months is if I transition to a full-time permanent position (if one of those opens and I'm qualified) - but there are plenty of full-time, permanent positions here at the Warner Bros. lot, and most people start just like I am, as a temp/seasonal tour guide.

      I'll probably be "comfortable" in my new role by the 19th, as I'll have been "doing" it for a week, and no longer "training" to do it. ;) Am hoping to have more time to fill y'all in, once my "homework" of watching tv and movies subsides a bit.


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