Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I didn't blog yesterday!  I decided that I would rather say nothing than to say NOTHING.  I forgive myself for having nothing to say.

In the ten months that I worked at The Joe, I got really quite physically fit.  People noticed my muscle tone in my arms.  I noticed that most of my jeans and shorts hung loosely on my hips.  My tummy was pretty flat, and my thighs weren't all cheesy.  I was pretty happy with that.  Then I lost my gig, and slowly-but-surely, my arms AND legs went cheesy, and the jeans I'm wearing today I have to button so I can zip them, only to unbutton them so I can breathe.  I'm turning into either the Pillsbury Dough Boy or the Michelin Man when I wear the jeans that hung loosely just over half a year ago.  It's okay.  I FORGIVE MYSELF for not being inspired or motivated to maintain my level of activity.

Today, I gave myself blisters and shin splints and sweat because I wore tennis shoes that need to be TRASHED and a hoodie to protect myself from the potential "cold" I might feel while carrying a ten-pound box of books on a mile-and-a-half walk to the post office.  I forgive myself for those things.  I also forgive myself for not being able to maintain my former walking pace of 3 1/2 mph.  I am out of shape.  So what?

I forgive myself for not knowing what you want or need at any given moment.  I forgive you for not telling me, or asking me for my help, even though you know it's readily available (and lovingly offered).  I forgive you for not knowing what I want or need in any given moment.  I forgive myself for not telling you, or asking you for help, even though I know it's readily available (and lovingly offered).

Do you seek happiness and joy on a daily basis?  Are you grateful for what you have?  Do you FORGIVE?  I've come to realize that these are difficult things to do, in general, until you just DO them, on a daily basis, and make it a habit.  But they are SO important.  Anyone who hurts you and is unaware of the hurt inflicted lives rent-free in YOUR head for as long as you can't bring yourself to either confront or forgive the sinner.  If you hurt someone else or yourself, through words or deeds, online or in person, on the phone or in negative self-talk, and you KNOW it, your negativity continues to dwell in your head until you seek to make amends and forgive YOURSELF.

Do me a favor today.  Pick three things that you're willing to comment on here.  I'd like to know who (or what forgiveable action) you're forgiving; what you're grateful for; what little thing has brought a moment of happiness or joy to you - TODAY.  If you're a "To-Do" listmaker, add this task to your daily list, for a week or three.  I'd like to hear from you at least once, but if you'd like to update me daily, that's cool, too.  It takes 21 days to form a habit.  I'd like to see if anyone will form a new habit of forgiveness in the next 21 days.

And don't worry - if you DON'T, I forgive you. ;)


  1. Why am I crying right now? This teariness makes absolutely no sense to me. I suppose I'll have to reread this blog post again and keep my emotional self in check. Sigh.

    1. I apologize for touching whatever raw nerve I must have touched. Please forgive me - and then forgive yourself for crying - and comment on the three things I've requested. :)

  2. I forgive myself for being utterly utterly unproductive the last two days. I had my lists of things to do ... and then I faffed around. But I forgive myself for the faffing!
    I also forgive myself for being a bit short with my little boy. I know full well that when I am short with him, it's not because of anything HE's doing ... it's because I am tired ... and if I am tired, that's my own fault. So I forgive myself for letting myself get tired too.

    Woo - this is actually quite freeing!

    1. YAY! What little thing brought you joy, and what were you grateful for?


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