Saturday, December 21, 2013


I think I'm DONE with the Ab Challenge.  I made it through Day Thirteen today, but only by splitting up the exercises and resting for several hours between (got some shopping done in there).  I don't think this "Challenge" is good for me, physically or mentally.  I know it doesn't make me HAPPY or SATISFIED or even just feeling better about myself.  This $#!+ HURTS both my back and my weak abs, and I think that now that I've split it in half just to COMPLETE the damn thing is a strong indicator of my lack of will to complete it.  I'm not getting that body in 30 days, even if I DO complete it.  And even if I DO "succeed" in the challenge, what's the friggin' point?  I'll have to continue doing ab work for the rest of my life, if that body is my goal.  And it's just NOT FUN.

Here's the thing: I KNOW that there are three "legs" of the health stool.  I'm not an idiot.  Good health typically rests on a balance of good diet, good sleep, and good exercise.  So let me break it down for you:

I believe in eating dessert first.  That's the kinda girl I am.  If dessert is WORTH having, if it's WORTH "breaking" or "bending" a diet for, if it is clearly SPECIAL and possibly made with love, then I'm having it.  I'm having a BIG serving of it, and I'm having it FIRST.  Don't get me wrong; I'll also have a healthy meal that I'll nibble on and take home the rest for later.  I love leftovers, and I love to eat GOOD food.  Special, Made-with-Love, Worth-Having Dessert qualifies as "GOOD."

I also believe in getting a good night's sleep.  If I somehow don't sleep through the night due to noise or light or other physical or mental disruptions, I am VERY likely to make up for it with a Power Nap the next day.  Because I know how important GOOD sleep is for my overall health.

Which leads me to this stupid Ab Challenge.  I believe in getting enough appropriate exercise as a contributor to overall health.  For some folks, RUNNING gets them going, and they LOVE it for all the reasons I stated that I didn't love the Challenge.  I love to DANCE, folks.  My baby brother got this family started with Ballroom dancing, and after Mommy died, I took my portion of the insurance settlement and bought myself lessons at Arthur Murray.  Dancing is GOOD exercise, because it DOES move body parts you're not used to moving, and it improves posture, and if you do enough of it, you will sweat.  I'm all for GOOD exercise - whatever that means to you, I will cheer you on!  But I've had enough of exercise for the sake of exercise, and I seriously doubt I will continue the Ab Challenge after today.  It's just not FUN.  I don't LIKE it, much less LOVE it.  I'm DONE.


  1. Finally! Now you're making sense. Well done. Bravo. Good for you.

  2. Glad you are done. I don't think any of us benefit from doing exercise that is boring or not enjoyable. I like walks. I have a friend that I sometimes meet and we walk around the neighborhood. That is enjoyable to me. I even like to walk Elizabeth to school on warmer days. Jeff and I walk sometimes too.


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