Thursday, December 26, 2013

winding down? or getting wound up?

2013 is definitely drawing to a close.  We've survived Halloween and Thanksgiving and Black Friday and Christmas and the anniversaries of the deaths of a parent, each, and now Boxing Day.  ;)

Next up is the 70th anniversary of Mommy's birth, to commemorate in our own way, in her absence.  Then New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, and we'll un-decorate the house, and then we'll start looking for w-2's in the mail, and we'll plug numbers into the tax software, and we'll hope to get back as much money as possible.  And we'll rejoice in every day that feels warmer, and we'll rejoice in the sun being in the sky longer.  And we'll grumble when they make us "Spring Forward" with our clocks, but with the knowledge that Daylight Savings Time is getting longer and longer and longer, and eventually, hopefully in our lifetimes, it'll be the "norm" and we'll never have to change the clocks again.  And we'll tell tall tales to all the children, about "way back when" - when we had to change the clocks for no good reason, twice a year.

<<I digress.  I've gone off into the distant future, and not ONE of you kept me here!  In the near future!  Thanks a lot!>>

And in this household, we'll start finding the right places to sell the right pieces.  We're downsizing so we can move.  Our #1 priority for 2014 is to be gone from the wrong coast and back home by summer.  Everything we own is USED; some ever-so-gently; the rest, er, not-so-much.  So some of the more "collectible" items will be listed on either Amazon or e-bay; the big stuff like furniture will go on Craigslist or maybe even get hauled down the road to the nearest flea market, if we decide that'd be worth it ( :/ ).  If you already have interest in anything we own, get in touch.  If you have suggestions for where to list or how to price, get in touch.  We know that one man's junk is another man's treasure, and none of what we own is "junk" so we (or I, at least) have high hopes for good, steady progress.

Unless some other form of employment finds me, downsizing will be my job for the next 3-6 months.  Keep me in your prayers!  Or send your good vibes my way!  Or, heck, just show up at my door with a big ol' trailer and a big ol' check (lots of zeroes before the decimal point, thank you)!

Happy New Year!

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