Thursday, December 19, 2013

To Do (Today, or Every Day?)

  1. Make it a good one
  2. Laugh
  3. Think
  4. Cry
  5. Ab Workout :/
  6. Downscaling progress
  7. Prepare a real meal
Yesterday was NOT a good one.  It wasn't a "bad" one, per se, but most of the rest of this To-Do didn't happen (#5 did, but YUCK), so the day was, overall, kinda blllllleeeee(c)h.

So I started my day (after feeding the cats, of course) with coffeenog and a magazine, and apparently, an available lap for Cocoa.  No reading happening with a kitty who needs her belly rubbed.  No problem.  This is a good start. (half check)

I would like for something to give me a good belly laugh.  Don't yet know what that will be, but after my "good start" I'm hopeful.

I have to think in order to blog.  This stuff isn't just brain-diarrhea that spews out of my fingertips, guys! (check)

I have had a decent cry today.  I'm a sensitive sort, and rather empathic (empathetic?), so this is what got me today: British X-Factor. (check)

I'm on Day Eleven, and I'm not really sure what my motivation is, here.  I keep DOING it, but it hurts so damn much, and I really hate it, and I don't feel better afterwards, so ... WHY?  I guess I'm hoping, one of these days, to look like the body in the BG of this pic:
We've got some boxes in our patio closets (yes, we have TWO closets on the deck!) that have made it across the country once (well, multiple times, really, if you go back to their origins) that MUST be sorted: keep, sell, give away, or TRASH.  I'd like to make it through one box a day until there's nothing but "keep" in those closets.  We'll see.

Yeah.  Stephen's working a day shift today.  He should really come home to a hot meal.  I've got an idea - I just need to venture into the kitchen and fire up the crock pot!

#8 is blank, because, well, is there MORE that I should want to accomplish today?  Probably.  I'm open to suggestions.  You're welcome to comment HERE, rather than on Facebook, you nutty "I'll share your blog but I won't comment" kids!


  1. I had no idea how to comment until I realized that "No Comments" meant "Click here, you doofus. Then there will be a place to comment." I thought it was a literal instruction and was puzzled as to why you WOULDN'T want comments on your blog.

    As a woman grown, there are no more "should"s. Period. Do what makes your soul happy and the rest will take care of itself. Down time is just as important as active up time. Take it from a chronic re-prioritizer. (Yes, spell-check. That IS a word. I just made it up, so it's valid.)

    I'm pleased you've remembered the mantra "keep, give, or toss." That certainly came in handy for your first trip to LaLaLand.

    I have the Ab Challenge saved as one of my motivational desktop photos, but I haven't been motivated in a very long time. I also have a Squat Challenge but, after photo-editing (to cross off the days), and participating for about a week, it became a mocking sneer looking at me, so I deleted it. I'm too old to feel bad when I'm looking at my computer. I just keep Zoey pictures all over the place instead because those make me smile.

  2. After enduring Five, (count 'em 5!) surgeries below the belly button, I look at the calendar and think:
    Day One: Squirt
    Day Two: Squirt a Little More
    Day Three: Do the Extra Laundry, Get the Carpet Steamed Cleaned, and Buy More Spanx.

    1. LOL!

      I apologize for the delay in my responding; I've come back to the beginning, and only just now discovered that I never replied! What a horrible blogger I was at first! If you're still out there, and maybe you requested a notification of additional comments, then maybe you'll actually get to see that your comment made me laugh the first time I read it, and it made me laugh again today. I did give up on the challenge, but probably not because of your comment. I haven't given up on blogging. I've gotten better at replying to comments.

      So again, sorry this is so long overdue! And thank you for the laugh!


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