Friday, January 31, 2014


So, as you know, we're trying to get ourselves "home" to Los Angeles.  Stephen continues going to his job, not only because that's something that you just have to do, but also in the hopes that when we get closer to our June target, he'll be able to transfer.  He also continues to sell our shippable stuff, and we talk to local folks about selling our non-shippable stuff (like furniture).  He also looks at different ways to transport whatever we actually MOVE with us (lately, we're leaning heavily towards trading my car for a minivan), as well as looking online at potential apartments.  Meanwhile, I continue applying for gigs that will take me home, at least temporarily, so that I can do some in-person apartment hunting, with the possibility of actually leasing something and then having an address he can ship stuff to.  And, while I'm at it, I get to pack up and ship the items that get sold.

This week (as of today), I will have been to the USPS three times to ship items sold on the website.  We had a neighbor drop in this week to buy some comic books OFFLINE.  I have a potential buyer for some of my furniture, including my computer desk, so I cleaned it up and sent a picture/text message and am now just waiting to hear back.  Stephen has a potential buyer for our couches.  I have a friend lined up to get the chest freezer, whenever she decides she really needs it.

The apartment we're in doesn't really look like we're downsizing, but we absolutely are.  Every day, we make some progress.  Every day.  That sense of accomplishment is important, you know?  I feel blessed to be in my current circumstances, because while I am not employed, it frees me to maintain the household, and make little steps of progress toward The Goal.

June, folks.  We'll be home then.  For now, keep sending us your good vibes, and if there's something you wanna buy from us, check in before it's gone!

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