Saturday, March 1, 2014

New month - new adventures?

Well, kids, it's March.  Weather's gotten really weird everywhere (MAJOR drought became MAJOR rainstorms in California... next come mudslides and flooding!  Whee!) but it's still just kinda cold here.  Still listing and selling, still looking for "real" work, Stephen's still going to his job and has put in for the transfer - the ball's in their court now, and I've been completing simple surveys online.

Don't ever let anyone convince you that completing surveys is a worthwhile way to make "serious" money.  If you're completely unemployed, as I am, then you have all the time in the world to do them.  But when you're completely unemployed, you're typically disqualified because you're not so much a consumer as you are a "non" - when you're not working and you're able to, you're not contributing to society, and so your opinion on consumables, even if it's entertainment, is not valued.  I don't say this to disrespect myself in any way.  It's not that I consider myself a "non" - it's just that I find myself disqualified from many more surveys than I am allowed to complete.  And then there's the "serious" money.  The GOOD surveys pay about a dollar a minute.  The crap ones pay somewhere in the neighborhood of a penny a minute.  I've gotten a handful of entries into a $50K drawing, but I don't know if that's monthly or what, so it's not like I'm expecting that windfall.  The others have accumulated enough "cash" for me to claim my reward in the form of a gift card;  not that there's a gift card that's particularly "good" - they're for specific websites, none of which appeal to me, or the most generic ones, like Amazon and Visa, "cost" more to redeem than their value.  So I'll wait until I really need twenty bux that I ain't got to be able to buy something I would never spend real money on.  What a crock.  I will, of course, continue completing them while I still have all this time on my hands.

But wait!  This was supposed to be about ADVENTURES or at least not some negative diatribe about online surveys (I mean, don't even get me started on all the "work at home" opportunities that are out there)!  So what ADVENTURES shall we have this month, eh?

There's the big Furniture Market returning to High Point in a couple of weeks.  I get to head up a team of unpackers of artwork, which is always good for pocket cash and some laughs.  I may get to stand on a street corner for a week, handing out flyers for another exhibitor, which will also be good for pocket cash and some laughs, and maybe it'll be warmer than it was in October.  In case you don't know, High Point, NC, used to be the CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE when it came to furniture, particularly for selling new designs to retailers.  Now, twice a year, it becomes that center again, for a week, and the local economy is reinvigorated for about a month.  So the locals always look forward to Market, and those of us who aren't really "from" here but are available to contribute do as well.

And then there's the last "gig" for which I submitted a resume: Personal Assistance, FULL-TIME, in Los Angeles, with a minimum of one-year commitment.  Starts immediately, and when I got the notice, it had been posted for a week already.  So we'll see what comes of that!

What adventures will YOU find yourself in this month?  We're heading out of winter - you must have something up your sleeve, right?

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