Thursday, July 7, 2016

It's Happening!

You know how I'm always saying how much I love the work I am #Blessed to do? I love (principal) acting, singing, dancing, standing-in, photo-doubling, voice acting, background acting, Script Supervising, AD-ing, even PA-ing. My favorite place in the world is On Set. I've said it before. So many times. Too many times, I think, for me to search my archives for the "Best" post to link here. So, go'head. Peruse the archives. Search "Blessed" or "BG" or "Scripty" or whatever, and you'll be reading posts all day, and possibly into next week (depending on how quickly you read)!

You know how I'm ALSO always saying that I want to be working? That work keeps me happy? That unemployment sucks? Stuff like that? Go'head, search some of those terms. I'm sure I've said it over and over again. I love The Work but I hate NETWORKING. I hate the self-Marketing aspect of "getting" the gigs. I just wanna pay someone else to book me (that's why I pay a Calling Service for my BG gigs), so I can just show up to DO the work.

Well, apparently, I've "put it out there" enough times. It's happening. I went to Central Casting's Union Visitation this morning, which could very easily lead to a booking for BG work tomorrow. Two days ago, I sat in on a casting session. Yesterday, I worked with my Scripty "shadow" to break down the student film script. Tonight, I'm attending the Production Meeting for the student film. I've been put "on hold" (or whatever) for a feature that was supposed to shoot at the end of the month and has now been pushed to August, which means I shouldn't need my "shadow" for the student film. Maybe. I got an email today, essentially offering me a Scripty position for a tv series (well, probably YouTube) that will be prepping and shooting at the same time as both the student film and the other feature. So now, it comes down to contract negotiations, and/or THIS:

Dear God, please help me to make the best impression on the best potential employer and give me wisdom, insight, and the freedom to choose my best opportunity. Amen.

This is really freakin' exciting, kids. Let's all keep putting that energy out there, that I will always have to pray that prayer. I love doing the work without having to do the work required to GET the work! Yay, hooray!

In other news, the "news" that's hitting my Twitter feed these days is an absolute shitstorm. We re-watched "Clueless" last night, and I was ready for today's post to be my review of that 21-year-old movie (yay! It's finally old enough to buy beer or wine or "the good stuff"!). Paul Rudd as a young, geeky studmuffin (is that oxymoronic?), Brittany Murphy, alas, poor dear Brittany Murphy, Breckin-Freakin'-Meyer as a wastoid skater boy, Dan Hedaya much more loveable than as Mr. Waturi ("I know he can GET the job; but can he DO the job?"), Wallace "Inconceivable!" Shawn, and of course, the lovely Alicia Silverstone. I'm glad we watched it again. It's on Netflix. If it's been 21 years for you, too, then go ahead and grab your adult beverage and watch it again. It's cute and sweet, and so much better than what I discovered afterwards:

I can't fathom how many cops are resorting to a "shoot first, ask questions later" mentality and essentially executing the people (of color) they've stopped for questioning. It's just so sad, and nothing I say will make it better. Yeah, I own a pistol. No, I'm probably never going to need it for self-protection. No, I'm probably never going to get a "conceal carry" permit. But even if I did, and it were perfectly legal for me to conceal-carry my pistol out in the world, I don't have to worry about any encounters with police that I may ever have. Because I'm #Blessed to have been born WHITE. Yes, #AllLivesMatter. What that means is that #BlackLivesMatter too, not just white ones. I'm really hoping that the cops who've executed their potential perps this year (more than 500, at this point) will all be thoroughly investigated and face specific and appropriate repercussions, ranging from prison time to jail time to loss of jobs/pensions to significant retraining. If some of them turn out to be "good cops who made bad decisions", then give them an occupational overhaul, with psych testing and weapons training and situational management training, etc. If some of them turn out to be criminally "bad", then throw the book at 'em, and get them Off The Streets. Everyone should be able to interact with cops with the same carefree attitude that I am #Blessed to have.

That is all I can say about this. Do you wonder why I really don't consume news from news media outlets? Twitter is 140 characters. That's more than enough to inform me. All else is just Too #Depressing. And #DepressionLies, so can't we have a shitstorm of Good News for about a week? Please? That would be Awesome.


  1. Yeah, that's not news you like to wake up to in the morning.

    What's a Scripty again? Is that a script writer or someone who just goes over the script to make sure everything is on point? Or something else I'm clearly not understanding.

    1. Script Supervisor is also known as Continuity Supervisor, primarily across the pond. Make sure all the angles are covered and "match". When people post bloopers online, it tends to be because too much was happening for the Scripty to notice a loose tie in this angle and tight tie in the opposite one. Continuity is really EVERYONE'S job, but Scripty takes the blame for misses like that. Eyelines need to match; dialogue is often corrected in the moment; actions (smoking/ eating/ drinking/ etc.) need to match. It has significantly less to do with what the writers have created and more to do with making sure the director has what she needs to send to the editor.

      Attention to detail and lots of note-taking. It's not a job for everyone!

    2. Ah ok. Geez that's craziness. I don't think I'd be good at that. I'm good at detail work, but not in a written script. More like in artwork or machines for me.

      Well I hope you get the job. That would be rockin.

  2. Fingers crossed on the work opportunities!


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