Thursday, January 28, 2016

EV-'rybuddy wants Me! (duh-nana, duh-nana, duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nana)

I got called at 7-ungodly-something-o'clock this morning. The tour department at Warner Bros. wanted to know if I was available and interested in picking up a six-hour shift today. Sure! So I got booked for 10:15 - 4:15. Yay! Back to sleep, maybe?

Nope. That phone call was immediately followed by the Customer Service department of a company to whom I'd returned a product, informing me at 7-ungodly-something-o'clock that my return had been processed, and I should see my refund on the appropriate credit card in the next business week. Fine; thank you; WHY THE EFF are you calling me at 7-ungodly-something-o'clock? I didn't say all that, but before we'd gotten into the point of the call, the woman asked how I was, and I did inform her that she'd awakened me. She apologized and seemed a bit surprised, but I think that's because she was calling From India. Whatever. I'm getting a refund, as expected. Yay. Back to sleep, maybe?

Sorta, maybe. Not so much. Just shy of 9 a.m., as I'm planning to get up and get moving anyway, I get a call from Central Casting, asking if I am available and interested in rushing out to Burbank in the next 30 minutes? Oh, dear sweet Baby Jesus, yes, I would love to... but I'm already rushing out to Burbank to be on the lot by 10:15, so I have to say, no, I'm sorry. Interested but no longer available. Damn. I have a feeling it was for the show Mom, which I've been hoping to get to play on, for several reasons:

  1. It shoots at Warner Bros. and I already know my way around the lot (plus I live close enough to easily get there for a half-hour rush call)
  2. Allison Janney is The Bomb dot Com, and I am desperate to see her in person, possibly with a chance to "meet" her, and if the moment reveals itself, tell her my little tour guide anecdote that relates to her days on The West Wing.
  3. Okay, actually, my "several" reasons only break down into TWO. So sue me. No, don't. It's my blog, I'll use whatever vernacular I choose.
I also have been making myself available for tours on only a weekend schedule, so that I can leave weekdays available for being on set, as that is my preferred gig and makes me more money in the course of any regular day. But being "available" for work means that I'm still reachable by phone, and I'm pretty much a stick-to-my-commitments, first-come-first-served kinda gal. And it was a good day on the lot, but one of my tours did venture into the soundstage where they were holding the Mom background actors, so that was a personal bittersweet moment for me. Not that Allison was holding in that stage - are you insane?

At the end of my six, I stopped by Trader Joe's, because we were out of wine and chocolate. Had my usual brief banter with the Captain (manager), where I asked him if he was "Ready?" (to hire/interview me) to which he replied "Almost! Are you?" and I indicated "Gettin' there!" ... so, any day now, I'm going to be faced with a plethora of employment options.

Dear God, please help me to make the best impression on the best potential employer and give me wisdom, insight, and the freedom to choose my best opportunity. Amen.


  1. If you're ever on a show I'm sure you'll let us know, cause I totally want to see you in the background and yell "OMG I KNOW HER...SORT know, I do not stalk her, she lives in CaleeFourNieAy. How could you possibly stalk someone online???" Or something that that effect.

    Prayers going out for you to find the job for you.

    I've been working for this company for 15 years and I'm still looking for the "job for me". Stupid jobs...why can't we be like Star Trek?

    1. I love all of the work that I am blessed with, Lee. I don't really want a "job"; my life is about gigs. And I always tell you (everybody here) when I'm on a show. I don't go after the speaking roles; I'm quite content in the background. But you can very clearly see me on Mad Men and the Muppets, if you know where to look.

      Peruse the archives for clues. ;)

      Why can't I GET on Star Trek? That would be awesome. :)

    2. I meant employment. After I hit reply I was edit button. I'm bad for not rereading what I write.

      They're supposed to be making a new Star Trek TV show. We'll see how that goes. So you never know.

      Maybe you'll be in the background of one of the new DC Comic movies that they're making. Imagine Henry Cavill aka Superman, gets to save you.

    3. I'm not "the one" that Superman would be saving; I'm neither young and hot enough (in the eyes of production, mind you - in MY eyes, oh hells, yes, I AM!) nor old/fat/charactery enough (in anyone's eyes). Besides, Superman usually saves someone who gets to say "Thank You" out loud, which would be a principal role. That I'd have to go to a stupid audition for - can you say "Thank You" in a way that's completely different (from the way all these other women have said it) and amazing and tear-jerking and whatever? Puh. Leeze.

    4. LOL...I was just trying to get you closer to a young muscly guy. Maybe it's a part where you're just so awestruck that you don't have to say anything? :D

    5. you're too funny. Maybe I'll get one of those parts on Supergirl, since it shoots on the Warner Bros. lot? ... and let a cute young GIRL rescue me, as a twist? I've already seen all of the principal actors except for Cat and James; it's only a matter of time!

  2. I might have to share your prayer too - I have been looking at a few employment options, I just feel as though I am stagnating where I am at the moment!

    1. Plenty of room in this world for all of us to fill our days with challenging work! You're welcome to share my prayer, Holly! (But not too soon; you're leaving on a jet plane any day now, aren't you?)


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